The following letter was faxed to Craig Winters (regional director of Philadelphia Church of God). It was just a few week prior to Mike’s final letter to Winters. This letter may be dated but it is still very relevant and therefore could be applied to any top PCG minister inside the organization.

May 23, 1998

Dear Mr. Winters,

I am continuing in my studying and found some questions that I cannot answer. I know that I can rely on you for answers, so that’s why I writing you. I have been mostly studying the Scriptures with HWA’s writing in mind. I have learned by reviewing past PLAIN TRUTH magazines, that over the years, Mr. Armstrong actually predicted and failed in his prophecies. I have many references to his statements referring to specific dates and timeframes, as I am aware you already know. How did he explain to the congregation when his predictions/prophecy did not come true? Or didn’t he? This makes me wonder after reading Deuteronomy 13:1-3; 18:20-22, and Jeremiah 23:25-32. Would God give “Elijah to Come” false predictions? The Scriptures tell us to avoid these men, as they are not from HIM. Throughout the Scriptures, the true prophets of God never erred according to referenced Scriptures. Please help me with this one.

The Scriptures state that God is immutable. If we were to become God, as God is God, wouldn’t God have to change in some way when we become him? I looked up “immutable” in every imaginable dictionary and consistently found that it meant “completely unable to change.”

In 1939 in a Good News article entitled “Did Christ Reorganize the Church?” HWA started out condemning hierarchical church government and stated that local congregations are where the government should stop. He compares it to the Catholic Church if it were to go any further. He said, “There is no bible authority for a super government, or organization, over local congregations.” He was absolutely set against it in his writings that I possess. When did God give him the new revelation to change this idea? Since the PCG has a hierarchical government, I am sure there is reasoning for this change. Can you explain when Mr. Armstrong received this new revelation and how he implemented it? How does the PCG explain?

IS it true that Mr. Armstrong had attending physicians and took medications [medicine] during his illness during the last part of his life?1 If so, why the healing doctrine anti-physician/medication for members?

Along with the Sabbath and Holy Days, we are commanded to observe THE NEW MOONS also. I could name at least six Scriptures,2 but since you are familiar with them, I’m sure you know what I mean. Why doesn’t the PCG observe new moons also, as we are commanded to in the Old Testament? I am sure you have been asked about Colossians 2, Gal. 3:21-29, 5:4, 5:14, and 5:22-23 (not money but real fruit). I know in my heart, and so does Christ, that (Heb. 11:6) I have truly sought from my heart.

In the Old Testament, God commanded many other commandments other than the 10 Commandments. Why is it the PCG seems to pick and choose from 613 points of law that are part of the Mosaic Law? In the sermons, not much of the New Testament is spoken of. Christ brought us a gift of salvation, not a free license to sin, but GRACE! That’s the only way we are saved! Not by things we humanly do and try to do by obeying SOME of the old covenant laws and not all (i. e., excluding sacrificial laws).3

No. I am not of SATAN. Christ leads me and led me through the PCG, but that was just the beginning. Even though I was willing to give up everything and almost did, he stopped me just in time. My eyes have been opened to the truth and that’s all I want. Christ is working with me more than ever. The PCG was just my starting point. It made me realize that it has to be ME and CHRIST and not ME and CHRIST through MEN!!!! He’s with me and I am so, so happy!!!

I have many other questions to ask you, but this is it for now. If you choose to respond, that’s okay. If not, I understand. Thank you for you guidance and lessons.

PS: As I did a study on Mr. Armstrong’s name, Mr. Flurry’s name, and Mr. Helge’s name (which you found interesting), I also did a study on my own, which you might also find interesting. It means nothing to me, but I just thought I would mention it. Yes, you can send it to Mr. Flurry, as you asked me if you could also send Mr. Helge’s interpretation.

More LOVE than Ever,


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Footnotes by ESN:

1 Charles Hunting, former Worldwide Church of God evangelist, told how HWA “had doctors around him all the time.” (The Clyde Thomas Show, WKIS, Orlando, FL, 1988; transcript is here on offsite link). Also, “Honey I Shrunk the Church” (New Times Los Angeles, December 4, 1997) tells how HWA would “slip away to doctors for treatment.” Also “Worldwide Church of God History” which tells how this was true about HWA and other evangelists.

2 Several Scriptures show that New Moons were observed along with feast and/or Sabbaths; i. e., I Chron. 23:31; II Chron. 2:4; II Chron. 8:13; 31:3; Ezra 3:5; Neh. 10:33; Ps. 81:3-4; Ezek. 45:17; Ezek. 46:3; Hosea 2:11.

3 The Scriptures state that one cannot pick and choose from the old covenant laws, all of which consisted of 613 points of law. If you are going to observe them, you are obligated to do the whole law, including the New Moons with their sacrifices. See Galatians 3:10 and Seventh-Day Adventism Renounced by D. M. Canright (a group HWA is known to have plagiarized many of his teachings from).


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