It was exhilarating to celebrate my first year out of the miserable Philadelphia Church of God. I’m pleased to say I also recently celebrated a “pagan” holiday, Christmas, with my family for the first time in many years and what a joyous and emotional day I had. It saddened me to think what I have been avoiding and missing out on all these years. I have come to realized that spending time like that with family is more important then fellowshipping with weak-minded sheep from the PCG. I feel ashamed that I distanced myself from my loved ones in the name of a false God.

Last year, after contemplating leaving PCG, for some time after discovering some of their false teachings, and while surfing the net, I decided that enough was enough and found the courage to leave. I really had an uneasy feeling, for example, watching certain people slowly deteriorating and/or passing away simply because they refused to seek medical treatment they so desperately needed. It’s such a terrible thing to encounter. The leaders should be held accountable for the unnecessary loss of lives that could have been prevented with proper medical intervention. This is what made me a little skeptical as I did not see any sort of miraculous healing whatsoever. Another concern I had was with “That Prophet” and the titles Gerald Flurry has appropriated for himself over the years. They just keep getting more ludicrous. Someone needs to tell this poor deluded soul that it’s more likely to be a demon and not Jesus “in his flesh.”

Quitting the PCG has been the best decision I have made. It’s so wonderful to be out of that horrible place once and for all and to finally know the truth. It feels like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Not having to attend the feast is also a great relief. My biggest regret, however, was loosing my virginity to another member at the feast and while, not surprisingly, alcohol was involved. Many of the members drank, some quite heavily. Ironically, this seemed to be less of a concern to the ministry than “loud music” was, for instance, although it doesn’t come as a surprise if Flurry’s police record is anything to go by. There are a lot of double standards in this “church.” You don’t have to be there long to recognize that.

I look back and wonder why I wasted so many years of my life following and obeying a man–and a deceptive and callous one at that. They take your money and control your life. This is not God’s way and the Bible tells us to “let no man take your crown.” How much clearer can it be? It makes me sick to my stomach when I think about how gullible I was for getting messed up in a Bible based cult to begin with. Unfortunately, the majority of people don’t want to scratch the surface of the religion they are indoctrinated to, because they have been taught that to question the doctrine is wrong, as it’s an “absolute.” But the Bible warns us to prove all things. Why do I think the PCG is so evil? Because it is a lie, knowingly created and perpetrated to withhold information and exploit those within the congregation. It gives people an incorrect view of the world, among other things, and this is done with selfish and malicious intent.

When you leave the Philadelphia Church of God, you quickly find out who your real friends and family are. Being shunned by the members is a true example of how mind-controlled and fearful they all are. There really is no love in that place despite what they would have everyone believe. In fact, in my observation during services, there were quite a few members who clearly didn’t get along or disliked each other. How is that for “thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself?” I’ve never met such a bunch of hypocritical, self-righteous people in my life. It’s painful to admit that I was neglecting my relationship with my real family and friends for a life of fear, shame and guilt. This new “no-contact rule” they have is just absolutely absurd. I am in disbelief, and I’d hate to think what they’ll be doing next. I really hope it will help raise suspicion in some members and their families, as there hidden agenda is rather obvious. I am fortunate that my family have stuck by me through thick and thin. I really feel sorry for those who have loved ones still attending the PCG who will no longer associate with them.

I will never get those years I wasted back, but I do look forward to a PCG-free future and I couldn’t be happier about that–and, oh, how gratifying it is to not have to “bow down” to Russell Williams any longer. Seeing him being put on a pedestal and being treated like royalty was just wrong. No man can dictate to me how I should live my life. That is between God and me. I suppose by writing this, it makes me a “demon possessed, Satan worshiping Laodicean” destined for the “Lake of Fire.” Well, I’ve finally got my life back on track and have had so many blessings since leaving that it is unbelievable. God is certainly not the head of that “church.” I learnt that the hard way. Your site, among others, has helped me escape the PCG and I pray more and more members continue to wake up and turn their back on this spiritually and emotionally abusive group. I wouldn’t recommend joining to anyone. It could potentially ruin all aspects of your life. Educate yourself, don’t become sucked-in like I was.

By Roanna
January 31, 2006

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