Jesus is able to rescue us from the power of Satan


(To be prayed out loud)

Dear Heavenly Father, Your Word tells me that you desire truth in my inner being. I know that facing this truth will lead me to liberation.

Jesus said, “Satan is the father of lies and a deceiver who is always trying to deceive me into believing lies.” I acknowledge that at times I have believed Satan’s lies and deceived myself. I pray that you will rebuke all deceiving spirits by virtue of the shed blood and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

By faith I have trusted in Christ as my Savior and I am now seated in the heavenlies with Him. (Ephesians 2:6)

I now reject this false life and choose to live in truth and in the light. I choose not to live in a myth or lie concerning my past. I now turn from this hidden life and close all these doorways.

I ask You to reveal to me the nature of these hidden hurts, pain, anger, vows, lies, or sins in my life. I now choose to face the truth and not live in denial. I acknowledge that I cannot do this in my own strength. I look to you Jesus for Your help in my healing and deliverance.

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Jesus has already gained the victory and it is through His name that you can be set free from all spiritual strongholds and oppression.


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