All of these stories are true and can be confirmed personally because either one of us (me or my brother) were direct witnesses/victims, or both of us, except the story about the BBQ at Pablo Gonzales’ house. I wasn’t a witness to the event itself but was a witness to hearing tell the story.

Nightmares of Gonzales’ Wife

It must have been 1994 when Gonzales’ wife Aurea (AH-oo-reh-ah) (who rarely spoke to me unless it was absolutely necessary, because she was mentally affected probably due to living with such a husband/demon and his hypnosis regressions), that she said to us before services, “Guys I have been looking for you because I need to tell you something….I had this terrible nightmare on Thursday night and I woke up terrorized and screaming, because there were a lot of people in this dream, and they were following you both, trying to kill you, they were carrying knifes, big rocks, heavy chains, and medieval weapons, it was very strange because you were running fast through a precious valley and they were following you, a big mob of maybe two or three hundred people, all running behind you trying to catch up with you, And I was just a spectator looking at this horror, and I was screaming Run guys, run! And all of a sudden the valley ended and there was just this huge rocky mountain right at the end of the valley and there was no where to go. And I was scared that they would all surround you there and kill you so I kept screaming, “Run, don’t stop, God please help them, run run!!!”!!!

And then she said, “And when you reached the foot of that steep stony mountain, you began to climb up, but for some reason none of the people following you could climb it. So you began to get away, further each minute, and they got angry and they started to throw the rocks and the weapons and chains to you, to see if they could hit you, but all of them missed, and you kept on climbing until you disappeared, but I woke up screaming, “They want to kill you guys, they will try again!

Aurea says she woke up of the fear she was feeling. And she then said, “And last night, Friday night, I had the same dream all over again! For the second night in a row, and again I woke up terrorized and had a horrible night. And so I am compelled to tell you this dream, to warn you, that there are people wanting to kill you both.”

And then she said, “And in the dream, I could tell that those bad people were people you knew. Who are those people? You have to know who they are! Think! Those people who want to murder you are not strangers, they are people that you know! Please tell me who they are, you need to tell me because I know the dream is true.”

Members of This Church Wanting to Kill Us

And I told her, “Oh Aurea, no, I can’t tell you that….” and she insisted, “Tell me, I have to know. They are people known to you, and you have to know who they are, and I wont be able to sleep tonight if you don’t tell me.” So I looked at her straight in the eyes, because she was suffering, and these words came out of my mouth: “Aurea, yes we know the people, but you know them too.” “No, I don’t know them–” she said–“Tell me who they are.” And I replied, “Oh, Aurea, what do you mean you don’t know? Aurea, those people are all of you in the church. It is your husband, it is their friends, it is most members of this church who are wanting to kill us!!! Don’t you know this??”

And the poor woman stood there with eyes wide open, and visibly upset, and she started to walk away silently without looking to where she was going, and there was a group of 4-5 brethren talking among themselves about 2-3 yards from where we were, and Aurea was in such a shock that she didn’t see them and just walked right through the group and almost knocked down a lady she bumped, and she didn’t even notice this! She was like a zombie. Afterwards, I was so worried for her, because I didn’t mean to tell her that, but it wasn’t me who spoke. I just don’t know how I was able to tell her the truth. So I concluded it was God who made me answer her.

They tried to kill me and my brother 3 times in the first year and a half we were there. Three different occasions and in all instances there were other church members involved, some of them close allies of Pablo Gonzales. When she had the dream, they had already tried to kill us 3 times. And that’s when we started thinking we should leave, but we wanted to leave smoothly, and not raise suspicions. Because we were afraid we could end up dead. So that’s why it wasn’t until 1996 that we finally left for good.

The BBQ and the Forbidden Second Floor

Another time, a sister named Margarita LaFontaine confessed to me that one time she attended a church BBQ at Pablo Gonzales’ house (downstairs in the backyard and terrace). Margarita told me that she was told upon arrival not to go upstairs for anything. She said that the men were telling every person the same thing as they arrived.  “If you need to use the bathrooms, use only those downstairs, do not go up, the second story is out of limits to everyone” and people would just say okay, as if they understood.

I visited that house. It was a mansion with about 2000 meters of land, a large 2 story concrete house and a lovely back garden. There was an external stair to the second story to one side of the house, and next to it were Ladies and Gents bathrooms. To the back side was a terrace, there was a bar, the BBQ and a trellis.

But Margarita told me, “Evan, I had suspicion that something was going on (because she knew that Pablo Gonzales was strange and she had seen weird things before), and she told me, “I felt the need to go upstairs and find out what the issue was, because in previous occasions they let us go everywhere in the house.”

Margarita Visits the Forbidden Second Floor

“So the men were to the back of the house playing dominoes and tending the charcoals and the beef, and the ladies were all together sitting and chatting. I waited till all were busy and distracted and said to them, excuse me I’m going to that ladies room.”

“Then I walked over to the ladies room which was right next to the bottom of the stairs, and when no one was looking, I Just went up the stairs like a bolt of lightning….And nobody saw me. They all thought that I went into the ladies room.”

“Once up, I walked through the balcony to the main door which goes into the living room….Then I went through the dining room and into the kitchen, because I saw a huge stainless steel pot boiling on the stove, got curious, lifted the lid and saw [a horrifying sight].”

She let out a scream in horror that everyone heard and many men reached the second floor within seconds, and started to ask her, “Why did you scream, what are you doing up here, you know the upper floor is a restricted area, did you lift the lid of the pot, did you see what was inside?”

Afraid She Would Be Doped

And she became frightened, knowing that all those men could harm her and in a second she made up her mind to deny everything. So when they asked: “Shat did you see?” Did you take the lid off the pot? Oh yes, you took the lid off, it’s on the floor. Did you see whats in the pot?”  —She said, “Yes, I took the lid off but I didn’t see anything.” “Then why did you scream, we heard you screaming!”—She said, “Because I grabbed the lid with my hand and it was scorching hot and I burned my hand, so I had to drop it on the floor and that is when I screamed.”

This was their reaction: “Margarita you look really nervous and upset, come with us and these ladies to the last bedroom so you can lie down and take some medication for your nerves and put something on your hand as well. (But there was nothing wrong with her hand, and she was afraid that they would dope her.)

So she said, “No, I’m fine, don’t worry. I don’t need anything.” They insisted 2 or 3 times but she insisted, “I’m okay, it was Just a scare, but I am over it now, really, thank you, you don’t need to worry.”

She Then Fled the Premises

And thankfully she got away with it. She played her part fine and they let her go downstairs to join the rest. Once downstairs, everyone there questioned her also, and she repeated the same story about 9 times, and always insisting she saw nothing and she screamed because she got burned when she touched the lid.

About a half hour later they were getting ready to serve and got distracted, and she said she grabbed her purse and keys and walked fast to the gate and to her parked car, got in and fled the premises without saying goodbye to anyone.

The whole story is like a horror movie or worse. We don’t know about Margarita and fear she might have been murdered or hypnotized or anything else, because of the things she witnessed and informed the WCG HQ’s about this particular congregation in the 80s and 90s.

Gonzales Says God Punishes For Stealing and Avarice

Margarita left for California and about a week or two later, Gonzales started describing the following event from the pulpit, on a Shabbat. “God punishes stealing, and avarice. There were two members here, a young married couple who at first were poor, and they worked and won $500 a week between both, and they paid tithes. So God blessed them, and their small business grew and shortly after they were making $500 a day, and they continued to pay tithe, 10% as God commands, so God continued to bless them…and their business grew and grew, until they were making $10,000 dollars a month, and suddenly they felt that giving $1,000 as tithe each month was too much. And they began to tithe less than is commanded, and so they were robbing God…”

He made a pause, for a long time, and looked around to the audience. Then he spoke again and said: “So, God killed them”…another pause,…..”and that is why they are no longer with us since that happened. They robbed God, and He took their lives.”

I never knew that couple. So this must have happened before 1992. Many of us were convinced that he, Gonzales. and not God, had killed them. But nobody was certain of anything, because of the way he did things and because there was so much cover up and other members participating and doing anything that the pastor said.

Both events happened around the same general time frame as much as I was able to ascertain. (It wasn’t easy getting information about things like this without raising suspicion, and they could think that one was going to go to the police….but in fact there was no real proof. Only testimonies and stories.) We tried not to cause trouble and keep a low profile, and just don’t get involved in things that were none of our business, but it was impossible, and stories kept coming and going all the time, and members having dreams and nightmares.

We don’t know about Margarita and fear she might have been murdered or hypnotized or anything else, because of the things she witnessed and informed the WCG HQ’s about this particular congregation in the 80s and 90s.

No One Knows Margarita’s Whereabouts

Margarita told me Gonzales never believed her story, and that he thought she was some sort of a spy sent to investigate him. But she was not a resident of Puerto Rico. Her family was, and she visited the Puerto Rican congregation whenever she visited her relatives for a few weeks each year, and returned to California which is where I think she was living, California or Texas. Can’t recall which.

I have tried to look for Margarita LaFontaine and no one knows anything about her whereabouts. No one knows if she is dead or alive. If she is alive, she must be between 68 and 72 years old.

Don’t Know if Pablo Gonzales is Dead or Alive

I have tried to find out if Pablo Gonzales is dead or alive and can’t find anything either.  I suspect he is dead, also his wife, I think she must have passed away, but I have no contact with any of those people. So I can’t confirm anything.
It has already been about 28 years….And Gonzales is surely dead by now anyway. We have no evidence other than Margarita’s words and the fact that those same people tried to kill both of us three times. So we know,  that it is very possible that this man was a killer.

A liar, a killer, a pretender, an enchanter (hypnotist) and a madman escaped from a mental institution. That was Gonzales’ incredibly huge “dark side.” I just don’t know why we were not able to see things clearly much earlier. He might have enchanted us/hypnotised us….Who knows??

Sounds Incredible, But Crimes Were Committed

I admit this all sounds incredible, but actual crimes were committed by a few crazy demonised ministers of Satan disguised as a minister of God.  I also thought Gonzales himself killed those two. Some pastors did a lot of evil and attributed their evil deeds to God! As if God was an evildoer!

Thank you for listening. But the story didn’t end there. After we left, they continued to persecute us. We are alive by a miracle. Hallelujah!

By Evan, brother of Manuel [names changed]
August 30, 2022

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