Copyright © Jules Dervaes

P.O. BOX 1787
EDMOND, OK 73083 RE: MALACHI’S MESSAGE to God’s Church Today

Yesterday I received unsolicited in the mail the above publication along with Volume 1, Nos. 1-5 of The Philadelphia Trumpet. I wish to inform you that I challenge your copyright of 1990, printed on page one of MALACHI’S MESSAGE and other copyrights of this message in your other publications. Whether it was done unknowingly or deliberately, many of your ideas are a direct and clear plagiarism of my work The Letter to Laodicea</em which was in stages published from December, 1986 through January, 1988.

The first parts of what would be a seven-part letter I sent to Mr. Tkach via registered/certified mail beginning December 1, 1986 (see enclosed copy). Later, the entire seven-part message was sent to—I believe—every evangelist in the Worldwide Church of God both here and overseas. And, not only to them, but this message was mailed to many, if not all, of the ministers at headquarters. Additionally, many local pastors or elders in the United States (a few overseas, too) were sent this information.

I have the mailing list of the ones which were contacted. Furthermore, I sent The Letter to Laodicea to hundreds of WCG members living in the United States and also to a few overseas. I have kept the complete mailing list. Finally, every regional office of The PLAIN TRUTH was sent this message. Thus, the files of the WCG are filled with the message that I delivered to it.

When the bulk of the mailings were finished, I began to proclaim this Laodicean message to church brethren on the streets of Pasadena, beginning the Last Day of Unleavened Bread in the spring of 1988. The WCG has a photo record of every banner, every sign, that I have displayed. More than a few of “your” ideas can be found on my signs.

Not only have thousands of local church brethren seen these messages but also many thousands of American and foreign members have viewed them during the Feasts of Tabernacles of 1988 and 1989. It’s now been two and one-half years that every Sabbath with few exceptions I have held the Laodicean message before the church’s eyes on the streets around its headquarters.

For you to make the statement on page 67 that Dr. Hoeh “stated that the Church of God has entered into the Laodicean era” and that, having said this in the spring of ‘88, this message “was quickly stopped by Church leaders” is absolutely ridiculous.

Not counting the letters I sent him, I PERSONALLY delivered the Laodicean warning to him—via my ten-foot banner—on a sidewalk outside Imperial Schools. He said, “Good afternoon,” as he walked on by.

Again, much of your material plagiarizes what I have written. You will not be allowed to claim it as your own. I would advise you to settle this according to Matthew 5:25-26.

Jules Dervaes