I have strong reason to believe that Gerald Flurry not only is a fraud, but a knowing, conniving fraud at that. I know for a fact that the Philadelphia Church of God minister of the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) area came to see that Malachi’s Message had many “holes” in it and told Flurry that. At the time the DFW area was the largest growing in the PCG. This minister was beloved by most of the congregation. Flurry asked him to keep his views of MM to himself and not tell the brethren. He did that for about 3 years. He told me that for 3 years he never mentioned MM in a sermon, Bible study, or even in conversation. His church area continued to be the fastest growing in the PCG worldwide. Which means it was the money-making congregation of the PCG, despite the fact that the minister didn’t preach on MM or any other Flurry booklet for that matter. He preached mostly on Christian living type messages, and he had the fastest growing congregation in the PCG.

Do you see the correlation here? And during these three years Flurry knew that this minister didn’t agree with most of MM, the central book of the PCG. Finally this minister couldn’t put up with the lies and deception any longer and pressed Flurry and “Chief SS officer” Ron Fraser more. Fraser himself even came to see that a significant part of MM was indeed flawed, but Flurry told him that he was either loyal to “that prophet” or he wasn’t, and to make up his mind. Fraser decided to remain loyal to Flurry so that he could keep his rather significant paycheck and work visa to remain in America. The DFW minister was disfellowshipped and marked. Now, the DFW congregation is down to around a dozen people, all of the large tithe-payers are gone. The current minister there teaches MM and is very loyal to all of Flurry’s doctrines.

I know that Gerald Flurry and Ron Fraser would deny this, but I have this whole story, and more, based on the testimony of four people who were there and were involved. While people were being kicked out for not swearing allegiance to Malachi’s Message, a minister was allowed to keep on ministering who didn’t agree with it. But it was because he was popular and was raking in the dough for Gerry. That’s all there is to it. Gerry is perhaps insane, or delusional, but he is also a greedy fraud. And he knows he’s a fraud, don’t you Gerry? And you know it too, don’t you Ron? I wish the Federal Government could see how an Australian (Ron Fraser) is over here on a visa helping to scam thousands of Americans in the name of religion. His Aussie ass would be deported immediately. I hope it happens soon. By the way, Fraser had his heart attack down in Texas during the time when he was seeing that a part of MM was wrong, and he was trying to decide what to do. He had the heart attack after he gave a sermon backing up MM after he knew it was incorrect. I think his conscience got to him. Now he works for the Devil; his mind is made up. He has chosen who his boss is, and is stronger than ever. But the cult is falling apart. Thank God!! You never totally get away with it, Gerry and Ron, not even in this life.

By Jim (former PCG member from Texas)
October 11, 2002

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Update: Ron Fraser died October 4, 2013, allegedly of a heart attack.


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