If you have a family member that is considering becoming part of the Restored Church of God, please understand that you will lose them. If it’s a spouse, your marriage will be soon over, because no one is more righteous than those that are in the “true Church of God.” It will not matter how long you have been married, what type of relationship you had with them, how many years, or if there are children involved.

Your spouse will do anything to please these people and will turn his back on you and the children. I know because mine has. My spouse has taken an inheritance of several thousands of dollars that should have been given to my stepchildren and sent it off to RCG. I was told that it was “an obligation that had to be paid.” Imagine that. If you don’t pay, then you can’t purchase your salvation. The RCG has no business in one’s pocketbook.

I was told that a certain amount would be given to his children. It wasn’t a decent amount but at least it was something. Guess what? He went off to the bank and sent enough away to where they are now getting maybe half of what he told me he would send them. I see it as a slap in the face from him to them. I feel he lied to me and when confronted about the lying and damage that would result, I was told, “God will heal them.”

Are we not told that we are never to place a stumbling block in front of anyone that would harm the chances of them coming to Christ? What about the part that says the hearts of the fathers will turn to the children and the hearts of the children will turn to the fathers? What about all the references in the Bible about leaving an inheritance to ones children and grandchildren?

My stepchildren are good people, they work hard and do the best they can, but they do not attend any church. Why? Because one parent was a member of the WWCG and refused to make time for them on weekends because the Sabbath was more important than they were. The other parent took them and raised them outside of WCG influence. They grew up feeling abandoned by their father, and now their inheritance has been taken from them. I cannot even begin to describe the hurt I feel for them; it just makes me cry.

I asked him before he went to the bank, “How am I ever supposed to look at you the same if you do this; how am I to feel towards you knowing that you deny your own flesh and blood?” If he could do it to his own, then he could do it to me. How are these grown children ever going to accept Christ when He has been used as weapon against them? I also asked him what was his answer going to be on Judgment Day when he has to answer for this? What if Christ treated him like he does his own children? What is his inheritance going to be? I was told that it was his money and he can do with it whatever he wants. That is true, but I said just because one can doesn’t mean one should.

It seems spouses in this cult think the end justifies the means. I have spoken directly with the financial director and he thinks its all ok because, after all, God commands the paying of common and it “has been proven,” so the lying seems to come from the top down. After all, isn’t that the way of government in these “churches”? How is it they can take a one time event and make it a requirement of salvation when there is no such mention of it when the jailer asked what was required for salvation? [Acts 16:30-31] They can do whatever to whomever they want and it’s justified in the name of God.

Anything can be twisted and turned into whatever form you want and it’s all good, right? Someone told me they think the reason behind the push for people to “pay common” is so that the medical bills of David Pack and his wife can be paid because they don’t believe in health insurance. I can’t say because I don’t know.

I find myself now confronted with living with someone that is cold, hard, unreachable and justified in anything he chooses to do. He has withdrawn from our life together and I feel like he is just biding his time, waiting out the next few months as the world is going to end, like a circling airplane.

So where in all of this, is the fruits of the spirit they are always proclaiming they have? Is this it? Does one really want to commit to a life of hurting family members, destroying their marriage and justifying bad behavior? I lost my spouse, please, don’t lose yours. The man that lives in this house with me is not the man I married and I don’t think I will ever have him back. I, too, feel abandoned.

By Julia


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