The experience I had in the Philadelphia Church of God was the worst. The minister there favoured those he apparently knew for a long time. I always used to feel afraid. A lot of foolish things goes on in there and members are afraid to speak out because they don’t want to get suspended.

I was suspended for taking back my husband. I thought we are supposed to forgive people. The funny apart about it is that the minister there in Trinidad wanted me to take back my husband when he said it was OK to do so.

I left my husband for 3 months. The PCG helped me to move because I wanted to at the time. They found a place by a married couple who were PCG members. They were all best friends and the members were told to keep an eye on me all the time. Finally, I couldn’t live by these people anymore. They lied and carried news to the minister and his wife. I have videos where the so-called godly baptized members threw out my belongings from the apartment, dragging my bed that my son and I were sleeping on, all because I couldn’t move everything at once when I took back my husband.

I also have an email which was sent to me by the minister stating to pack up my things and ask the ladies next door to keep my stuff. Minister Samuel Seebran ordered my things out of the apartment and they were thrown like a criminal’s belongings outside, all because I spoke to the people next door who Seebran referred to as the ladies who are the member’s family that they don’t speak to. I cannot make enemies with people just because you do not speak to them.

So many horrible things went on. It’s just too much. They caused me to stumble and question everything I believed. Is this the way God’s family should behave? They even stopped my mother from speaking to me. She doesn’t even call my son–her own grandson–who is just 9 years old. What about him? He is innocent.

I really don’t care if they come across this because I know they spy to see who is saying what. I really am disappointed about how fake a lot things were and the lies they allowed to fill their minds from these evil members who I was staying by.

They have me afraid thinking I will never make it if I don’t come back, that my eternal life is at stake. I am confused and angry because of what they put me through.

By Maritza, Trinidad (name changed)
October 29, 2022

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