This is written to those who may be thinking about becoming a member of the PCG or exiting it. It is one of the most hypocritical groups I have ever had contact with.

I became a member of this destructive group in August of 2003, but started attending in January of 2003. I, like many others, thought I had found the “true” church. I had known of Herbert Armstrong since the 1960s. But shortly after becoming a member, things started to bother me.

I had not been a member long when the no-contact rule1 started to emerge. This ruling states that anyone in a splinter group is Laodicean. Then they had some members cut off their own grown children if they were raised in the PCG and didn’t come into the PCG [become a member]. From what I can gather from what I have experienced and seen and heard, it has nothing to do with “Laodiceans,” only control. They are afraid of what can be found out from others that have exited and how cruel and deceitful the ministers can be.

Members in PCG are not above lying to get information. They try to turn one member against another. I was very dissatisfied with the PCG for years but stayed for the most part to help an elderly person that had been treated like a dog by the “church” and some of the members at the direction of the ministry. This person became very ill and was hospitalized for about three months. During that time they made a certain member their power of attorney. When this person came out of the hospital, they had no home, no car, and all of their personal possessions were gone. They did have some money from the sale of the home but certainly not enough to purchase another and ended up in senior housing. Things were given away or sold for far less than what they were worth. I could not believe how uncaring these people were. When this person talked to the ministry about it, they were told to “let it go.”

I befriended this person and helped them as much as I could when no one else would and after five years of being there for them, this person turned me in to the ministry. Cal Culpepper called me and told me I had been turned in for “having problems with the church’s beliefs.” When I told him I had problems with the way that this person was treated and that no matter what was done to me I would not change my mind about how I felt about it being very wrong, he told me I had a bad attitude and when I did not back down he said my attitude stunk! The conversation ended with me telling him, “No, my attitude doesn’t stink, the church’s attitude stinks,” and I hung up. He did not call me back. I did call a couple of people and tell them I was suspended, because I assumed I was. A few days later I found out he was telling people I quit and was also contacting members of the PCG and telling them I had turned them in as “having problems!” This was a lie and of course I have no way of telling these people that because they can’t talk to me for the risk of being put out.

This cult has no love in it except for the love of money and power! The ministry knows they are losing control and will stop at nothing to retain it. Keeping these people from contact with others that have exited by telling them that “the Devil has gotten to these people that exit” is keeping them from the truth so the ministry can continue to lie to them. Deceit in the PCG is doctrine to them as far as I’m concerned. Like I have told others in the PCG, if God was as slow to forgive as the ministry, we would all be in trouble.

PCG has been deceitful about the court case concerning the copyrights of Armstrong’s books.2 They bought them, they didn‘t win them! When they reprinted Mystery of the Ages, Gerald Flurry changed what he didn’t like and very few in the PCG know that they were changed!3 I know now that they lie to try to get information that might get rid of any who are starting to think on their own.

I am glad that I am out of the PCG! I hope that more will come out soon. I know many are very unhappy with the “church” but are afraid to do anything about it. They say “where would we go”? My answer would be, PRAY FOR THE RIGHT SPIRIT TO GUIDE YOU AND NOT A MAN!

By Maria
June 19, 2014

NOTE BY ESN: It is very common when exiting any high demand, exploitive group to feel “where do we go now?” The best thing is to not to rush into anything, but begin by educating yourself on cults and mind control methods by reading several of the books we list on our Booklist and going to our sections: Mind Control & Exploitation and Healing From Emotional & Spiritual Abuse. And above all else, ask God to give you the spirit of discernment. He will be there for you and will help you.


1 Gerald Flurry’s Sermon: Exposing Satan (Covers the “no-contact” ruling)

2 PCG Did NOT Win a Victory in the WCG vs. PCG Court Case (February 23, 2007 letter to ESN from Attorney at Law.)

3 Read: Flurry Has Already Changed Mystery of the Ages! (April 13, 2004 letter to ESN


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