I began to notice something at each Feast I attended and didn’t understand until later. It was how some members would excitedly talk about their desire to move (relocate) to the area in which the FOT was being held, believing that the euphoric feelings would remain in that area. One woman, by the time the feast ended, continued to talk about how much she wanted to “move to Grand Rapids.” Another lady who had transferred to New Zealand for the feast with her unconverted husband, eagerly wanted to “move to New Zealand.” Another talked about wanting to “move to Tucson” after being there at the feast. It was all so strange. I know now that it was manipulation of our emotions by methods of mind control.

The same thing happened with the peaceful feelings that slowly flowed over our minds the minute the Feast began at whatever site we were at. It felt like being in another world psychologically (i. e., the millennium)  It was euphoric but also hypnotic. This was our “proof” that God was there. You would “feel” the Holy Spirit (at least that’s what we thought it was) the minute the sun went down, beginning the first day of the Feast, and then this feeling disappeared the minute the sun went down ending the Last Great Day. The feeling lessened if you drove too far away from the feast site during the Feast (which we were told not to do). After the LGD, our emotions snapped back as they were before we got there.

But we had been put in a controlled environment which included dark and stuffy rooms, certain lighting, upbeat music by the choir, regimented schedules, and so forth, and now when it ended we were released back into “the world.” When we arrived back home and realized we weren’t experiencing the same wonderful feelings as before, the ministers told us we were merely having “post Feast blues.” But we knew were were also finding it hard to concentrate, such as when we tried watching the weather channel, or when we would space out when someone was talking to us, or even if we visited somewhere like a horticultural garden and felt like we were in “another world.” At the Feast they induced us into a state of boredom with their long, daily sermons and repetitive teachings, and while we were “tuned out” they were indoctrinating us with the things they wanted us to absorb. So even though we often couldn’t recall individual sermons, or the minister who gave them, we could recall the themes. Instead of being able to focus afterwards, our minds would tune out, waiting for the indoctrination. Another word for it is: “trance induction.”

It can be angering to realize what they did to our minds and how they controlled us for their own nefarious purposes.

By T. H.
Exit & Support Network™

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