I have a document which proved to me how fake all of PCG’s “literature” was, as well as it neither being truly “free.” And as a result, I no longer have any of their literature remaining in my dwelling, but now it all rests in many pieces somewhere in a nearby landfill, along with scraps of once overvalued Trumpet and Royal Vision magazines.

The telling document

It was all of misrepresented value to begin with, in it first being advertised that their literature was “free,” but it was only free for a season, while becoming extremely expensive in the end. Not costly in money alone, but in life, and in health, and also in blood, since money means everything to the Flurry clan.

And in accordance, the words contained within their “church” literature should be deemed as just as false as the meaning of the word “free” is to the PCG.

It is what “HQ” gets from manipulating people with that literature, that is free, free to them and them alone, if there be any truth in it whenever they use the word “free.”

Now let my heart and mind be cleansed of the residue of their false prophecy and false doctrine, and my memory be erased of the aching marks of their many other psychological manipulations. Let the odor of their spiritual pollution that still floats around in my mind find its way into a powerful carbon filter to be locked down into oblivion. May the sickening memories of all their worthless sermons that denied Jesus also be buried and never rise again.

The words of Jesus live forever, but the PCG’s Jesus-free literature will just be blown away as scribbles in the dust are in the wind, or as drawings in the sand are washed away by the tides. Yes, even the massive multitude of their words.

And may the Lord Jesus bury my shame in ever consenting to and supporting their words, words said by men who turned out to be far more ashamed of Jesus and of his words, than I am now, of their words.

Let the mental echoes of PCG lectures be drowned out of my ears, too, just like those now soggy smithereens of paper which used to be “sermon notes” which I tore up and flushed down the porcelain throne, including too many pages of “that prophet’s” self-aggrandizing drivel. That lively water in the toilet bowl was the only real “water” those lifeless words ever met.

The only thing free about that literature, (which I am no longer?? allowed?? to receive) is that it was “free” of Jesus, who just so happens to be the only way to true freedom. Now that, if we must use another worn out word, is another great “paradox” for the Flurry’s to consider, but one which they will never ever talk about.

The Short Story About the Telling PCG Document

Here is the short story about the telling PCG document I received, which was sent on August 13, 2021. I redacted the date and all other unique and potentially self-identifying information.

This letter from the PCG Correspondence Department was in response to my phone call to the literature department regarding the absence of the PCG’s magazines for some time. I had recently requested subscription renewals since I believed that my subscriptions must have expired without my expecting it.

Previous to finding out that I was also cut off from their “literature,” I had been suddenly cut off from the PCG’s church.org website and no longer allowed to log in to listen to the online sermons. This was a big surprise. I found that I was cut off just days after a horrible and memorable visit from Cal Culpepper and Greg Nice, who acted as the devil’s own accusative and condemning henchmen towards myself.

No mention was ever made during the visit about cutting me off from the PCG site or the “literature.” Culpepper and Nice did pummel me mentally for [three] hours with their accusations and psychological games2 in order to provoke me into reacting “hostile,” so they could readily justify suspending/disfellowshipping/marking me, but it did not work. So then, all they had left in their bag was to claim that I could be “dangerous” to the brethren on the grounds that I did not agree with their explanation as to why I was suddenly hit with some very bad things.

That was the last ploy which those ministers had in order to justify throwing me out of the “church,” was to play the drama that I could, as of then, be too “dangerous” to be allowed to communicate with the brethren anymore. The sarcasm with which Culpepper told me this was very overt.

In short, I was supposed to believe that the hand of God had done all what harm was done to me and that no human hands were involved. I was to believe that I was “straying” and that God was punishing me, but I was not allowed to believe in such a thing as corruption and criminal activity being the cause of the violence and destruction done to my life.

The ministers expected me to believe that I was insane for believing that what had been happening to me was a result of living in a violent and criminal world, the same horrible world which the Trumpet itself writes stories about, and same world from which the editors also borrow terrifying footage to make their TV programs and videos more frightening. No, but I was not to be on guard for the very same realities which their own publications and shows were supposedly trumpeting over? Does the Key of David and Trumpet not like to blow their horn over all the violence, corruption, destruction and chaos happening in the world?

Double Hypocrisy

Anyway, these are the circumstances surrounding my receiving this very telling letter from the PCG, saying I would be receiving no more literature, while also being completely cut off from the “church.” I have not heard a word from any minister since that time.

(There was one possible attempt made by a PCG minister to contact me some months later, when I had just missed an incoming call from a 405 area code number. And how odd, that when I tried to look up the number in the call log, my phone automatically went into a “safe mode” and the number suddenly vanished and I did not have time to write the number down. This has never happened before.)

Of course, I took very little initiative towards contacting those ministers thereafter, since contemplating another visit with them gives me the creeps, to be honest. The visit I write about was the first time I had ever visited with Culpepper and Nice, and the last time I ever will have such a visit. I had spoken with Greg “Nice” only a couple of times on the phone before that time, and he was repeatedly sarcastic towards me and distant.

I did make one phone call to Nice the day after the two ministers had left my residence with disgusted faces, dramatizing their indignation over my situation. Nice did not answer my questions on the phone but left me with nothing but dead air several times. The more important the question, the less he had to say in response. When he spoke, it sounded as if he was in a large room with acoustics that made his voice nearly echo.

Greg Nice had no scriptures out of the Bible ready to direct me with to help my circumstances, but rather recommended that I (re)read some of Gerald Flurry‘s booklets first, and then get back with him. If I am right, that advice, to read the booklets, does sort of contradict what those same ministers had done in cutting me off from their “literature.” Or am I just nuts again for suggesting that something is out of order in the “church administration?”

What about the PCG’s purported “commission” to reach “the largest audience possible” with their literature? Well, the coffers certainly remain wide open even while the doors to fellowship are slammed shut tight, when the “administration” decides a member deserves to be afflicted with a taste of a “famine of the word.”

We should be thankful that “church” does not have the power to cut people off from the Bible. I have heard ministers in their sermons warn the congregations a few times, that some people could “study themselves out of the church” if they got into the Bible too much.1 (Andrew Hessong and Wayne Turgeon were among those ministers).

Well, I guess the more I wonder about these things the more hypocrisy I discover. Double hypocrisy, no “double wonder” here.

The PCG used to warn about how their doctrines and prophecies were “dangerous knowledge” once known and understood but not acted upon, but the most dangerous thing of all is what such “churches” do to the people who do “act” by then supporting the “work” or going as far as to pursue membership. The PCG itself is what is dangerous to the people who trust that false religious organization enough to invite their ministers into their homes and to allow them to know about their life, their employment, their finances, etc.

By Monty
November 1, 2022

Footnotes by ESN:

1 “One time our pastor said, “You can’t study the Bible too much or you’ll get wacky.’” (Taken from Crazy Statements Made by PCG Ministers #3)

2 See the following letters which explain much more about PCG ministers using these kind of abusive tactics: Similarities to Nazism in PCG (July 16, 2010); Scary How Much PCG Resembles Nazi Germany in the 1930s (October 10, 2012)

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