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Cedar Waxwing

The full message of salvation in Christ Jesus and the importance of Him in my life was never emphasized that much. The long sermons (especially on the holy days) were always about the “truths” we knew, prophecy, the church, the Kingdom of God, the Work, overcoming, the sense of family, the Law of God and the problems in “the church” and what we should do about them. The unity and closeness of being in Christ and relying on Him and His grace was missing. The fruit of the Spirit was lacking. There wasn’t enough love toward others or in our own families, as there should have been.

Hardly anyone at church was talking about spiritual things unless it pertained to the WCG truths, the holy days, blessings, or how they came into these truths. No one was mentioning Jesus and what He had done for them. The real truth about what it means to have freedom in Christ, and how we’re not under the Law, was not there. The songs were not about the Person of Christ.

Another thing that was missing was hardly any of the people ever encouraged me in a spiritual way or even mentioned God, except to repeat word for word what the ministers had said, or the literature had said. They might say that they would pray for me, but they never talked about Jesus Christ and how he had helped them. The majority of them that talked spiritual were mostly talking about their loyalty to the WCG and the church doctrines, not Christ. They didn’t seem to be all that submissive or meek or Christ-like. The Holy Spirit was hindered in my life in such an atmosphere. You can preach another Jesus, receive another spirit, and believe another gospel. (See II Corinthians 11:4) The presence of Christ is much nearer to me today.

By T. H.
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“When we have Christ, we have everything.” ~Unknown


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