Stephen Flurry is selling his book, Raising the Ruins. The following letter was mailed out to many ministers and members in Philadelphia Church of God, including a few PCG offshoots, and combines the contents from two letters.

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Dear Brethren,

Help those of us who are no longer in the PCG to understand.

What is the difference between the Worldwide Church of God selling the rights to Herbert Armstrong’s works and the PCG selling the book by Stephen Flurry entitled Raising the Ruins?

Does not the Scripture say, “Buy the truth and sell it NOT”??? [Proverbs 23:23]

How ironic that one book, being sold, entitled Raising the Ruins, written by the son of a false prophet (FP), tells of the “legacy” of a man who wrote a book, Mystery of the Ages, that its author, a false prophet, also sold.

Look at page 369 of his book, Raising the Ruins:

“You simply cannot affix a monetary value to spiritual truth. That is why Mr. Armstrong always gave away his literature for free. He did also offer his major works for sale in bookstores, but only to reach a larger audience with that material. However he went about it, Mr. Armstrong’s mission was always about giving the word of GOD–and to as many people as possible.”

One finds it hard to fathom how one could always give away his literature and at the same time offer his major works for sale in bookstores. Talk about cognitive dissonance, a term PCG likes to use when referring to WWCOG [WCG].

Either HWA always gave his literature away for free, or he did not always give it away for free. If he offered his major works for sale in bookstores, then he most definitely did NOT always give his literature away for free. Unless, of course, HWA did not, and the PCG does not now consider HWA’s major “works” as “literature.”

Obviously, HWA’s major works were his “literature.” This obvious contradiction, within the same paragraph of his book, shows how he follows in the footsteps of his more famous, yet, false prophet father, Gerald Flurry.

Remember the words of our Lord and Savior that it is better to give than receive. (Acts 20:35)

Ask yourself why the PCG feels it is their “Christian duty” to sell their works, the so-called truth. If GF the FP feels that the whole world should read Raising the Ruins, then why not keep the $35,000 of advertising money and print 11,000+ copies and give them away for free, to help that to happen?

The PCG lost the court case1 and was in the damages portion of the case when a settlement was made and the PCG BOUGHT the works of Herbert Armstrong, which WWCOG did not even want any longer. Yes, PCG paid millions of dollars for the works of a false apostle, to carry on the “legacy” of a false apostle, who wrote and taught erroneous things, who copied other men’s writings2 and who gave us the ridiculous teaching that the angels were placed here on earth to beautify and finish the creation of the earth. Both HWA and Gerald Flurry claim that had the angels obeyed there would have been no need for GOD to create mankind.

Despite Gerald Flurry’s ridiculous claims that Jesus returned to help “win” the court case, that He made a personal appearance3, it is simply not true.

Read how Jesus Christ will return in Matthew 24 v 23-27. He warned of false christs and false prophets who would make erroneous claims that Christ is here, or He is in the wilderness, or desert. Dearly beloved brethren, stop believing the fables, lies and deceit of Gerald Flurry.

Mystery of the Ages contains totally unscriptural information4. Where in the Bible is it written that “Lucifer” and one third of the angels were “placed” on earth to beautify and finish the earth’s creation?

Where in the Bible is it written that if the angels had obeyed they would have ruled the universe? What Scripture tells us that the angels had the opportunity to rule the earth, or the universe???

Does anybody in the PCG, or do any of the former WCG members who hold to all the teachings of Herbert Armstrong, read Hebrews chapter one???

Does anybody in the PCG, or do any of the former WCG members, know how many times Herbert Armstrong made definitive, dogmatic statements that certain events would transpire and they NEVER TRANSPIRED, nor can they ever transpire because some of those so called prophecies made by HWA were about men who are no longer alive???

For instance, HWA dogmatically wrote in The Plain Truth that Palestine would be taken in World War II by a certain man. The man to whom he referred is now dead and Palestine was never taken. He also wrote that certain events occurring at the time of World War II would definitely lead to Armageddon, the final world war, in the next 3 or 4 years. None of that ever happened. Truly Herbert Armstrong was a false prophet and false apostle.5

Beware of false prophets, brethren, and especially of the one in Edmond, Oklahoma, Gerald Flurry.

Look and see the hypocrisy of the PCG and its leader and leaders. The PCG roundly criticizes the WCG for changing Mystery of the Agesand changing doctrines taught by HWA, yet PCG themselves have deleted portions of Mystery of the Ages, a book that was allegedly “inspired by GOD. If Jesus Christ used Herbert Armstrong in writing MOA (as he states), how would a mere man have the audacity to change even one word in the book???

The answer is simple.Mystery of the Ages was not inspired by God. Herbert Armstrong was never an apostle or a prophet and Gerald Flurry, who claimed in the Philadelphia Trumpet, Sept/Oct 1992, that Malachi’s Message is an unwritten part of the book of revelation and is a prophetic part of the book of revelation, is a false prophet.

The Bible teaches that all Scripture is inspired by God. (2 Timothy 3:16) It nowhere states that books written by men are inspired by God.

May Gerald Flurry and his ministers and all those leading men in the PCG, who are continuing to deceive the brethren, whether knowingly or unknowingly, repent and publicly confess their part in promoting the hoax that Malachi’s Message is the little book of Revelation 10.

What Bible Scriptures show that the little book (of Revelation 10) would be written in the end time, as Gerald Flurry wrote in his booklet, The Little Book?

He wrote on page 4:

“John did write that the little book would be produced in the end time.”

So, what Scripture or Scriptures tell us this? None. It is just another one of the many fables of Gerald Flurry. That would be a good title for a book. Perhaps the byline could read something like, “Flurryisms, True or False???”

So, “Buy the truth and sell it not“??? PCG is doing the exact same thing that they accuse the WCG of doing. What hypocrites!!!

Gerald Flurry claims he is the Ezekiel watchman and the one who is prophesying again and is not telling you that Herbert Armstrong claimed that he, HWA, was the Ezekiel watchman and that he, HWA, prophesied again, according to Revelation 10.

He claims that the only way to find God is to find the man declaring the Micah warning. He wrote about this in the January 2001 Philadelphia Trumpet on page 6, column 1. Read 1 Timothy 2 v 5 -“For there is one God, and one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus;”

Read John 14 v 6 – “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

So, do we need to find Gerald Flurry to find God? Does Gerald Flurry, by his own words, put himself in the place of God???

Take heed brethren, that you be not deceived. For many will come in Christ’s name and deceive many.

What hypocrites that divide families, that deny the very words of Jesus Christ and who lie and deceive the brethren and steal their hard earned money and spend it on idols like pianos, and candelabras, and advertising, and other nonsense while they allow a spiritual widow, who needed financial help because her automobile was condemned to be operated on the roadways until it was repaired, to twist in the wind and not help her financially in her time of great need.

Beware of the man and men you are following, brethren. Read your PCG literature a little more closely. Do not be like I was and so many former PCG brethren were, blindly following a man.

Yes brethren, buy the truth and sell it not!!!

Let God and Christ teach you. You do not need a man, especially a false prophet, or anyone to teach you, if the Holy Spirit is abiding in you. (1 John 2:27)

May these workers of iniquity repent and be in God’s kingdom for we do love them but hate their evil deeds.

In Christian love,

James Kazimir (former member/deacon in PCG)
March 27, 2012

COMMENT BY ESN: We do not need to “buy the truth” as it is available without price. “Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.” (Isaiah 55:1)

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Footnotes by ESN:

1 Read: “PCG Did NOT Win a Victory in the WCG vs. PCG Court Case” (February 23, 2007 letter to ESN from Attorney at Law)

2 Read: Herbert W. Armstrong’s Religious Roots (especially see Note by ESN at end).

3 “It says in Habakkuk 2 and verse 3 that the Holy One is gonna come from Mount Paran. And that’s during the court case. I think we must have gotten some kind of special help from Jesus Christ in the court case–I don’t know exactly how it happened, but I believe it with all my heart, I believe it with all my mind. … So I think Michael and Gabriel and Christ were all on the scene helping us. …We won because Michael and Gabriel fought with us, and JESUS CHRIST NO DOUBT MADE A PERSONAL APPEARANCE.” (“The Mantle of Elijah,” Pt. 2, sermon by Gerald Flurry, March 2002) Also mentioned in The Lion Has Roared (Prophecy for Today From the Book of Amos) by Gerald Flurry, p. 35.

4 Read: ESN’s two critical reviews of Mystery of the Ages.

5 For quotes on HWA’s false prophecies, read chap. 2 & 3 of Armstrongism: Religion or Rip-Off? (An Exposé of the Armstrong Modus Operandi) by Marion J. McNair.


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