Little things like time, words and thoughts
Shared with others, taken so much for granted
That which can so easily slip away…
How little we know how long it will last

Take all the good, place it deep within
Wonderful things that really happened
No one can ever take them from us
Locked away, ours to keep forever…
To remind us that we were special

By L. M.


 Goldfinch on pink flower blossoms

The Love of Others

Some people come into our lives
Bringing sweet perfume as from a flower
Oh, but only for a little while!
Their freshness touching us

They are like a ray of sunshine
Shining brightly through a dark place
Their laughter, like dancing daffodils,
Sparkling on the meadow floor

Soon, like petals blown, they are gone
How vainly we try to hold them to us!
Yet, their love and kindness linger,
The memory of a lovely flower

By L. M.
(Dedicated to a loved one who passed away in 2018.)



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