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Western Kingbird

As strange as this may sound, it was the WCG’s drastic changes in doctrine that made it easy for me to break away. I had come to the conclusion that there was something dreadfully wrong with Worldwide Church of God. Actually, I was in agreement with the changes as they were written out, but there was an absence of direction with them. I couldn’t see how so many ministers that so firmly (?) believed what they had preached for so long could preach such a completely different doctrine so quickly. Their change was too abrupt and I became suspicious that it was for the money they were making.

It was the “church” itself and its changes that made my exit and healing so much easier. If I had broken away during the former teachings I believe it would have been more difficult. I knew if this group could be so wrong and then blame us for believing the errors they taught us I would have little problem staying away from them.

The apparent (to me) move toward the New Age religion and the “happy clappy” style which was being encouraged in services repulsed me and made it easier for me to turn my back on it.

I was definitely an object of abuse by several pastors and I felt victorious when I could walk away and they could have no power over me.

I did suffer post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), but it was Exit & Support Network™ that pointed out to me what it was after I mentioned some symptoms. Understanding that aided me greatly. While I was still in WCG, my doctor sent me for evaluation and treatment of chronic acute depression. It came out in some sessions that I had been a victim of church and spouse abuse. My therapist, as well as working with me on a negative domestic environment, also worked with me about my being victimized by the “church” I was in (WCG). This was within the last several years that I remained within it.

Again, WCG itself with its very abrupt doctrinal and style changes, blaming us for believing what had been preached to us and then its floundering and taking no firm stand on anything, showed me that if they were once all that wrong I had no reason to believe they would ever be correct on anything.

In summation, it was WCG itself that provided me with what I needed to make a clean break and I then healed rather readily.

By Will


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