I’ve been reading a lot of accounts from folk who have had run-ins with the Philadelphia Church of God and Herbert Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God. I was quite shocked at what I read.

For some time now, I was keen to be part of the PCG as a fully-fledged member. I’ve even been sending financial donations to the PCG as a “co-worker.” I really thought Herbert Armstrong, Gerald Flurry and the PCG were the “true” Church of God. Evidently, I was seriously mistaken.

However, I now firmly believe the Philadelphia Church of God is not the “true” Church of God. It may have some of the basic Biblical teachings, but its manner and character (an aspect that Flurry constantly harps on) is anything but Christian! I’m disgusted with the PCG’s attitude and manner to its members. I’ve always had some niggling doubts about the PCG and HWA, though not enough to put me off wanting to join. But now, I’m convinced totally about the PCG’s fakeness. To call HWA and Flurry “prophets” is a joke! I’ve recently read on another site dozens and dozens of failed predictions mouthed by HWA. Flurry is not much better. How in the world can these proxy priests put dates and a time schedule to Biblical prophecies when Christ plainly states that no man knows the time of His return? (Matthew 24:36)

Also, too much of Flurry’s brain-aching literature uses flimsy words like “if,” “maybe,” “probably” etc.–not the sort of language you’d expect from the mouth of “God’s prophet,” ay? I’m also glad I listened to my mum’s words of advice: “Just be very careful about what you’re getting yourself into.”

The more I learned about this mob, the more glad I am to be no longer a supporter of them. I really do thank God for putting me onto websites like yours so I can indeed “prove all things” about the likes of the PCG and HWA. Money and power–that’s all they want. God’s Word is just a smokescreen for their true intentions, that’s pretty obvious. And I’ll tell you what–reading all their “literature” really is brain-aching (even when I did like the PCG). It really does mess your head up to the point that you don’t know what to think or do, in case it’s deemed “wrong” or “a sin.” I’m so glad to be rid of all their rubbish. Thank you so much for your website.

As far as I’m concerned, God’s Church is not some structured organisation like the WCG, PCG, and the Catholic and Protestant Churches–but merely scattered individuals dwelling all over this planet who live by God’s Word and God’s Word alone. To all those who’re thinking about signing up with the PCG–just stop and take the time to check out all the accounts from people who’ve actually been there, and are glad to be out. To those who have left this group of fakes, I want to wish you all the very best for your futures.

By Earl

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