Herbert Armstrong successfully fooled members with the definition of “fruits.” As in, “You shall know them by their fruits.”

He said that “fruits” meant the fruits of the Work. As in, how many TV stations he had for the World Tomorrow program, a top notch Performing Arts auditorium, multiple college campuses, glossy magazines on the finest paper stock, a gulf stream jet, meeting with Kings, etc. Flurry took that baton and really ran hard with it when he was beginning the PCG regarding the “fruits.” I remember whole Trumpet magazines devoted to the subject.

If we members had been more scripturally literate rather than Armstrong literate we would’ve known that Jesus was not referring to such things when He said, “By their fruits you shall know them.” If current PCG members would do an in-depth Bible study on “fruits” then maybe some of the scales would fall from their eyes.

I’ll just list out some fruits, the real fruits, of the PCG leadership or ministry:

  • Many, many occasions of abusive ministers who love to be little tyrants. They love the fact that members are afraid of them, which keeps people coming to weekly services in fear and dread. Members often ratting one another out, and encouraged by the ministry to do so. I remember it all too well. And apparently it’s worse than ever now.
  • Countless families that have been broken up due to the unscriptural and totalitarian disfellowshipment policy. Husbands ordered to quit wives and vice versa for offenses that are hardly worthy of such punishment. Children split from one or more parents or grand parents. This has led to not just a few suicides. Mostly young people. Not to mention the many who’ve died too young from lack of proper medical care.
  • Elderly members cajoled into leaving their entire estate to the PCG upon their passing without letting the family know. Often the families find out after the father or mother dies and are quite shocked, if not devastated. This almost got the PCG into some legal trouble years back, but they are “blessed” that in the USA you can often swindle folks as long as you are a church with a 501(c )3 designation.
  • Ministers often ignore the elderly members when they are in the hospital or nursing home. There is just no attitude of true service toward the flock. Ministers in the PCG are trained to be battlefield commanders in essence. To bark out orders and then swiftly give out punishment if not obeyed properly. They are not trained to be shepherds. That kind of loving attitude is scoffed. It’s called “worldly” and “too sweet.” God’s love is supposed to be only tough according to these deranged pretenders.
  • Gerald Flurry getting arrested for being drunk and passed out behind the wheel at a public university parking lot, and then lying about the details of the arrest. Lying a lot it turned out. And has never corrected those lies after almost 30 years.

The above are the fruits any Bible believing Christian should notice and be concerned with in choosing who to worship and fellowship with. But members of PCG are convinced that they need Gerald Flurry and his ministry, “God’s Government,” to be protected and saved from what is coming, therefore placing an intermediary between themselves and God. Isn’t that a very catholic thing, having an intermediary?

By Michael Daniel (former member of PCG) [real name used with permission]
September 9, 2019

“Thou lovest evil more than good; and lying rather than to speak righteousness.” ~Psalms 52:3


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