Boy, I was glad to find this site. Actually, my mother found it for me, but in all honesty a friend of mine sent me the link about three years ago when I first joined the Living Church of God. But I was too mind-controlled by that time for it to do any good.

I was a member for three years. I thought that I was the happiest I’d ever been in my life, but I was only becoming more and more isolated and unapproachable by family and friends outside the “church.” Naturally, having “proved” everything, I tried to tithe correctly, although I’m on financial assistance, which is barely enough to live on. Since my entire family were (and are) “of the world,” I began seeing them as evil and stopped trusting them entirely, and I isolated myself at work. I didn’t give any “trouble” to the ministry by asking too many questions, etc., and tried my best to be a “model Christian” by attending all the Feast days, etc. I actually believed all that stuff!

After having symptoms of paranoia last spring, finally suffering a psychotic episode, and ending up in a hospital for three months, I’ve decided to leave the Living Church of God, which my family is very happy about. However, I haven’t written my “resignation letter” yet, and I’m scared of losing friends in the “church,” the lake of fire, and the “Great Tribulation.” (Every time I listen to the news, I think that the end is coming, thanks to Rod Meredith.) I can’t even pray now, because I feel so isolated, cut off, and alone. Also, I can’t help feeling that I’ve let God down somehow, although the rational side of me knows that isn’t true, none of it. I’m really struggling with myself right now, although I do have a social worker who knows quite a bit about the Living Church of God and its mind controlling techniques, which really does help. I’m only starting to break free of the snare of lies, which are so many, but it’s a start. Now, all I have to do is write my “resignation letter” to the Living Church of God as soon as possible, which will take a lot of courage!

Yours in Christ,
By Ariel

Note: Roderick Meredith died May 18, 2017 at the age of 86.

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