Written during the time the WCG changes were beginning


Saffron Finch on purple flowers
Saffron Finch

The Worldwide Church of God teaches a “different Jesus” and if you attend, you are worshipping a “different Jesus.” This is a Jesus that says we should be mindful to keep the 7th day Sabbath; a Jesus that says we should observe the Holy Days; a Jesus that says we should give more than a tithe if we truly are Christian; a Jesus that places burdens on us instead of giving us rest. This Jesus makes us believe that we can lose our salvation if we don’t strive enough. This Jesus says that He is mainly working with WCG and other outside churches don’t have all truth and we shouldn’t attend them. This is a “different Jesus” than the Bible talks about.


By L. F.
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“Their eyes were opened, and they knew him.” ~Luke 24:31


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