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Writings by Exiters of WCG


“Some of our most painful losses have to do with what wasn’t there.” ~Anonymous


Writings About Grief

I Listened to a Man

Lost Years

I Feel Like a Crumpled Up Piece of Paper

So Much Lost

The Reality of the Truth

We That Have Been Spiritually Exploited

It’s Been Hard to Observe Christmas Again


Remembering My Experiences

My First Service in a Masonic Basement

What Was Missing?

Affirmation and Appreciation (How much did we really receive?)

The Big Build-Up of the Holy  Days

But I Had Such a Wonderful Time at the Feast of Tabernacles!

When We Attended the Feast (What did they do to our minds?)


Good to Be Free

We Are Now So Free

Were There Christians in WCG?

The Truth Must Be Told

How I Was Able to Break Away From Worldwide Church of God

The Spiritual Casualties

Studying the Bible Under Bondage Was Detrimental


Poems/Free Verse/Comfort in Words of Hymns
Comfort for the brokenhearted. (Some of these poems & free verse were written by an exiter.)

Comfort for Those Who Are Sorrowing

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