My longtime boyfriend/fiance` and I just broke up and I’m devastated by it. The Restored Church of God told him to end our relationship because I am “not in the Church.” He told me that we can not get married because I am not “in the Church.” And he told me that he will not leave them because he ‘doesn’t want to end up in the Lake of Fire. He chose “the Church” instead of me. He chose fear instead of love, lies instead of trust.

We’ve been in a relationship for many years. He was the love of my life and we had planned to get married by the end of this year. We loved each other, made plans, were building a future together. All that changed when he came across the RCG about 18 months ago. Not being a religious person myself, I didn’t think much of it. From what he told me at first it sounded like some self-help group: he was going to be “a better person,” wanted “to do the right thing.” He told me there was more than just worldly things. It didn’t sound like a church at all.

After a while, I found out that he kept things a secret from me. Telling me on Saturdays that he would go out to play sports like he always did, but he didn’t. By coincidence I found out he had stopped playing sports and instead was going to services, visiting the local RCG congregation. When I confronted him, he told me I wouldn’t be able to understand “because God had obviously not called me yet.” Money disappeared. Money we were saving up for our wedding! He told me he couldn’t come to our friend’s Halloween party because he “came down with a flu thing.” We never went out for a meal anymore on a Friday night and I couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to do all these things anymore. He became quiet, distant, secretive. The fun loving guy I fell in love was gone. It was all about the RCG, about dietary laws, hours and hours of Bible study, hours and hours listening to David Pack (I couldn’t even listen to that man for 30 minutes). Reading everything that David Pack wrote, and telling me what a wonderful guy that he was (talk about idolatry). He went to the Feast last year, I wasn’t allowed to come. “The Church” didn’t allow it. When he came back all he could talk about was the RCG. How nice and loving all the brethren were, how he had finally found the “Truth.” How he had “the best Feast ever.” How much more he had learned about what was going to happen soon.

I tried to understand. I tried to keep up with him. I even invited his minister into my home last year, so I could get some clear answers to the questions I had about the RCG (which I never got by the way). What do they stand for? What do they teach? Because I didn’t feel like losing my boyfriend over this. I promised my boyfriend that I would look into things, think about “coming in the Church” with him. So along with reading the booklets that his minister gave me, I started doing some online research as well. And I wasn’t prepared for what I came across: so many stories about all these cults that came from HWA and how they use people. And so much stuff that I recognized all too well. The secrecy, the lies. All the money that’s gone. The mind control. I’ve seen it all these last two years. My gut feeling about this “church” was right: it’s a destructive cult.

I tried to talk my boyfriend out of it, reason with him. I even tried sending him links to your site and other websites exposing the RCG as a cult. But he is deaf and blind, told me he wasn’t even going to read all that worldly stuff I was sending him. Completely mind controlled by the RCG! A few weeks ago I gave him an ultimatum and told him I would never be part of something like that and that I needed to know what was going to happen with us. Yesterday I received an email from him, telling me that he is breaking up with me because “the Church” doesn’t approve of us–I am still “in the world and Satan has a grip on me.” I think it’s the other way around. Satan and David Pack have a grip on him. And I am totally devastated by it.

I just needed to talk to someone who understands what I’m going through and I want to warn others about this cult.

By Christina


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