Is Gerald Flurry’s “House for God” dedicated to God or both God and Herbert Armstrong?

I wanted to respond to the letter: “Flurry Will Feel Special Among the High and Mighty of Oklahoma City.”

I agree wholeheartedly with the thoughts in this letter. The reference to Armstrong Auditorium as being “Flurry’s ‘fruit'” brings some thoughts to mind. The first, obviously, “by their fruits you shall know them.” This particular fruit of Gerald Flurry’s is said by “God’s man” himself to be “a house for God” or “God’s house” that is named “Armstrong Auditorium.”

This “temple” seems to be dedicated to both Herbert W. Armstrong and God!

Or, is it actually dedicated to their “god” Herbert Armstrong?

By this fruit, at least, those visiting Flurry’s architectural tribute to religious entrepreneur/businessman Herbert W. (and hopefully some members too) “shall know them” for what they are–clear and PROUD followers of Herbert Armstrong, and hardly recognizable as being followers of Jesus Christ. (The PCG ministers, in their sleek black suits, and fine black shoes look more like followers of the Jesuits or the SS.)

Another fruit of Flurry’s, which has and will cause him trouble in the future, is his “literature.”

He has been “caught by his own lips” many times already. I was told by PCG correspondence (in a response to a query as to why the Key of David was running repeat episodes) that:

“Mr. Flurry is very busy updating and re-editing his many books and booklets…”

I had to laugh at that–not because of the obvious question which many have asked (“why would ‘God’s man’ or ‘That Prophet’ who is the only one receiving revelation from God even need to “update” and “re-edit”?), but because of the way this loyal PCG member just stated this normal fact, like business as usual, obviously not seeing anything strange or fishy about that, or not caring. Turning a “blind” eye.

Then I thought about how I was the same, previously being a reasonably “fervent” follower of Gerald Flurry and HWA, the “Elijah” (God forgive me). That thought sobered me up pretty quickly. I cringe when I think about my brief phase in PCG (even just as a lay member) “preaching” to close friends and family about Herbert W. Armstrong, Mystery of the Ages, and the Ten Tribes of Israel (got some strange looks and negative reactions to the “race” side of Herbert’s “mysterious” gospel, like “Jesus was white”). I have begged God, that with His mercy and forgiveness these people that I spoke to will forget anything that I said about all the erroneous, speculative and racist teachings. Just imagine if Gerald Flurry did the same? It is possible. With God anything is possible–according to His will. He is the Potter and we are the clay.

The writer of the letter referred to earlier says: “I am angry about many things, and at a few people, but I love the lay members dearly…” Having experienced the same feelings, as I’m sure have others, I just wanted to say that I did find a lot of wisdom from Jesus Christ and His holy words to help deal with these matters and to know what to do. The words about “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and “brother against brother” have really hit home.

Another recent example of PCG showing “by their fruits” that they actually worship and revere their god Herbert W. Armstrong is a sad sight at the “youth orientated” website I say sad because I really feel sorry for any young person associated with the PCG or any Armstrongite” offshoot (a worthy cause for prayer).

The sad spectacle (no doubt initiated by “That Prophet” and strongly endorsed by the leading ministers) as reported on the website under the heading “PYC 2010 Entertainment Night” was “based on the Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong, Volume 1.” (Man. Do these people think about anything else that’s not Herbert W. Armstrong?!)

“Keeping with the theme for PYC–a Call to Remembrance–campers enacted short stories from the early life of Mr. Armstrong such as his hunt for ‘pigeon milk’, the incident which aroused a spark of ambition in him, hiring himself a job, and his first advertisement design.”

What the ?!?

Isn’t that a weird way to teach the youth about the Lord God Jesus Christ?

By their fruits you shall know them. (Matthew 7:20)

The PCG ministers (mini-stars?) would never allow the youth to enact the early life of Jesus Christ–but Herbert W. Armstrong? “Sure!” “The people would love that!” “It helps to bring us closer to God–like Armstrong Auditorium does.”

Also worth checking out at is the lavish praise for “God’s house/Armstrong Auditorium” in the comments section under “Sabbath Auditorium tour” (not recommended for those with a weak stomach). I’m sure there’s a verse somewhere in the Scriptures about being “mad over their idols,” or something to that effect. [Jeremiah 50:38]

On a lighter note, regarding the future of the physical edifice that is Armstrong Auditorium, others have predicted a similarly unglamorous fate to that of the famed “Ambassador Auditorium” at Pasadena. But, while browsing the online pictures of this “most beautiful building I have ever seen” (gag, gag), and having had my senses gratified by the physical opulence, majesty and wealth that God (?) has bestowed upon the PCG (Gerald Flurry), the crystal chandeliers, and onyx walls, etc., I had a vision. Yes. I, too, have a prediction.

I see Gerald Flurry relaxing at his home on “God’s land” in Edmond. He looks out across the campus to admire his handy-work, Armstrong Auditorium, reveling in the sheer power of “having God the Father and Christ the Son right there in your own backyard.” No-one else is around, so he has the whole place to himself.

Everything is as it should be– for Gerald. However, you can’t always have it all.

Gerald’s “luck” runs out with the tornadoes that appear around Oklahoma.

From his prime viewing location in his own backyard he sees his beloved Armstrong Auditorium, the “crown jewel of the campus” become well dressed food for a hungry tornado.

As he sees this, he remembers preaching to others that “the Eternal has his way in the whirlwind.”

The entire building and it’s “valuable” and expensive relics (including “Mr. Armstrong’s Steinway piano”) are never seen again.

The only thing that remains is the bronze “swans in flight” sculpture which Gerald takes home, placing it in his living room to console himself for his material losses.

It is a sad story.

Thanks again for your work on the site.

–Paul, Mortlake, Australia; former PCG member (name used with permission)


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