Everyone needs to know what PCG has told the elderly to do with their land, wills and power of attorney. This announcement was made locally but it sounded like it came from PCG headquarters because the minister was reading it. It was made last spring when I was living in the south. The announcement said that the money in one’s will should not be designated for one’s children, especially if they were in the church (PCG). The reason given was because “they might leave the church.”

The assumption each member was to apply was the fact that in Malachi’s Message (mine is the 6th edition) it mentions somewhere that your ticket to the place of safety was the monetary and prayerful (?) support of Malachi’s Message so-called warning the Laodiceans.

After the announcement was made, an elderly lady confided in me that the minister had paid her a visit and told her she must sell her land (which, by the way was a considerable piece of property and on top of it, her son had a business on the land) and move to HQ” After all,” he told her, “how can we take care of you down here as you age?”

The Bible says family should care for family. They are subtlety replacing “the cult” for one’s own family. They are separating the elderly family members from their own children even right within the “cult.” They pit one family member against another so that there is suspicion, mistrust and hatred within a family by the things the minister says to the elderly privately. And then something else to the young relative. The ministers are very good at stirring up turmoil with a family.

This I know personally because they have done this to me and my children. My children actually told me they did not trust me. They believe anything the ministers say even though a person has been the best parent they can be. These men are trained to ruin families.

Another lady told me with great satisfaction that she had just taken her daughter off her will as her power of attorney should she become unable to pay her bills, etc., and now the “cult” whom she puts more trust in, will take the daughter’s place in the will. This woman apparently was expecting a large sum of money as her husband was on his death bed. She was so happy the minister was paying so much attention to her.

When a friend of mine lost her husband, a minister called me and asked me how well taken care of will she be now that her husband was dead? He knew I knew her pretty well and would probably have the details. I did know she and her husband both had large insurance policies. At the time I told the minister I knew she was not going to have any financial worries from now on.

I did not give the details, but I was still ignorant at the time.

I did not see what was going on then. It was not until the announcement was made and the widows began to talk to me, that I realized what was going on! It made me sick and it was another reason why I knew this was not God’s place to be.

There was a young man who lost his mother. They had money. He was a very nice fellow but a little slow. After his mother died, the PCG minister told him they had a job for him at HQ so he could be more involved in “the Work.” They told him to sell what he and his mom had and move to HQ. He was very excited, after all his mother had just died and now he would be involved in “the work of god.”(?)

Well, I was at HQ a year later and he still did not have a job but the ministers kept a close eye on his $$$$$$$. They visited him and helped him feel he was a part of everything so he could counsel about anything his heart desired and they would help him make decisions. Get it?

If one is a widow or widower with a lot of money, they want to make you feel as good as possible. They give those people a lot of attention.

I am sorry to say it, but it is the truth. Please warn the elderly, or anyone with money, to avoid the Philadelphia Church of God like the plague!!

By Annette (former PCG member)


“Beware of …evil workers” ~Philippians 3:2


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