Best of the Letters From 2002

Finally Quit PCG:

January 10, 2002

I have attended the PCG for 9 years with my husband and other family members. My husband and I grew up in the WCG and when the WCG changes started, my husband was sure that the WCG was Laodicean. The WCG was telling so many lies, so when Malachi’s Message came around it seemed to make sense. I had my doubts, but my husband joined and made my life difficult until I attended as well. The last few years, Gerald Flurry has been claiming so many biblical titles and now he claims to be “That Prophet.” I just couldn’t see it. The ministers make up rules just for the sake of making up rules and you are not allowed to question anything. The sermons are confusing and extremely boring; all they care about is building their college and controlling the members. I have wanted to quit for years, but just couldn’t work up the nerve to tell my husband. Last Saturday I finally told him how I felt and to my surprise he was as miserable going to services as I was. We quit the next day. My husband still believes that HWA was the end-time Elijah, but at least we are out of the PCG. Thank you for your help. –Former PCG member

Flurry Telling Members to Stay Off the Internet:

January 22, 2002

I was told that Flurry is now telling his members to “stay off the Internet!” I think he’s afraid that they might read something on your pages. Keep up the good work. –Former member

Latest Royal Vision Says “Almost No Rules” in PCG:

February 16, 2002

Hello! We just got our Jan/Feb 2002 Royal Vision recently. The “Greetings Brethren and Co-Workers” letter on page 1 has some very misleading and flat out lies in it. Gerald Flurry’s quotes throughout. My comments are in color.

1st paragraph, 3rd sentence Quote: “Apart from God’s word, we make almost no rules for baptized members.” (What? There’s nothing but rules and regulations!)

3rd paragraph Quote: “Occasionally members, and even ministers, will try to get us to make and enforce specific rules to help control extreme behavior of those who are baptized. If we did so, God’s church would soon have a “talmud” of do’s and don’ts, in addition to the Bible. (Excuse me, but there is a “talmud” of do’s and don’ts in PCG–dating rules, skirt lengths, hair lengths, makeup, jewelry, dating, etc., to name a few.)

7th paragraph Quote: “One evangelist in the Worldwide Church of God kept trying to get the late Herbert W. Armstrong to make specific rules about skirt and hair lengths in inches. But no such rules were ever made.” (This is absolutely not true! When I was 12 or 13, I distinctly remember my mom having to re-hem all my dresses and skirts to be a “certain length” because of “the church.”)

8th paragraph Quote: “Such detailed rules–apart from God’s word–would begin to put us in bondage.” (People are in bondage in PCG!)

10th paragraph Quote: “We must understand why Satan’s slavery is evil and hate it vehemently. We must also know why God’s liberty is so inspiringly precious and love it passionately–with deeds to support our words.” (Those in PCG do not know a thing about God’s liberty, or His love, for that matter.)

15th paragraph Quote: “Today we have ministers of the Spirit. Our members and ministers must be careful not to descend into the letter of the law.” (This is double-talk; PCG does descend into the letter of the law.)

I could have quoted more, but those statements bothered me the most. Your website is fantastic! There are a lot of very revealing stories and letters about the cult life. People need to know where they’re coming from! It’s hard to admit it. –Former WCG/PCG member

Hard to Accept That I Was Duped and Deceived:

April 1, 2002

I would like to be placed on your list of those who would like to help others get out of the PCG and recover from it. I was in the PCG for 8 years myself. I left in March of 2001. I am still recovering myself. It’s hard to accept the fact that I was duped and deceived for so long, and that I threw 14 years of my life away. (I was in the WCG for 6 years). When I consider how much money I gave to those liars and criminals who twisted and distorted the tithing laws, I almost get ill. With all of the money I gave–over 14 years to those frauds–I could have paid for 2 or 3 college educations at very fine institutions, or I could have given that money to organizations that really do help people.

I truly feel sorry for the lying ministers in the PCG. There is one main law that they need to be aware of, and that is “what goes around comes around.” They call it “reaping what you sow.” There is justice for all, even though it takes time to be delivered. They can go on destroying families, friendships, and the finances of hard working people for now and think they’re getting away with it, but “time marches on” and their day is coming.

I believe power trips are unfulfilling and always lead to disappointment. Herbert Armstrong died a pathetic, lonely, and miserable man. He was unhappy virtually all of his life. The fruits bear that out. He led a life of the flesh and passed himself off as a man of God. He knew he was a fake and criminal, but never, never owned up to his crimes.

Hoping that all in the PCG will wake up. –Formerly in PCG

Saving Minds:

April 3, 2002

Thank you for your kind email. … You guys are doing a great job with that website!! Thank you for your work. You are probably saving more minds than you realize. Bless you all!!

Respectfully, –Former PCG member

Didn’t Take Me Long To Catch On To Flurry:

April 5, 2002

I was convinced Gerald Flurry was right and joined PCG. But I felt uneasy, especially when reading his articles touting himself as “the only one” teaching the truth. I told the deacon’s wife that I was having doubts, hoping to be reassured and encouraged. Instead I got blasted about reading “dissident literature.” Reading “dissident literature” was how I found PCG in the first place.

Now I read Flurry is saying he is “That Prophet“! What prophet? I can’t find anything telling us to watch for another prophet. Neither can Flurry. He cites Scripture but has to explain and explain to make it clear to us dummies. Something is wrong there. Now I have received a 4 page letter reminding me my “support” is needed and the urgency of the “work.” We’re in the “last hour” but Flurry is worrying about his building fund. The field house is done but duplexes have to be built for students and faculty. I believe some private homes will be built, paid for by the owners.

It didn’t take me long to catch on, I am a skeptic anyway. I do think God opened my eyes and pushed me to look further. I really don’t want to be in a group anyway. I can learn what I need by myself, alone. I don’t need a bunch of people now. I understand about fellowshipping, but who wants to fellowship with people who are easily led and weak-minded? Good site! Thanks. –Former PCG member

PCG Teaches Bizarre Things:

April 24, 2002

I wish to congratulate you for your website. I work with a member of the PCG. I have myself only been born again for ten months. In that time I have listened to my workmate say some bizarre things that just seemed so out of line with my understanding of the Bible. Things like “having a second chance at salvation after death,” and “becoming a God after you die.” Those things just didn’t feel right to me. This website has explained a LOT of the untruths the PCG teach, and has helped me to see the false doctrines PCG members believe. I hope to one day have enough knowledge of the truth to be able to respond to errors in his doctrine, but at the moment I get caught out with some of the things he says and am unable to rebut his comments.

Keep up the good work. God Bless, –Anonymous

Husband in PCG Can’t Think For Himself:

May 22, 2002

I was introduced to the PCG about seven years ago by my now husband; it has been a struggle ever since. At the time we were just dating and it really wasn’t a problem until we became serious and wanted to get married. My husband had been in the WCG until about eight years ago when he and his family joined the PCG. I was raised as a Seventh-day Adventist and though they do have some strange beliefs it was nothing like the PCG. I have put up with going there for three years and I told my husband yesterday I would not be attending services with him anymore; I just cannot put up with it anymore. But I’m so scared for my husband because he is so brainwashed [i. e., mind controlled[. He cannot think for himself; he tells me he doesn’t even need to study the Bible because he already knows everything that is important, and that all he needs to pay attention to is Gerald Flurry.

Please help me. What do I say or how should I deal with it? I would just love to hear from someone who is going through these struggles. –Formerly in PCG

Comment: This person has received a personal reply.

Grew Up in Philadelphia Church of God and Hated it:

May 28, 2002

I grew up in the PCG and hated it. It’s been a long time since I quit. My father (who is still involved with the PCG) kicked me out of the house because of my reluctance to re-join the PCG or to follow the “government” of God. Flurry now has his followers believing that they are in the last hour of the last day, or whatever.

Thank God for websites like yours that provide accurate information about dangerous cults like Flurry’s. Keep up the incredible work you have going on. Knowledge is contagious as they say. You have my support 100 % of the way. –Child survivor of PCG

PCG Doctrines are Nonsense:

June 18, 2002

I know that taking apart PCG doctrines with real logic and God’s Word unnerves many current members. That is probably because they know deep down that most of the PCG doctrines are nonsense. I remember when I was still in the PCG, which I was for 8 years, just reading the book of Galatians bothered me. I suppose that the apostle Paul should be “marked” as a heretic by the PCG, because he clearly has a different view of the law and covenant issues.

Regarding Flurry’s police record, it is fair game as far as I’m concerned because for one thing, it is public record. And for another thing, I sat there and heard Flurry lie about what happened during that incident. I know that he lied because I requested an actual copy of the Police report, and the officer’s statement doesn’t even come close to Flurry’s account. I suggest that others get a copy of it. Ask yourself this: who has more to gain by lying, the police officer or Flurry? Remember Flurry at first claimed that the officer was a WCG member. There was never any proof of that, and I don’t think he claims that anymore.

To answer those who ask why people don’t sign their names at the end of their posted letters it is because this is the internet, and many people do not want to have their name out there in cyberspace on a website. Many of the people who write still have family members in the PCG, and don’t want to get “marked.” Once you are “marked,” family members are forbidden to contact you by the PCG Gestapo, I mean ministry. I don’t care if I am marked because I don’t have any family in the PCG, thank God! Besides, to be marked by lying ministers, who are really just hirelings, is like receiving a Badge of Honor!! Jesus Christ is my Shepherd, not Gerald Flurry. –M.D., Austin, TX

Secrecy in PCG is Satanic:

July 15, 2002

Members are starting to get scared of Flurry because he has gone overboard. I think Satan is at his right hand and he can’t be trusted. He is too secretive and that is the mark of someone who can’t be trusted. Most of all, why would any of these leaders try to hide what they are doing? God doesn’t say to hide, He says to rely on Him. If Flurry and the others are hiding, it is because they don’t trust God either. I don’t hide what I believe, even to un-believers. I don’t make an issue of it, but people know and that’s enough.

That is what makes me see Satan in all this. Why the secrecy, why the “stay away from them” attitude? It is satanic and it is driving a wedge between all believers through these “leaders.” –Former member

Have to Have Flurry’s Stamp of Approval on What to Read:

July 15, 2002

When I spoke to a PCG deacon’s wife, letting her know about some critical material I had read on the internet about Flurry, she railed at me for reading “dissident literature.” I have heard from others that Flurry and some of his members say he is cracking down. No one in PCG can read, or listen to, anything without the PCG stamp of approval. –Anonymous

I Heard Gerald Flurry Lie About His Police Record:

July 18, 2002

Regarding Gerald Flurry’s police record, it is public record. And for another thing, I sat there and heard Flurry lie about what happened during that incident. (Kinda like Bill Clinton). I know that he lied because I requested an actual copy of the police report, and the officer’s statement doesn’t even come close to Flurry’s account. I suggest that others get a copy of it. Ask yourself this: who has more to gain by lying, the police officer or Flurry? Remember, Flurry at first claimed that the officer was a WCG member. There was never any proof of that, and I don’t think he claims that anymore. –Former PCG member, Texas

Flurry Uses Spiritual Blackmail:

August 4, 2002

Unless Flurry totally cracks up, the members won’t ever go anywhere, because that will be the end of the money coming in. Without this threat of “time being short,” they can’t get the kind of money or loyalty that they would have without coercion. Much pressure is applied to give until it hurts, that God will not think you are worthy to be protected if you put material things for yourself above giving to the PCG. It is spiritual blackmail. Every encounter a member has with another member or the ministry is a minefield; any word can be twisted, any loyalty can be turned against you. –Former PCG member

Wish Your Website Was Around 12 Years Ago:

September 1, 2002

I got the tapes, can’t wait to listen to them. … I only wish the internet and your website was around 12 years ago – my life would have been so much different.

Thanks again for all your help. –Former PCG member

Beware of Philadelphia Church of God:

October 7, 2002

Flurry is as fanatical (perhaps more so) than HWA was, and I consider him very dangerous. Flurry is trying to build his own little empire–kinda like HWA did. I recently heard that Flurry is going to drop all U.S. TV stations (except one super station), in order to fight the WCG about Mystery of the Ages. What a waste of precious, hard earned money from the membership!

Flurry lied about the death of John Amos (the man that helped him found PCG). He is twisting [changing] things that HWA taught (the 144,000 and such). He is calling anyone who is not in PCG a Laodicean and is basically calling down curses on them from God. Some of their literature is very graphic! Flurry is teaching the no doctors, no medicine (except maybe for a broken bone or childbirth), which is causing major health problems among the membership (and will cause deaths).

If anyone goes into PCG, women will have to be plain and frumpy–long skirts below the knees, even while sitting (“lest the men get lustful”), and no makeup! No earrings for the guys either. Even “Barney and Friends” [TV show for children] is considered evil! Spanking babies is encouraged! Third tithe is required in the PCG, and they have their own building fund for the Flurry empire.

Please research. Understand what you are getting into! My husband and I and our young children were there about two years. We left because of my “rebellion” over makeup, and so I started looking up “HWA,” “WCG,” “Gerald Flurry” and “PCG” on the internet. After we learned of the many evils, we left! I don’t need a man to “lead me to God.” –Former WCG, LCG and PCG member

Flurry is a Mad-Man:

October 20, 2002

Here are quotes from Flurry’s mouth that are just one more thing to prove to me he is a mad-man and whoever stays in his group could be headed down the path of another Jim Jones or David Koresh ending:

“As we get into more trouble, they will really think we are crazy! But we simply are giving ourselves passionately to God.” (Who is That Prophet? pp. 5, 88)

“They [those in PCG] will stay with God even if it gets them killed.” (Ezekiel–the End Time Prophet pp. 2, 116)

“If we have to go so far as to face death, I hope and pray that we remain loyal to this cause.” (Ezekiel–The End Time Prophet, pp.3, 117)

–Former PCG member

Legalists Get Worked Up On Nit-Picking Details:

October 25, 2005

It is so typical of these people in the Armstrong groups to get all worked up on nit-picking details, and they don’t stop to consider that they are exhibiting little if any fruits of the Spirit as outlined by Paul in Galatians 5. That is what happens when you are a legalist in general. You are so concerned about being “right” that you will do anything, no matter how mean spirited, to prove your “rightness.” I have found that people who have solid and close relationships with Christ just don’t get worked up about these things, and they certainly don’t resort to sarcasm to prove their point, or express their opinions. I used to be at that point, and I was miserable. –Michael D. (Former PCG member)

PCG Architect Thrown Out for Questioning:

November 20, 2002

I work for a former PCG member. We are very close friends and discuss things openly. He was the architect for the college that Gerald Flurry built in Oklahoma and because I work in his office, I know all the work he put in it and how much he loved that organization. He lives in N. J. but at least once a month he would be in Oklahoma for at least a week. He put his life on hold for PCG and gave them his all in everything including thousands of dollars. Awhile back he and his child were “put out” from the PCG because he asked a few questions on something things that were being taught. I personally read this letter and it was very respectful, but they were still put out the next day and now none of there old friends in the PCG will talk to them. This is what I do not understand. First, why they were just thrown out like you would throw out old trash and second how people could be so curt as to just not talk to them any more. –N. J.

Flurry Believes Christ Will Make a Personal Appearance in the Court Case:

December 8, 2002

If you could post this, it would be great. It is a direct quote from the PCG’s monthly magazine for Co-Workers and members called Royal Vision. Flurry is getting crazier and crazier. Some of my family members are starting to talk about their doubts and admit they can’t prove what Flurry is teaching. I think the below quote is a good example of Flurry’s ramblings for those who don’t have access to his writings. The below quote is from the Sept/Oct 2002 issue: “Habakkuk reveals the outcome of the court case” article. Does Flurry believe that Christ will personally be involved in the court case? It appears that he believes Christ will make a personal appearance. I just can’t read it any other way. –Former PCG member

MOUNT PARAN (from page 13):

“God came from Teman and the Holy One from mount Paran. Selah. His glory covered the heavens, and the earth was full of his praise (v. 3). Mount Paran is probably within the area where the place of safety will be. Petra is in this vicinity. This time, though, Christ doesn’t have 10,000 saints with Him (Deut. 33:2; see the last chapter of our booklet No Freedom without Law). [emphasis ESN’s]

The International Critical Commentary says it’s better to put this chapter in the present tense. In other words, it’s happening right now. That means Christ comes from Mount Paran in the middle of this court case. What was He doing in Mount Paran? Why would He be there now? We must put this in context with the fact that we are Christ’s bride, and our loving Husband protects His bride and prepares for our safety and protection.

Within a short time of the September 11 terrorist attack, terrorists tried to bomb Petra. Did Christ stop that Himself? I don’t know, but I think it is reasonable to believe that our Husband will come to our aid personally when He needs to. He came or is coming from Mount Paran today for some purpose.

These verses indicate Christ will be personally involved in the court case. This is all going to lead to the Earth being “full of His praise.”

Comment: This “court case” refers to the court case with WCG over publishing rights to the Mystery of the Ages. PCG never won the court case but they lost and a settlement was made between WCG and PCG during the damages portion of the case. For more, read: Sold Copyrights to Philadelphia Church of God and Pasadena Star News, March 26, 2003, “Closing the book – Settlement reached over texts.”


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