As I was doing some routine things on this Saturday morning (that would have been thought so evil in the Worldwide Church of God just a few years ago), I was thinking back a bit.

We will have difficulties, all of us; the difference now is that we’re not being told that it’s always our fault. I heard so much of the mantra of, “…you’re not praying enough, not fasting enough, not studying enough (and in some cases), not paying enough.” No kidding. I know one family that had lost almost all because of WCG’s demands on their money and when they counseled with our pastor they say he told them he knew where their problem was. Their Holy Day offerings were too low. They were already trying to run a business without a phone and such a guilt trip was laid on them.

I noticed very early on, even in my first few weeks of attending WCG that individuals were given no recognition for talent or any service well performed. It wasn’t that I wanted that for myself, but it was obvious the individual was not of any importance (just like in socialism).

I recall in my case there would be the attempts to make us feel inferior. They said they wanted us to call on them with our problems, and then I came to the conclusion we were being punished for doing so.

Then there were those who claimed to be our friends who discontinued any contact when we left. Even though they claim to be in a mainstream church, they do not retain any contact when we leave because we either cannot take it any longer or we decide not to take it any longer.

Some must have gone through more torment than many can imagine. That’s just the way the leadership wanted it to be for those who either left on their own or were kicked out. I remember going through the “fear” of being kicked out and losing out on salvation. That is a lot of power over others.

It feels so good not to be pushed down like we were and for them to come around to impress their superiority onto us. I enjoy not having any concern about someone coming over to give me the third degree about my personal life in areas they have no expertise in, yet claimed to have all the answers and the authority to back it up. They could be dead wrong and hold that threat over us that we must accept their demands or we would pay in one way or another. We are now so free.

We too often suffer for the wrongs of others. However, there will be a better day. Sometimes we don’t see that at the moment but it is out there and it will come as we work toward it. We do slowly heal. It’s a timely process. I’m so happy to be free that I’m finding I can go over things I have done that might be of interest to other people without feeling out of place. I’m enjoying the freedom that much. They just don’t own me anymore. No one, other than Jesus Christ, owns me anymore.

It just makes me so happy we are all so free from all that was in the WCG. How much better life is without all that bad experience.

By Will


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