tree in countrysideSome lives go on forever in the hearts and lives they touch.

Our little day will soon be done. We shall have followed the footpaths, winding out into the open where sunset shadows lie softly upon the Autumn meadows. There will be twilight and evening star and a clear soft call.

Two worlds will blend into one, and we shall find it as easy to pass, as going out into the meadows where the trail leaves the cherry thickets that are crimsoned by the touch of an early frost.

We shall stretch our hand and God will hold it as a mother holds the tiny hand of a babe that nestles warmly at her breast. The fading splendor of our day will burn with the golden fire of an eternal sunrise.

Through rifted clouds we shall catch a glimpse of our eternal home.
Our deepest dreams will begin to come true and our sublimest visions will begin to unfold, in reality.

We shall pass from the hemmed in circumstances to the glorious freedom of immortality. No longer shall we “see through a glass darkly,”–but face to face.

We shall look no more with puzzled mind upon the pain and imperfection of earth,–for our minds will fill with crystal clearness and we shall see all things alive with God’s unsullied beauty.

Fading life will be transformed into immortal splendor. The white lily of pain and suffering will bloom into the Daylily of eternal health.

God will wipe away all tears and smooth the wrinkles from the troubled brows forever. Pain-twisted bodies will be fashioned like unto His own glorious body,–for we shall be like Him.

Our hearts will melt joyously and work will become the glad willingness of play. Budding life will burst into full bloom. And every noble desire, honest endeavor, and generous feeling will open like a fragrant blossom to shed its perfume upon the welcoming air.

Pent-up floods of praise and song to which we tried on earth to give expression,–will at last burst forth in a mighty volume like the sound of many waters.

~April 1999 by C. C. Whittington

Posted in loving memory of C. C. Whittington. (1916-2000)


“Start each day with a song in your heart”




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