My name is John Rambo. I joined the PCG in 2000 and was marked in 2017. PCG likes to say, “You don’t understand because you aren’t called.” Well, I’m pretty sure the PCG would say I was called. Enough so that I went to their college and was baptized by their ministers. I worked at their headquarters for years. Even had an office in the Hall of Administration writing the checks that paid their bills.

I have insight into how that organization works. And it works by preying on vulnerable people.

I was 14 when my mother and I started attending. We were going through some family issues and were looking for some guidance. The people [members] in this organization do actually read their Bibles. They make at least a show of wanting to do what they think God says to do. That is very attractive to people who are looking for it.

People who are not part of it, or were never part of it, do not realize they almost all [members] sincerely believe they are doing what God wants them to do. They are just simply wrong. It’s a scam, but it is an accidental scam. They are not selling a lie they themselves do not believe. They believe that lie too. When we pull up inconsistencies in what they say and do, they say, “Oh, you’re not called” or “That is just Satan working through you.”

They have to do better than that.

I still live pretty close to their organization. To that lady who wrote the June 27 letter [See: June 27, 2023 letter to ESN], my wife attends services. She takes the kids every other weekend. I run into these people in public pretty often.

My daughters were in a ballet group with some of them. They had a recital and there were like 100 PCG members and myself in the audience. I watched it and left because I didn’t want to be around them. Ray Kaleho told my wife he was sorry he missed me.

At ballet practice one time, Adar Nice said they hoped to see me back soon. I just shook my head and said it wasn’t happening.

Christy McCarty and another woman whose name I can’t remember (a lot of time has gone by) ran the OKC marathon. I walked it bunked out in firefighter gear. They passed me twice–once at the beginning and once at the end–because I was weighted down and was only doing half. They acted like they were “happy” to see me. I met Matthew McCarty later riding a bike (I guess he was making sure his wife was ok). Same thing. “Happy” to see me.

I saw Lisa Hogan at the finish line. We went to college in the same class. Again, she acted like she was glad to see me.

All these encounters made me really, really angry–so much so that it kind of surprised me. I thought about it for a long time and finally figured out why.

Few days passed and [name removed] caught me at another of my son’s baseball games. I said “hey” and kept walking wherever I was going. He started talking to my wife by the van. I had to grab some stuff from the back of the van, so I did and he started trying to chat with me. I flat out told him “I don’t want to talk to you.” He said, “Hey man, I never cut you off.” He knew exactly why I didn’t want to talk to him. I said, “Oh really!? So you want to come over for dinner some time?” He hesitated for just a second and then said “yes.” I mean he had to say that but he wasn’t supposed to. I said “bullshit” and walked away.

I realized I was being gaslighted by the whole organization! I was marked in 2017 for disagreeing with what the “church” taught–specifically Gerald Flurry’s kingship nonsense [See February 27, 2018 letter: “King Flurry?“]–which meant they were supposed to cut me off. They do that privately. They will drop stuff off at the end of my driveway for my wife instead of come into my house when I am there (Christy!). My wife’s parents live a few miles away. They won’t come over. It’s been over 6 years and not a single person checked on me to at least find out what happened!

But in public it’s “Hey, John! How you doing? How’s it going?” Never mind I have been around for 6 years and haven’t heard a thing from you! Or when Ray Kaleho tells my wife “Sure hate that I missed John.” No you don’t! Don’t lie to me!

Brian Davis was involved in me being marked. I ran into him with his new wife at Senior Lopez. He made a bit of a show reaching out to shake my hand–you know, because we were in public. I shook it because I didn’t want to be rude. Next time I won’t. I don’t have to. I will shut this nonsense down from now on.

So to that June 27 lady I am sorry your husband got mixed up in this. He has some lessons to learn. If you love him, be supportive of him by what you do. Don’t try to change his mind. What you say will not mean a thing. He’s going to find that the PCG gaslights him too. You have to let it happen and let him figure it out.

Free advice to the ministers: Your kids know you are gaslighting them. I taught almost all of your kids math at Imperial Academy for almost a decade. When your kids leave, I contact them and check on them to make sure what happened to Janet De Gennaro does not happen to them. So far, they are all doing well despite your double-faced conduct driving them away from you.

By John Rambo (real name used with permission)
June 28, 2023


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