In January 2020 David Pack claimed that world conditions could not sustain another 12 months and that 6,000 years of man’s rule would end in 2020.

This special prophecy letter, written and mailed to members in January 2020, exposes David Pack as a false prophet even though he says his words are “not a prophecy it is a teaching.” He also told members “not to tell anyone outside the Church” what he says in this letter.

David Pack continues to this day giving out false prophecies about Christ’s “soon return” to this earth. Many have already left his Restored Church of God (RCG).

A shorter follow-up letter from Pack, mailed on January 4, 2020, is posted below the first letter and shows his lame excuses when his 2020 prophecy failed.

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January 2, 2020

Dear brethren,

All of us worldwide are faithfully watching. We hear the reports. All understand the season we are in and that time must be short. What everyone wonders is just how short—the subject of this email. Part 225 was almost 30 typed pages. This letter cannot be that long if the goal is to have the entire Church read it quickly. Sermons allow more time.

In Mark 13:32 Jesus said of His Return, “Of that day and that hour knows no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.” While true 2,000 years ago, Christ would know by now when He will come because He has to!

Similarly, there would come a time when a “porter” who is “commanded to watch” would also need to know when (vs. 34). Think carefully. How does this man obey a command for a time he does not know? And why is he specifically commanded when the whole Church is to watch? The servants (vs. 35) are also told “watch ye therefore”—as though they know what the porter knows, hence the word “therefore.” The verse goes on to describe a 24-hour window in which the Master of the House could come “at even, or at midnight, or at the cock crowing, or in the morning.” I came to realize that what I had learned (and barely alluded to at Headquarters last week before cutting it from the sermon) had to be passed on.

The proofs behind what you will read are powerful and many. But it is difficult to know what to include in a brief letter when there is so much material I would wish to explain—but that would take four to five hours speaking quickly to cover properly. There are 55 solid proofs of the day of the week in which Christ comes, and 50 more identifying the particular week and year that He comes on this day.

Think. Christ’s discussion of “that day and hour” addresses a specific day. The four watches above do the same!

Brethren, you all understand that world conditions cannot sustain another 12 months. All understand the “acceptable year of the Lord” must go essentially winter to winter in order to address Israel’s holidays. (All who hear this weekend’s message will understand why Christ comes after Israel kept Christmas.) The first Kingdom must also end before Israel can keep another Christmas. The “year” proofs are solid and plain. An example of what you may not understand about the year—or have forgotten—is that 6,000 years of man’s rule ends in 2020. I believe Mr. Armstrong was right about the 6,000-year Plan of God!

We have long wondered if the specific day of the week would be revealed, and we excluded the Sabbath because the “one taken, one left” picture showed brethren “at the mill” or “in the field.” However, on a round Earth, brethren in the West can be keeping the Sabbath while others in the Far East are working (and whether day or night), or vice versa, disproving our previous thought. Curiously—maybe by God’s early design—we ruled out what for many reasons became the only day on which Christ could Return—the Sabbath. With 55 proofs of a Sabbath arrival, and 15-20 other sub-proofs that over time were rolled in, strengthening them further, truly the story of these proofs became one of  “simplicity in Christ.”

Ministers here reported they were fully convicted by the first few points on the list. The problem is that the points are only POWERFUL if they are explained in detail. This would mean including the sub-proofs that got merged. What could I cover in a short letter?—and who would care if I didn’t as long as the Sabbath God chose is close?

Let’s carefully read II Peter 1:19. A verse we have read so many times contains an absolutely enormous truth that no one ever saw before until it came time to understand: “We have also a more sure [stable] word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the Day Star arise in your hearts.”

Now we reason together. If Christ had already come, shined worldwide in the darkness, shouted, an archangel had spoken, the trump of God had blown, the dead had been raised, all living saints had been brought in, the judgment was complete, eternal life had been given, evil servants were destroyed, you had met the Father, the Great Supper was over, and the Mountain/City had arrived, would Christ “arise in your hearts” on the NEXT day?

Of course not! But if you had reached the day of His Return (and knew it), this perfectly describes how anyone would feel knowing these things were CLOSE—within hours. So then we ask: How would brethren know that they no longer needed prophecy beyond a particular sunrise (notice “until”)? And how would they know their hearts should jump when a specific day dawned? The only answer is that someone notified them in advance. (Technically, the day dawns first in New Zealand. While more could be said, this is the place to start.)

Reread II Peter 1:19 until it becomes impossible to miss its great hidden truth! No one ever saw this verse for its titanic meaning. The porter would eventually have to come to understand it (within a long list of points) to fulfill God’s command to watch—and to pass on what he knew.

Of course, there is always a certain queasiness—a kind of gut-check—a being on “pins-and-needles” about setting a date. This is natural. I have seen it many times. But this is an accurate picture of the thinking process in all the men present. I carefully counseled for hours, day after day after day, with ten thoughtful, deeply converted men. After much prayer (this in itself is an inspiring story), study, meditation and counsel, it was a FULLY UNIFIED judgment that we were duty bound by God’s Word to share the knowledge with you, queasiness aside. The case is SPECTACULARLY strong, and ten of the best men I know can see no way out!—no weak link!—no “Bible bullet” that can pass through the “heart” or “brain” of the list and nullify it! As one minister put it, “If there is something unforeseen where we are wrong, it is impossible to see now or even comprehend.”

The only remaining question would be which Sabbath? Here is but one point. I have of late re-immersed myself in the study of God’s Calendar (including my own booklet about it), which is far more complex than the modern Roman calendar. Within any given 19-year time cycle, there are actually six different year lengths (353, 354, 355, 383, 384 and 385 days). For instance, this Sabbath is Tevet 7, and is 353 days from the next Tevet 7(only two days before Christmas 2020)—making THIS Sabbath the last possible day to allow for a complete“acceptable year of the Lord.” As Christ said, “exercise your mind.”

There was always to be a tiny group foretold to be waiting and watching at the end. Christ’s Return was always going to happen—sometime. While this does not mean staying up, it does mean exercising faith—believing what God says He is going to do, and when He is going to do it. You are left to your own faith—and the command to watch.

Habakkuk and Paul both said Christ will not tarry (delay). This is completely without meaning unless it comes off of something. The series has ended. There is no more ration. Could the date be wrong? It could, but not one man here sees how. We will see. Since I know what God is going to do, I will wait no matter how long until the when happens. So should you. Those who see leaving the Church as an option were never included, anyway. They were never convicted about what God is going to do or they would NEVER leave even if we had to wait another 20 years!

Upon reviewing the scriptures within 105 points, we were left with Mr. Armstrong’s oft-repeated words: “Don’t believe me, believe your Bible.” This said, this email is not a prophecy, it is a teaching. I/we did not hear an utterance from God or the voice of Gabriel.

If there are brethren you know without computers, please phone them! Overcommunicate! Be your brother’s keeper and ensure that everyone hears the contents of this letter. But this is privileged information. Christ said His Return is to come as a snare on the entire world, and even on brethren outside His little flock. Under NO circumstances—NONE—are we to tell ANYONE outside the Church unless we want to risk fighting God’s purpose as our last act before Christ comes.

Also reread this last statement until it sobers you as it should.

A final piece of great news as food for thought in the meantime. The New Heavens and New Earth (paradise) arrive on the first day of Christ’s Kingdom! Another two hours of proof could accompany this statement regarding how we came to know this. For now, it is directly tied to knowing that Christ comes on the Sabbath—the “day of the Lord.” Just read II Peter 3:10. Then know that every verse you could possibly think of on this subject fits beautifully at Christ’s Return.

I conclude with Paul’s words to Corinth: “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord,” and a few verses later, “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong” (I Cor. 15:58 and 16:13).

God speed the day,

David C. Pack


Follow-up letter from Dave Pack:

January 4, 2020

I trust all had a profitable Sabbath. Of course, what we anticipated did not happen today. Feeling let down is natural, but we knew this date was not an absolute. There was always the chance of a little longer wait.

If there was one sentence I wish we had thought to include in the email, it is: “If Christ does not come this Sabbath, I will quickly explain why He must come on a Sabbath.” It would have been “safer”—but, again, we felt duty bound based on the facts at hand. All the men agreed this was the case for all the reasons. One of the greatest proofs of the Sabbath I had not even discovered by Thursday. It seems evident God wanted more explained.

I plan to give a two-hour message Tuesday (posted Wednesday) proving Christ will return on a Sabbath—and that the early New Testament Church knew this. In the end, I suppose we would say a partial “Bible bullet” was found regarding which Sabbath Christ’s Return would be. It is easy to understand and will close Tuesday’s sermon. Next Sabbath here at Headquarters, I will deliver another message to be played the following Sabbath, if time continues. It will explain in detail why the New Heavens and New Earth arrive from the start. Understanding the Sabbath sets this up. Brethren, these are wonderful truths I am thrilled to pass on. Answers are coming—and they are fascinating. Do not miss these messages!

If we must “wait for the Lord,” how good that time is short. Who could have imagined just 48 hours ago (when you got the email) that suddenly mankind would be facing World War 3? That’s where we are!

The apostle Paul again closes the letter: “And we desire that every one of you do show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope unto the end” (Heb. 6:11).

In Christ’s service,

David C. Pack

Update 2021:

In his July 2021 “Prophecy Update” David Pack said, “The Day of the Lord must still arrive shortly after the Feast of Tabernacles. The math of the Bible will not permit longer than that.”

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