With the death of Queen Elizabeth last week, you would be forgiven to assume that Prince Charles would automatically ascend to the throne. Let me tell you that Mr. Gerald Flurry is the rightful successor to that throne–and here are five points that prove it:

  1. Mr. Flurry is more righteous than the royal family.
  2. Mr. Flurry has more royal ancestry than Prince Charles.
  3. British people are evil.
  4. We have the new Stone of Destiny.
  5. God told Mr. Flurry.

Think about it: King Edward abdicated the throne, Prince Charles got divorced, Prince Andrew (enough said) and don’t forget, Prince Harry married an African American! Our dear Pastor General is a loving, compassionate family man who would never do anything to break families apart. It hurts him every time we have to excommunicate traitors within our families for believing the heresies found on this site, and daring to question our leaders. As Mr. Flurry says–they deserve to get their heads shot off!

Don’t forget, God wants purity–both physical and spiritual purity and what a blessing it is to have Mr. Flurry, who is obsessed with purity! These British monarchs have mixed themselves with heathen blood. As Mr. Flurry teaches us in his New Throne of David book, “God wants us to be purified. I think that has a lot to do with us having the new throne of David. God wants a purified throne and a pure people when He arrives!” Mr. Flurry is so pure, he is so royal that he has royal ancestry on both sides of his family – making him doubly Davidic! Mr. Flurry is so royal, he gets a double crown! And we will get one too, if we just believe!

A little known fact is how evil the British people are–they are so evil that God can’t even correct them with the stripes of men! They are just so evil that God has to destroy them and plant the throne of David in America! Thank God, that He sent us Donald Trump to save us from our sins, and thank God, we’re not as evil as the British!

Did you know that we found the new Stone of Destiny! Would you believe that it was crying out for us for 70 years on a farm in Oregon? Imagine that–no one touched, moved, misplaced or damaged it. And it was so easy to find because it was the same size as the one Mr. Herbert Armstrong wrote about it in his autobiography. There’s no way that it could be any other stone–Mr. Armstrong could not have possibly prayed anywhere else, except at this stone–the very stone we have at headquarters!

To all you naysayers, God told Mr. Flurry that he is the new king and you can prove it! Just read page 119 of his New Throne of David book, where he wrote: “I heard a STRONG VOICE… I don’t think anyone else would have heard anything, but I certainly heard it… That voice left me somewhat shaken… I began to see that Jesus Christ was establishing a new throne, just like that voice had said.” See–God told him so!

If you still don’t believe, just wait and see. It won’t be long until that evil son of perdition, Mr. Joseph Tkach calls Mr. Trump at the White House and tells him all about Mr. Flurry’s new throne. He’ll be so jealous that he’ll kick us out of the country and we’ll have to flee to the caves at Adullam. And it’s there, where our king, who has been king since January 16, 2017, will be coronated, so he can present the throne to Jesus Christ. Then Christ will take that very throne and stone to heaven where God the Father coronate Him, so that he can return to Earth for as King of kings.

How amazing is that! We get to present Mr. Flurry’s throne to Jesus Christ at His return and He will take the prayer rock back to God the Father in the third heaven to be coronated. Think about it– Christ will be coronated on this non-existent throne, with a physical stone in the spiritual realm! This all happens just before His Second (or third–I lost count) Coming, where He returns as King of kings to marry His Bride. Then we are going to be raised as spirit beings to meet Him in the air, and as Mr. Flurry has taught us, we will then be present at His coronation. Talk about a double crown and a wonder!

And this all happens very soon, just like our infallible leader Mr. Gerald Flurry has been saying for over 30 years now–we are less than 3 years away from the return of Jesus Christ!

By Jarrod [name changed] (former PCG member)
September 11, 2022

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