What is Christian Educational Ministries (CEM)? Are they really Christian? Or you being deceived by a religious charlatan?

Let’s look into the background:

Unknown to most who first listen to Ronald Dart is that he is actually promoting unorthodox (and in many cases heretical) doctrines that he learned while he was a member and a minister in Worldwide Church of God (WCG) founded by false prophet Herbert W. Armstrong.

Ronald Dart, born in 1934, began attending Herbert W. Armstrong’s Ambassador College in Worldwide Church of God in 1958, later becoming an “evangelist.” He left WCG in 1978 and went with Garner Ted Armstrong’s splinter group, Church of God International (GCI) (name changed to Intercontinental Church of God). After leaving GCI, Dart founded Christian Educational Ministries (CEM) in 1995, today located in Whitehouse, TX.

CEM produces Dart’s “Born to Win” program which airs on a number of Christian radio stations. He has many audio and radio programs on his site, along with booklets he has written and which are for sale; others are free. CEM says their mission is to “share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world”; bring “God’s people” closer together, etc.

It all sounds well and good, right? Yet, what is lacking is the true gospel–the gospel that Jesus Christ forgave all our sins and because of His resurrected life we can receive the gift of eternal life by placing our faith and trust in Him alone, not by works of any kind. Ronald Dart is fond of preaching about how we need to keep the the 7th-day Sabbath, the observance of O. T. feast days, shunning of “pagan” days such as Christmas, no belief in an immortal soul, soul sleep, anti-Trinitarism, etc.

His website also links to “Youth Educational Adventures (YEA) for ages 3-20 “with over 100 books containing over 950 different lessons.” These are similar to YOU lessons that WCG had for their youth, and which young people were to go through. The site states that YEA’s goal “is to help our children become biblically-literate, to bring them to repentance and baptism as early as maturity will allow, and for each one to be fully participating members and leaders of the Church of God.” They also have “Sabbath school books” for children. All this material is to indoctrinate the youth into these false doctrines.

This is nothing short of Armstrongism. CEM is not Christian since Ron Dart does not preach the true gospel and it is only “educational” in the sense that it instills both adult and children into Herbert Armstrong’s dogma. Ronald Dart is nothing but another religious charlatan.

Be discerning and don’t fall for Ronald Dart’s false gospel and polished words!

By D. M. Williams
Exit & Support Network™
March 26, 2022

NOTE: Ronald L. Dart died died January 24, 2016. His wife Allie died August 9, 2017 after forming The Ronald L. Dart Evangelistic Association in June of that year.

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