My continuing to blame myself, at least for some things, is tied to my regrets also for being involved and consenting to the abuse of that wicked cult, the PCG.

I regret all the time lost, and the great consequential damages done to me financially, which impact me to this very day. My mind could have been focused upon better things for certain, and as well my money that was wasted enriching a megalomaniac, GF, would have been more beneficially expended even if spilled out on the ground for the bats and moles to carry away.

But there are a few things that I certainly do not blame myself for, and things for which I have more than just some regret. I do not blame myself for the most severe damages done to me, spiritually, psychologically, and physically, which should never ever have been done, and what things I would never have knowingly consented to nor have happen to others. That cult is certainly to blame for all the harm it is doing to all the people who still consent to its abuse, even as those people may be stuck and do not know how to exit.

For much of the harm that has been done to me, I certainly do blame that cult now, as I know it takes evil, reprobate and unrepentant minds, minds without conscience that do not even believe in God, to do what they did to me and others, and what they continue to do. They have nothing to do with God.

That is one very hurtful point, a point which so many people miss, that the cult’s (leaders’) destructive practices are not out of being deceived themselves, but arise out of their intent to deceive and destroy people who do believe in God. No one who truly believes in God could continue to mercilessly suck the life out of other human beings for the sake of enriching themselves and polishing their own golden image in the public eye, and while intimidating and punishing members who dare to even question “That Prophet.” And I mean just to even ask simple biblical questions not meant to challenge or frustrate the ministers.

I now have no more admiration for the cult’s leaders than I do for the Mafia, or for the leaders of gangs, drug cartel, crime rings or terrorist organizations, or any other obscenely corrupt faction of human government. And I believe that this cult, guiltlessly thrives off of the deeds of the aforementioned list of evildoers in this world, whether vicariously or directly, and is very comfortable in so doing.

Cults practically embrace the power of the Devil when they deny Jesus. Imposing Pharisaical legalism upon members to control and use them is the same as using the letter of the law to condemn and then kill people, right in the face of Jesus’ sacrifice.

The cult sometimes cites Hebrews 10:29 to intimidate members with eternal death and no second chance, who violate the Pharisaical cult’s rules, to charge people with treading the Son of God underfoot, “despite unto the Spirit of grace.” But it is that cult themselves which does this to the Son of God when they abuse the members. The cult uses the Bible as both bait and then as a deadly weapon against its members, not as the word of life it was meant to be.

Thank God for ESN being there for entrapped members and ex-members who are not allowed to communicate with one another. As an ex-member who is not allowed to talk to other members, I perhaps fear more for some members being caught talking to me, than for myself being caught talking to them.

What ever happened to the First Amendment? How utterly hypocritical for a ‘church’ that cozies up to the U.S. Constitution and America’s founders and founding documents in the public eye, to go so far as to deny its members the freedom to communicate within their own families. By this we know the PCG’s supposed reverence for America’s God-given freedom is just an act and another ploy.

I know, the PCG “church” cannot wait for doomsday to happen, so GF can say, “I told you so!” But let it be said: Woe to them who wish for doom and just let evil happen to people without even lifting a pen up to battle, to use that pen in the hand which God gave them to write with.

by Zane (former PCG member)
November 21, 2022


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