“B.S.” on the PCG church bulletin does not stand for “Bible study,” as GF cannot stand true Bible study.

“Living by every word” does not mean living by every word of the Bible, but by every word “that prophet” says, as enforced by his goons in suits and ties. The Bible is not what “church” members are exhorted to study. To someone on the outside of this cult, reading an article out of one of their publications about being diligent in studying, it sounds so faithful and true to the word of God, but once “invited,” it is discovered in no time at all, that actual Bible study is discouraged, especially what is considered independent Bible study, which is defined as any kind of Bible study not guided by every word of GF’s booklets.

No free Bible study is allowed between brethren, not even in the form of discussion or fellowship on a “sabbath” day, in the “Philadelphian” flock. If caught doing so within the hearing of “church security” you may be reported and later “counseled.”

The false prophet, GF (Gerald Flurry), who uses the Bible and Bible reference resources for his own profit, does not want the people to discover what they are missing, lest the real truth does set them free.

Only the booklets written by GF about the Bible, can be discussed, and it is strongly encouraged that no one interpret the Bible using the brain and mental abilities which God gave them, while asking God to help them, but to instead consult a minister who will rather point to GF’s booklets. To them, only their own special false prophet must be considered as one fit and supposedly filled with enough of the Holy Spirit to tell anyone just how they should read and interpret the word of God, while his ministers themselves are to be regarded as an extension of “that prophet” or “Christ come in the flesh, with the implied absolute power of a “vicar.”

(The former phrase taken from 1 John 4:2-3 and 2 John 4:3 are prime examples of how GF and cohorts misuse/abuse certain portions of the Bible to empower themselves, but never to exalt the real power of God through Jesus.)

Let’s talk about “will worship,” for a moment, since GF’s own will is what is interpreted while he holds up the Bible in his hand, and while using certain special key words/passages to control people who believe in the word of God as truth. Not only are special scriptures interpreted as taken out of context, and then misused over and over again, but in order to reinforce GF’s misinterpretations, he uses other reference tools such as commentaries, where and when convenient, and cherry-picks those books to support his own delusions.

At first, a lay person must be very impressed by GF’s purported biblical knowledge as he often quotes respected references, which leads his captive audience to believe GF is an expert who knows more than any average Bible scholar.

When GF succeeds in pulling out renown resources such as historical books and famous old Bible commentaries, to “prove” what he wants his audience to believe and to support his own personal and self-serving interpretation of the Bible, he as well cherry picks those resources and concordances to use them to interpret his own will, not God’s, and with the purpose of misleading the people to serve his own will and not the will of God.

Years of repetition of false unbiblical doctrine disguised as “bible-based” truth, and constant brainwashing over what important passages of the Bible mean to say, may leave many former members with an aftermath of error and confusion over what the word of God truly says, and distort how believers communicate with God. Such is not the result of “washing of the water by the word.”

An ex-member must wash their brain of “church literature” before attempting to study again, if in any spirit of truth and sincerity.

While SF (Stephen Flurry) often says, albeit hypocritically, to “dig in” to the Bible on his Trumpet shows, that false prophet GF picks through the scriptures like rubbish for a jewel of his own. Meanwhile, his team of news vultures pecks at current events of the world, not for the purpose of enlightening and educating anyone, but only to lure and pull inquiring minds into captivity, by means of their so-called “biblical” perspective on the troubles of the world.

Juxtaposed to the lying “mainstream” media of this country’s present politicized “journalism,” the lies of a false church such as PCG, may even seem like absolute “truth.” Their “biblical” explanations may make “perfect” sense on the surface, but with many malignant psychological hooks lying just beneath their crafty packaging of such “truth.”

After being pulled in, their repetitious preaching trains people’s minds to only view the scriptures within the twisted framework of the warped mind of their false prophet. Should it be called “bible study” when the mind of the reader is only allowed to see the word of God through the distorted lens of the false prophet? The same goes for the PCG’s perspective on current events, which also trains people to see the whole world the way in which GF would have them see it, and to further whatever worldview serves to empower him over the people he captures. Their view becomes no more “bible-based” but GF-biased.

As he must so often quote Revelation 12:9 to emphasize that the whole world is deceived, it is the Devil’s own tactic being employed by GF to disarm anyone who would dare to doubt what “that prophet” says. GF can talk about a “whole world” being deceived (with the implicit exception of himself), therefore you must listen and believe him in order to not be deceived like everyone else.

Sure he can say and repeat it every day, quoting Revelation 12:9 over and over about how the whole world is deceived by the Devil, but even he, just another head of the Devil himself, deceives everyone whose ears he reaches even in regards to that same world itself.

GF’s drone ministers can so frequently quote verses saying “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom/knowledge…,” but it can also be said that the beginning of ignorance and stupidity is fearing a liar and his lies, and while believing he, GF, even fears the Lord at all.

By Nate [name changed] (former PCG member)
January 15, 2023

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