Every now and then people in the HWA splinter groups harass the ESN website with threats of legal action for posting information unfavorable to them. This behavior is typical of cults. We will add any such letters to this page when they come in.

In a defamation suit, being related to libel and slander, truth is a viable defense, and in the case of religion, a judge and jury would see quickly the nature of “truth” in this regard. The leader (or other person) would have to show how he was truly damaged, either economically or his reputation, and it all being about religion, this would be impossible.

Letter #1: (received 9-27-22)

Note from ESN: What is funny in regards to this first one is that this person wants to threaten to sue on behalf of a dead person! Both Alex Harrison and Max Rumler are dead. (Alex Harrison died 11-29-20 and Max Rumler died 7-16-13.)

All spelling below is the author’s and is left in context [sic].

From: JM
Subject: Deformation Of Character!

Message Body:
Looks like deformation of character! Of Alex Harrison. If you don’t take the comments done legal action could be next!
And for your information Max Rumler was a Creep. !!
You need to get your facts and name with hold tells a lot .
Talking I’ll off the dead and your got no permission to post his death!

Letter #2 (received 2-6-22)

Note from ESN: The following one is from a “guy” in Australia. He / she threatened to sue. In what court? On what charges? What was also crazy with this one was their 2nd email address had “rcg.org” in it. ESN got in touch with the company that the email came from to report them regarding threats.

From: Andrew.T
Subject: “Information”

Message Body:
Firstly- Nice comment Box- Your making people’s opinions feel valid.

Secondly- Your images are manipulative

Thirdly- Your First principle is designed to Trick

People into agreeing with the second.

Fourthly- I am a Former RCG member-

And I agree with Most of their teachings

I Went through the Mental Health Service

As well- Most of your Clients Need to Man up

Life isn’t for the timid.

Go Send this to Pack. See what He feels about it. Harden Up.

Letter #3:

2nd email from above person:

From: Andrew.T
krcarpenter [Australian address]
Subject: HWA- HIS Middle Name

Message Body:
You Know what You are doing- You are against Christ

Herbert W Armstrong was The Son of Eva Wright.

Mr. Armstrong Clearly used The W in His middle Name.

Christ spoke of those- Who deceived the simple.

Those Who are Mentally ill should See a Doctor First- DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

Only A doctor Is qualified To diagnose A mental illness.

You are acting as a Therapist Before a doctor diagnoses- THIS MEANS YOU ARE


Take Down Your site Or The Restored Church of God will Sue.

I warned You once- And only once. Please take down this site. Thank you.

Other Contact: [gives a rcg.org email address]

Letter #4: (received 5-21-16)

Note from ESN: This person was complaining about: “An Open Letter to Gerald Flurry and the PCG Ministers.”

To Whom This May Concern,

As it pertains to the use of my personal and family name on your website, in alleged statement of facts provided by Mr. Dan DeGennaro, we ask that you please remove the information as it is libelous and constitutes defamation. My name should not associated with making or spreading scandalous claims with the intention of damaging reputation. If it is not removed, further legal, and punitive, action will be taken.

Timothy Oostendarp


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September 29, 2022


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