Best of the Letters From 2016


The Dark Spiritual Force in PCG Which Destroys Families:

January 9, 2016

It is with much interest that I noticed in the PCG Trumpet Weekly, January 1, 2016, under the heading, “Daniel 8:12 – A Dual Prophecy,” by Gerald Flurry.

This well known “prophet” states: “Nearly 30 years ago, a dark spiritual force overthrew God’s Church from within.”

I presume that Flurry is referring to the WCG in which, at that time, he states there was “A DARK SPIRITUAL FORCE.”

I agree with Flurry about this dark spiritual force in the WCG and which exists today in the PCG.

However, if “prophet Flurry” reads Matthew 16:18 he shall see that our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, clearly stated that, “I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.”

Commentators such as Clarke, JFB, and Henry state that the “Gates of Hades” in no doubt refers to the powers and policies of the Devil’s kingdom, the powers of darkness, Satan and his demons.

It should now be obvious to all members of the PCG and other offshoots that they have never been in God’s one and only true Church.

Christ’s Church will never be prevailed against. The church that Flurry says was overthrown was not the Church of God or Christ.

At this present time many of us are suffering under Flurry, or this Dark Spiritual Force  no contact-rule which destroys families, and this is the prime objective of Satan. –Ex member WCG and PCG and have family in PCG.

Prideful and Boastful Article on PCG’s Website Disgusted Me:

January 11, 2016

I recently read a January 8, 2016 news article on the PCG’s website by Philip Nice and Grant Turgeon about alumni attending the first Herbert W. Armstrong college (AC) reunion in Edmond, OK. It disgusted me so much I felt I had to write.

Grant Turgeon [Wayne Turgeon‘s son; local elder in Edmond since October 11, 2022] (since he is of the “royal blood line of Gerald Flurry”) is increasingly being groomed for higher and higher positions of the most inner elite of the PCG. These people must think they are of some sort of Royal nobility as they seem to think only the ones related by blood or marriage to King Flurry are worthy of the most top positions.

The whole article is written as nothing but a self-serving, prideful, vain, “look at who we are and you are not” tone. “If you aren’t an Edmondite, you ain’t nothin.” Grant writes how “apostle Flurry” [see: Gerald Flurry Now Claims to Be an Apostle] gives “grandfatherly advice” to the assembled devotees before him. Flurry stands behind the pulpit and takes the high moral ground and preaches of the great things that have been accomplished in the 14 years since AC’s founding.

First: Flurry has already disqualified himself from the ministry because of his drunkenness, fraud, greed for money, and unchristian and merciless treatment of his followers. [See: Articles on Gerald Flurry] So he has no right nor real authority to preach or give and “grandfatherly advice” to anyone.

Second: I ask what things have been accomplished? Flurry boasted several years back of AC students finding David’s throne buried deep in Jerusalem, of finding and excavating Jeremiah’s tomb in Ireland, and of possibly having contacts with the British nobility and obtaining the Stone of Scone as a possession. None of this has come to pass.

AC in all truth is nothing but an elite young people’s club that accomplishes nothing at all except to provide the top members of Flurry’s family and reigning ministers with free babysitters, house cleaners, ground maintenance, and other general labor. But the young AC students are told they are “God’s Elite.”

The self-satisfied Edmondites–as a new year dawns–are still riding the same old lucrative gravy train of HWA by living off of the hard work, blood, sweat, sacrifice, and donations extorted from the rank and file members of the PCG. –Former PCG member

Article by Greg Nice (“Must We Avoid Them?”) Quickly Removed From PCG’s Website:

January 11, 2016

I am sending you an attached article that appeared on the PCG website August 20, 2015 but which was very quickly removed after only two days. We managed to download it prior to its removal. [The title is, “Must We Avoid Them? What the Bible teaches about cutting off contact with those who depart from the faith” by Greg Nice, July 10, 2010.]

This article is so full of error and total ignorance of what the Word of God actually says that it was removed in haste. I intend to point out just a few of the more important errors and opinions of Greg Nice.

For a start, the words “The Philadelphia Church of God” and “The Worldwide Church of God” do not appear in my Bible. Only the Church of God. (Acts 20:28; I Corinthians 10:32; Galatians 1:13, etc.)

Greg Nice uses phrases such as, “members who leave the faith’; “not having fellowship with Laodiceans”; “choose to walk contrary to their covenant with God’; and “who turn away from God.” But he does not quote any chapter or verse in the Bible for these assumptions he makes about members who have left the PCG.

He refers to policy and doctrine “established by God” but he conveniently fails to quote from the Gospel of grace preached by Paul, Peter and John. A Gospel that came directly from God and that was so important that Paul warned that anyone preaching another gospel would be cursed. [Galatians 1:6-9] Preaching a doctrine, or policy, that destroys the family is just such a gospel. This no-contact “gospel” is from the mouth of Satan and the powers of darkness.

It is interesting to note that in the paragraph headed LUCIFER Greg states, “He [God] created one archangel named Lucifer.” In my Bible and concordances Lucifer is never mentioned as an archangel. Please also refer to the original [1985] Mystery of the Ages, page 61 where HWA also refers to Lucifer as a super archangel, a cherub. [Note: Satan as an archangel is also mentioned on pp. 73 and 79.] In Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance the only archangel mentioned is Michael. [Note: Mystery of the Ages critical reviews by ESN are available as PDF download)

On page 4 of his article Greg quotes I Corinthians 5:9-11 concerning sexually immoral people and drunkards. Members of the PCG and ex-members of the WCG should take note of other letters and information posted on this site in regard to this Scripture. [Note by ESN: Two are: Herbert W. Armstrong and the Incest and Does Gerald Flurry Have a Police Record?]

Greg and the ministers of the PCG must realise that you do not have to be a member of the PCG to be a Christian. They must read and take note of Romans chapter 8:14 & 16, and also John 3:16. –Anonymous

Comment: Here is the original 2010 article sent to us: Must We Avoid Them? by Greg Nice (PDF)

Update: In October 2020, Greg Nice, Preaching Elder was moved from New Jersey to the Phoenix, Arizona.

What Incredible Injection of Fear:

February 26, 2016

I’ve been reading up a lot about PCG as I have [relatives] in that group that have totally drank their Kool-Aid and are living 100% committed to them. … I mean, it’s unreal, as you know. Most of the PCG members are good people, but are so blind to reason. Anyhow, I’m researching a lot since a small window opened. I carefully read Malachi’s Message (what’s new there, right?), plus The Little Book and That Prophet. The more I read, the more disillusioned and appalled I became. I mean, what incredible injection of fear–that is, lose your salvation because you are not in PCG? Absolute Great Tribulation guarantee if you’re not with them? Whatever. You know all that rap. At any rate, in my research I’ve read tons about Jules Dervaes, etc., etc. You mentioned his works on Malachi’s Message: How True is it?

I understand that Jules Dervaes and his philosophy can be characterized as a cult in itself but it offers great evidence against Flurry and his “revelation” given to him by a mighty angel in 1989 (Malachi’s Message). This is so messed up in many ways.

I’m fully bilingual English-Spanish. Would it be OK for me to use your site for reference and translate some content as I do my research? It’s tough for me since my [relative] doesn’t speak English and obviously everything is in English since all this craziness originated here in the U.S.

Again, thanks for the site! –[name withheld]

PCG Uses Phone Technology to Screen All Calls:

March 6, 2016

I called PCG at [….] and asked a very basic question: “Who is the head of the church?” She answered “Gerald Flurry.” I then told her that I just read in the Bible that Jesus was head of the church and she responded, “Well, of course, but on earth it is Gerald Flurry.” I was calm, kind and respectful and started to ask another innocent question. She interrupted me and went into a spiel about me “wasting her time” and then said something like, “We are fully aware of ….” ?????? Then she hung up on me. I called back and asked what she said before she hung up on me. She went into a tizzy and said I was rude and wasting her time, or something like that, and hung up again. I called back and it rang and rang and rang and rang. Simultaneously, I called back from another phone and she answered immediately. To me that is proof that they know who I am and can decipher my number even though I blocked my info before my call. Seems to me they are in full protection mode and use phone technology to screen all calls and find out who is calling.

As we all know, it is truly sad that so many well meaning people have been caught in the PCG machine. What a travesty of lies and hypocrisy and fear. Remember over the years we would hear from the pulpit that Satan mixes truth with lies. Surprise, surprise, PCG does the same thing. Is Satan the ruler of that corporation??? –Ex PCG member, booted out for ?????? Never told me why.

Did David Fraser Rob Us of Our Money?

March 11, 2016

When I was in the Milton, Canada PCG Spokesman Club a few years ago, the club members were asked to partake in some fund raisers to raise money for club expenses. Finding good fund raisers was not easy. After expenses (e.g., fuel and travelling time) we were often earning a pittance that barely made it worthwhile. One year however, we took in a decent amount of money. The club was told that the proceeds would go to the club (not the PCG). However, at the end of the year our president, Adrian Davis, stood up and proudly announced that the club had donated our “surplus” to headquarters. Done deal. As I recall, the amount was about $500 or $600, which was quite a bit for our usually cash-strapped club. The announcement came as a complete surprise. The donation had never been discussed in club, so the members had no say. I was a club officer and I can affirm that the issue was never discussed at any officer’s meeting.

In other words, none of the members were given the option to decide or even to discuss what to do with their money. The club director (minister David Fraser) must have made the decision alone, perhaps with the support of the president who seemed quite proud about that “accomplishment.” To me it was a case of robbery. The money was supposed to belong to the dues-paying members, not the director or the president. Therefore, they had no right to give our money away to whomever they pleased.

In my view it was also fraud, because when we were pressed into a fund raiser, we were never told any of the money might go to headquarters.

The club manual says that the club should donate to headquarters only the money needed to offset any supplies received from headquarters. We had received no supplies from headquarters.

As a club member, I did not feel that I had donated anything because the club had never been consulted. Instead, I felt we had been robbed. The club officers and director were supposed to be stewards of the club’s money. The stewards do not own the money; their job is to administer it on behalf of the club, not on behalf of themselves or headquarters. Being in control of the money does not make it their money. They abused their control.

There was no concept of saving for the next year. Each year we started with no money and had to scrounge to get enough for basic expenses. Then the one time we had extra money, they just blew it away and we had to start all over again.

Headquarters is also to blame; they should have refused to accept stolen money.

But when you are in a highly controlling group, you know it is futile to question their decisions so I never did. –M. S., Formerly of the Milton PCG

I Love Your Site:

March 21, 2016

Do you have any idea of the size of the membership in PCG now? I know they preached that they’ll need 10,000 members to go to the place of safety, but I doubt they’re anywhere near that much.

I love your site–so informative. Thanks for providing much needed information. Not just for those with loved ones in the PCG but for people who have left. –Impacted by loved one in PCG

Comment: We’ve heard that PCG membership has been declining. For info regarding the “place of safety,” read: Philadelphia Church of God and the Place of Safety.

Some Type of Blocking Mechanism on PCG’s Websites:

March 23, 2016

The March 6 letter regarding the PCG’s use of phone technology to screen all calls is most interesting. They also appear to have some type of “blocking mechanism” on all their websites.

An ex member from South Africa who exposed their fraud and theft is totally unable to access any of their websites from his home computer, but is able to gain access by using another computer that is unknown to the PCG. [Note from ESN: Go to Articles on Gerald Flurry and search for Alex Foster]

Do they have any other secret systems that members and ex members do not know about? Are they able to access your bank account from tithing details? –Ex member of PCG

Reply: Yes, it is possible to block someone from your website. We don’t know what other secret systems PCG has, but I’m sure they have the latest technology. They would not be able to access someone’s bank account unless the person revealed their bank account password.

Horrified at How the PCG Operates:

April 7, 2016

I read the March 11 letter which M.S. from Milton wrote you and I am horrified at how the PCG operates–stealing money from the deceived and probably making it sound so righteous. The March 6 letter hits the nail on the head: “Satan is the ruler of that corporation.” Similar to the March 6 ex-member, I was also booted out and never told why. What a blessing that was. They find it impossible to validate why they disfellowship some members because those are the members who uncover their evil and voice their concern. They hate the members who uncover their camouflaged filth.

I am truly thankful that I have been delivered from the chains which held me captive for many years.

Thanks for your hard work. Evil will not prevail but will in time be totally destroyed. –[name withheld]

PCG Member Thrown Out:

April 25, 2016

I know of someone who got thrown of PCG for a “bad attitude” because he couldn’t get his daughter to go to Flurry’s college in OK. She is not interested in PCG and wants no part of Flurry’s college.

Members have listened to HWA and Flurry for so long that the beliefs are planted deep within them. This has been possible by putting their trust in a man whom they think is god. –[name withheld]

Offerings Were by Fire, Not Money:

April 25, 2016

I picked up a track one time that was talking about the Feast Days. I’ll never forget one point it brought out. It was that the offering was by fire, not money. –Anonymous

Mark Nash Suspended:

May 19, 2016

I wanted to let you know that I heard about a month ago that Mark Nash, a minister at HQ, has been suspended. It was announced at services by Wayne Turgeon. It did not say his wife, just him. Wondered if you knew this or had heard anything? –Anonymous

Comment: In 2012 Mark Nash was a PCG HQs Preaching Elder and Festival Dept. Manager. Nash went to prison for defrauding the IRS (Read 2005 letter to ESN: Dennis Leap, Malachi’s Message and Mark Nash)

PCG Ministry Has Their Spies:

May 23, 2016

In my years with the PCG it is a fact that the ministry does have their spies. These are the weaklings who want to score brownie points with the boss. The whisperers spreading half truths and always fearing exposure. They always portray themselves as squeaky clean and fail to see the pig mire they wallow in, and are.

Have a great week and keep up with the exposure of that devilish cult called the Philadelphia Church of God. Satan is called the god of this world, and is their god. –Former PCG member

Devastated by PCG:

May 23, 2016

I have been noticing your site for a few weeks now and today I am taking the first step to hopefully receive some help. When I began studying with the PCG, I was immediately swept away, knowing that I was one of a “select few” who knew the truth. I completely devoted my life to what I believed was the truth. I also add that I am still extremely confused as to what exactly is true. I distanced myself from all other people who claimed Christianity so I was extremely lonely and isolated but I hung onto the hope that someday I would be able to fellowship with “true” believers.

I had a few letters exchanged with PCG ministers but they were few and far between. When I called the minister at PCG and he came to visit me, he proceeded to tell me that baptism isn’t something to be rushed into and that I should call him back when I make progress on getting a job and a car so I can “contribute to the work.” I emailed him the next day because I had forgotten to ask him if I could perhaps fellowship with fellow Philadelphians before baptism but he never wrote me back.

There are not enough words to describe how devastated I am. I honestly feel as if God has rejected me and I can barely even study my Bible anymore because I feel like “what’s the point?” I don’t know what to do and I believe you may be able to lead me in the right direction because it seems as if you folks have gone through what I’m going through right now. Please help if you can. –[name withheld]

Comment: This person has received a personal reply.

PCG Responsible For Many More Deaths:

May 26, 2016

In reading An Open Letter to Gerald Flurry and the PCG Ministers, I feel that the PCG is responsible for many more deaths than just the Janet De Gennaro death. A disfellowshipped member really goes through tremendous turmoil and this mental poisoning of your body (anguish, fear, loss, guilt, feeling of worthlessness, fear that you’ve committed the unpardonable sin, etc.) has an extremely deleterious effect on one’s immune system. This state of turmoil poisons one’s body so that they become very susceptible to disease such as cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc.

One of our members was laid off from his job and for years could not get employment. He was tremendously pressurized by the ministry and was eventually disfellowshipped. Not long after his disfellowshipment he died. A long time member of over 40 years was disfellowshipped on trumped up accusations because he communicated with me. He passed not long after his disfellowshipment. Neither of the two were sickly persons.

The PCG ministry uses the passing away of disfellowshipped members to their advantage. They whisper and spread the rumor to their weakling brownie hunters that the member passed on because the member failed to be obedient to the “voice of god.” Very soon the congregation is gripped with the “fear of god” and the whispering continues amongst members.

Sick, hey? –Former PCG member [name withheld]

Gerald Flurry Says He Would Like to Buy a Plane:

May 26, 2016

I heard from someone that Gerald Flurry put it out there in his last sermon, “Abraham’s Vision,” that he would like to buy a plane (jet). It seems after last year’s travels he lacked energy due to long lines at airports and also that times are getting more dangerous to travel in public airports. –Anonymous

Update: Read February 24, 2017 to ESN: Gerald Flurry Has Plans to Buy a Private Plane.

Gerald Flurry’s Grand Ideas Reaping Only Struggle and Hardship:

June 12, 2016

G. Flurry, a few years, back got the members all excited about the dig in Jerusalem. He sent his son, Stephen, students, paid for housing, and an office, and said it was going to be a big thing. They would find the bones of the kings [i. e., King David] and it would shock the world. Then they left because Jerusalem had became too dangerous. Now they apparently only have one person there.

After that, Flurry got the people all excited about Jeremiah and the ark in Ireland. They made a feast site there and hinted that the purpose of Edstone  would perhaps be a part of a great dig and revealing of the ark that would shock the royal family and Laodiceans. Ryan Malone made a musical about it.

Last year, Flurry hinted about perhaps finding Noah’s ark in Mt. Ararat. He even sent Shane Granger to Turkey to set up contacts.

Then they built the arts building (presumably for Wayne Turgeon‘s daughter’s dance class, and for Stephen Flurry’s son, who has done quite well in the competitions).

It seems money keeps flowing even though many people are struggling in these hard economic times. They ask the people to do yard sales, fruit sales, bake sales, and whatever else they can, to help the Work and Headquarters. Meanwhile, the ones at Headquarters get all the benefits and the struggling members get nothing except that they will go to a place of safety during the Great Tribulation and have the promise of future kingship in the millennium.

It kind of reminds you of a snow globe, how you are on the outside looking in at this beautiful, happy scenery on the inside, never getting the chance to enjoy the benefits yourself, but you have to pay for the snow globe. All these people–members, co-workers–are paying, but unless they live in the privileged areas like Edmond or Edstone they just pay out and do not reap anything except struggle and hardship. Outrageous really. –[name withheld]

Comment: In 2018 GF’s got members all excited about “The New Throne of David” which he now claims to possess.

In a State of Shock at the Truth About HWA, PCG and Gerald Flurry:

June 20, 2016

I just want to say a big Thank You for the articles on Herbert W Armstrong, the PCG and Gerald Flurry. I grew up in a Baptist church but left in my mid-teens. In my early 20s I discovered the Trumpet magazine and for the last 14 years I have followed the PCG, their website and their YouTube videos.

For the last 3 days I have been reading and in a state of shock at the truth you show about them. I had no idea! It is starting to sink in and I am somewhat disappointed in myself for believing all that junk they spew. I now know they are not God’s “true church.”

Thank you again. –S.

PCG Feast Sites for 2016:

June 21, 2016

I found a Feast planner for 2016. Here are the sites with expected attendance:

Edmond, OK 700
Lexington KY 650
Palm Harbor, FL 600
Ogden, UT 300+
Bellingham, WA 225
Huntsville, Ontario, Canada 200
Invermere, BC, Canada 200
St. Lucia, Caribbean 150
Enfield, Ireland 275
Tweed Heads, Australia 350
Clark, Philippines 350
Limpopo, South Africa 125
Medellin-Guatape, Colombia 60
Huanchaco, Peru 25

–[name withheld]

Comment: This list shows some changes from what was anticipated last year, plus fewer sites.

Was Herbert Armstrong Right?

June 24, 2016

The June 23 Trumpet has an article (with the author’s name omitted): “Today’s Headline out of Britain Was Written Over 40 Years Ago!”

I want to give a couple of excerpts from this Trumpet article (which is under “How Did Herbert W. Armstrong Know?”):

In numerous articles, Mr. Armstrong made clear that Britain’s alliance with Europe would end. “The stage is all set!” he wrote in 1956. “All that’s lacking now is the strong leader—the coming führer! The Germans are coming back from the destruction of World War II in breathtaking manner. Germany is the economic and military heart of Europe. Probably Germany will lead and dominate the coming United States of Europe.”

“But Britain,” he wrote, “will be no part of it!”

It’s interesting that the article references something that HWA wrote back in 1956, but doesn’t give the name of the source. The source is page 4 and 5 of HWA’s booklet, 1975 in Prophecy and is talking about a United States of Europe that Britain wouldn’t be a part of, not the European Union. The booklet is predicting events for 1975. No wonder the Trumpet article doesn’t list the source.

While the push is going on about HWA “being right,” his over 200 failed prophecies is conveniently dismissed. (The Bible says it only takes one failed prophecy to expose a false prophet, and that no one should believe anything else they say. Deuteronomy 18:22) Of course, inflate it when something appears to happen as “predicted” and downplay the failures. That’s how you create a false prophet.

This Brexit (British exit from the EU) couldn’t have happened at a better time for GF. He will use it as a money generator, I’m sure. –M. A.

Comment: Read articles: Was Herbert Armstrong Right About Britain Exiting the European Union? and The United States and Britain in Prophecy (What Did Herbert Armstrong Teach About it?).

The Philadelphia Trumpet Is Boasting He Was Right:

June 27, 2016

I thought you might find it of interest that the Philadelphia Trumpet is boasting that Herbert W. Armstrong was right regarding his prediction that Britain would leave the European Union. I actually posted a comment, but so far it hasn’t been published. It wouldn’t surprise me if they censor comments that reveal the errors of Armstrongism, including his numerous failed prophecies, which they perpetuate. I recall only two predictions that supposedly have come “true” i.e. the reunion of East and West Germany and now the leaving of the UK from the EU. However, the hundreds of predictions HWA made that have failed to come to pass as you note on your website prove to me that getting two predictions out of over 200 correct doth not a prophet make!

Further, HWA might have predicted the UK would leave the EU, but perhaps he meant the UK would not form a part of the end-time Beast (governed by 10 leaders under the Beast and False Prophet as John the apostle reveals in Revelation 17), but the fallout from Brexit might see the total fracturing of the UK as we know it with Northern Ireland reuniting with the rest of Ireland and joining the EU; Scotland reclaiming its independence and joining the EU; and England becoming a weak and isolated country as it was back in the Middle Ages. I don’t recall HWA ever predicting such a scenario. Then again he always was void of specifics in spite of what his ardent devotees might say. And his other prediction of a “United States of Europe,” which PCG and other Armstrongist groups like to trumpet as though it was original to HWA alone I’ve learned was an idea that’s been in existence for over 200 years at least so it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of his prediction were simply plagiarized or stolen from others like the British-Israelites for instance. –D.

Reply: HWA never actually predicted Britain would leave the EU. He said they would not be a part of what he called the United States of Europe. (Read: Was Herbert Armstrong Right About Britain Exiting the European Union?)

As far as HWA predicting that East and West Germany would reunite, we found no record of it in any of his Co-Worker letters, booklets, or magazines. And when Germany did reunite in 1990 there was no big story in the Plain Truth saying he had foretold it.

From HWA’s April 22, 1976 Co-Worker letter:

The cover story of this week’s Time shows many Eastern European nations within the “Iron Curtain” of Communism, looking at Western prosperity, becoming more and more dissatisfied with Russian domination. This sets the stage for some of these Communist nations–possibly East Germany, Poland, Romania, etc.–breaking with Moscow in the event of the resurrection of the “Holy Roman Empire” and coming into the new United Europe.

Nothing about East and West reuniting.

In the Sept 1964 PT, “The March for an Undivided Germany,” there’s a lot of insinuation about a reunited Germany, but it’s not said point blank that it will happen. The closest thing in that article is this quote:

“The Bible also reveals Germany is going to be the leading nation in that 10-nation combine of a united Europe. But the Bible has not specifically revealed whether all Germany will reunite. However, events are moving so that it looks strongly they will!” p. 22.

You’re right that others besides Armstrong discussed a United States of Europe. Winston Churchill was one. Even HWA talked about a few of these world leaders in some of his Co-Worker letters.

There’s no factual record of any prophecies of HWA that truly came to pass (only a record in his own words of over 200 failed ones; available on the Interest), as a result of “God revealed it to him” and, therefore, “he was right.” It’s only manipulation, twisting, and taking things out of context in order to make people think that he did. HWA himself was the master of confusion, backtracking and revision. It was all about money.

Nothing in The United States and Britain in Prophecy About Britain Entering or Leaving EU:

June 27, 2016

I downloaded the old booklet, and used the search feature to scan through it. No mention by fat man about Britain entering or leaving the EEC or EU in that one, dated 1980. –[name withheld]

Never Heard HWA Ever Say Anything About Germany Reuniting:

June 27, 2016

Thanks for your comment saying that there is no proof that HWA ever claimed Germany would unite. I lived in Berlin from 1980-1982 while the wall was up. Then we came in the WCG in 1984. I don’t recall him saying anything about any future reunification. He was old and frail by the time we came in. He died in 1986 and the Wall fell in 1989. I would have noticed if he said anything about this. –[name withheld]

PCG’s Claim That the United States and Britain Are Modern-Day Israel:

June 27, 2016

The belief that the United States and Britain are modern-day Israel (which PCG has been claiming) has been going around since the 1870’s and took off in the 1880’s. All of the proponents of this ideology had no idea that genetic testing would prove this theory entirely wrong in the future. But HWA pretended that God revealed this to him. None of us knew that this rubbish had been floating around for decades before he stole it and repackaged it as divine revelation from God and “the key” that would unlock biblical mysteries. –R. R.

So-Called Prophecies:

July 3, 2016

It is very pleasing to see so many ex members of the WCG and PCG speaking out about the so-called “prophecies” of both Herbert Armstrong and Gerald Flurry.

I am reminded of Flurry’s statements in Malachi’s Message (2008 Edition, p. 42 and 43) that the 144,000, in Revelation 7 and 14 are Laodiceans, when it clearly states in Chapter 14:4-5 that the 144,000 are virgins, they follow the Lamb wherever He goes, and they are firstfruits. See Romans 8:23 and 11:16. In Revelation 14:3, we read the true Revelation of Jesus Christ, that the 144,000 sang as it were a new song, before the throne, before the four living creatures, and the (24) elders. Compare this to Revelation 5:9-10.

Flurry also states that the PCG will be in the Place of Safety while the 144,000 are in the Tribulation, but as yet his “new revelation” has failed to name or pinpoint where this “Place of Safety” is.

Exit Support Network™ is to be congratulated on the excellent work you continue to do in exposing this self-styled one and only “True Church of God” which continues to preach a different gospel to that preached by the Apostle Paul. –Kind Regards, [name withheld]

George Witt, Minister in PCG, Dies:

July 5, 2016

I just heard that George Witt died on May 29. He was one of the big shots in the Columbus, Ohio congregation. The person who furnished the information revealed to me that Witt was the minister who told them they should “get rid of” their child so they wouldn’t have to bother with him anymore.  –[name withheld]

PCG Has King of the South Video on Facebook:

July 18, 2016

The PCG (posting as the Trumpet) has a new paid video on Facebook with scenes of violence and flashy action to get readers’ attention. The script is about “The King of the South” and is aimed, no doubt, at trying to get the attention of prospective members. Other than anyone with a “church of God” history knowing that GF has changed who HWA said “the king of the south” is, I wonder how many people would be interested in knowing that the PCG will require that they deactivate their Facebook account as a condition of being a member of this “God’s true church”? –L. S.

Comment: Read: HWA Said There Was No Longer a King of the South (November 3, 2004 letter)

New No-Contact Ruling From Gerald Flurry:

July 22, 2016

My wife has former friends from PCG who have told of a brand new ruling sent down from King Flurry that was announced last Sabbath. Jerry Flurry, in his “omnipotent wisdom,” has ruled that now all contact with unbaptized children who have left the PCG is to be terminated immediately. … Brett Streutker, former PCG member

NOTE: More info has been received; therefore, this is now posted as a testimony. Read: New No-Contact Ruling From Gerald Flurry.

A Serious Warning to Those Interested In PCG or Other WCG Offshoots:

July 28, 2016

The recent letters concerning Gerald Flurry’s new ruling about the no-contact with unbaptized children [see previous letter] should be a serious warning to all families that have any idea of joining the PCG or any other offshoot of the WCG. During the many years my family and I were in the PCG, we were invited on numerous occasions to dine with ministers at their homes. It was horrifying to note that most of these ministers had a copy of Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf in plain view on their desks or in their bookcase.

Flurry claims to be preaching the gospel to the world which is full of unbaptized people. What gospel is he preaching? Has anyone ever heard Flurry, or any minister in the PCG, preach a sermon on the Gospel of Grace?

Flurry, to the best of my knowledge, has never referred to Deuteronomy 4:13 & 44-45; 5:22 & 31. The old covenant is completed, and Christ Himself introduced the New Covenant and the New Commandments. John 13:34; 14:15; 14:21 & 23; 15:12.& 17.

It is amazing how so many people who have left the PCG and other offshoots continue to keep Saturday as the Sabbath and all the holy days throughout the year.

Be warned, stay away from the PCG and all other offshoots preaching the gospel of Herbert Armstrong, and which continue to demand tithe after tithe, and all the holy day offerings. –Former PCG member

Another Way to Divide and Destroy Families:

July 29, 2010

I just read the entry about Flurry dictating no-contact with unbaptized children. How horrible! Yet another way to divide and destroy families. I hope people will wake up and get out!

Thanks for all the work you tirelessly do. It has been a tremendous help to me as I walked through those years of no contact with [family member]… Those were difficult times. I appreciate so much all you do for us and how you have personally encouraged me over the years. –Impacted by PCG

Ron Hanson No Longer a Minister:

July 31, 2016

It was announced that Ron Hanson a long-time minister in Canada is no longer a minister per a mutual decision between Hanson, Fred Dattolo and Gerald Flurry. It was also announced that Kirk Macdonald, a minister from the Philippines, will be moving to Canada to take over the position as he is married to a Canadian. –Anonymous

Update: Kirk Macdonald died in July 2021. Read: Kirk Macdonald Dies Without Medical Care.

Does GF and PCG Really Think They Can Stop the Flow of Information?

August 1, 2016

The cut-off policy regarding non-baptized children is just another way for Gerald Flurry and company to believe they are in control.

This is directed primarily at the non-baptized, underage children who have been able to maintain a relationship with those who have left PCG.

Does Gerald Flurry and PCG really think that they can stop the flow of information? What are they really trying to hide? I thought that PCG was to have a message that would reach the “Laodiceans,” and preach the gospel to the whole world.

Instead, they have been in existence for nearly 27 years (and still remain paranoid that people are out to get them).

The facts are that the PCG is hemorrhaging, and they are blaming others for their failures.

Here is a small list of what is going on there:

1) By their own admission, PCG is currently experiencing a 25% drop in income. How long till the cut backs, and layoffs come?

2) They “reach out” on their college radio station (that about 300 people, mostly PCG members and co-workers) listen to.

3) They are seriously considering buying and operating a private jet.

4) When you consider that, despite their critical financial position, a multi-million dollar dancing facility is being built. [Read: Edmond Elite Youth Being Taught How to Riverdance (Irish Dancing]

5) The PCG taught that the WCG (under Joe Tkach, Sr.) made Ambassador College the focus, and not the message, and now PCG, especially Stephen Flurry, is doing just that.

The majority of the information that I (and several others have found out about PCG) comes from their own websites, members writing to ESN (and other related sites), and PCG members social media accounts. I remember when Gerald Flurry didn’t want to go on the Internet; now he can run and hide, but he can’t avoid it. –Former member of PCG [name withheld]

More Info on New Non-Contact Ruling:

August 4, 2016

It has just come to my attention that Gerald Flurry, in addition to the recent no-contact ruling against non-baptized children who refused to attend the PCG, has now also included non-baptized spouses of PCG members in this new PCG policy. … –Brett Streutker (NOTE: This info has been turned into a testimony because of its length. Read: New No-Contact Ruling From Gerald Flurry.)

Evil Likes to Grow in Darkness:

August 4, 2016

Wow! Brett’s testimony [New No-Contact Ruling From Gerald Flurry] is powerful. He sure spills the beans on that loony tunes Gerald Flurry. Evil likes to grow in darkness but quivers when it’s brought to the light. That’s why GF fears the Internet and the information that’s becoming available on him, his family, and the PCG religious organization (I hesitate to call it a church). –L. A.

New No-Contact Ruling a Way to Increase Money Left to Them:

August 5, 2016

After hearing that the no-contact ruling now extends to non-baptised spouses, I wonder how long it will be before PCG demands that members cut off contact with all family members, even those that never attended PCG.

I think this is a way for them to increase the money left to them if members die. If there is no family, PCG will be the next obvious choice.

I wonder how many members will wake up now? –[name withheld]

Latest PCG Antics Point to PCG Unraveling:

August 5, 2016

Hopefully the latest PCG antics [new no-contact ruling] will encourage those ready to leave to take the final steps. I agree with an earlier letter–indicators point to PCG unraveling:

Overall membership attrition
Congregation merges 15+ years of no growth
Decreased income
An aging and dying core membership
“Reach out” radio broadcasts consumed mostly by existing members
Increased social media folly
Ministerial firings and shuffling
Unaccountable leader growing less stable
Large financial investments in nonsensical HQ amenities
Recent push to convince the dwindling handful of PCG youth that their marital futures are secure with the group

I think the FOT site list [see June 21 email above] is telling, too. Sites decreased with only 3860 estimated attendees worldwide. Less than 2500 attendees are in the U.S. It appears that overseas membership accounts for 36% of their total headcount. It makes sense they would be hunting members overseas. Perhaps access to information is more difficult. This would make PCG’s dangerous religious brew easier to sell.

A terrible but most telling development is this recent no-contact ruling. The “defiling” of PCG members by “unbelieving” family is really: Our membership is being influenced by non-member family to question their involvement with the PCG. For some members, family ties are still stronger than PCG ties. Their family’s love is truer and more influential than PCG “love.” I’m sure membership attrition is correlated to family influence. So how do they stem the tide? Scare members into cutting off all contact with the influencers. A strategic but desperate move.

A business in this state of affairs is gasping for air and clawing for life. PCG is no different. The fact they claim sole receipt of God’s approval and provision is the epitome of blind ignorance.

2016 has been a wonderfully active year for information flow and insights from former members. I think that’s another positive indicator. I’m so very thankful to them for their courage to speak out. We’re on the outside with family inside, working diligently to help them see what’s really happening. I’m so thankful that some our family, who are still teetering with the PCG, are starting to see the truth! We continue to pray for them and love them and hope that their day of freedom arrives soon! We’ve taken much encouragement from ESN and these great contributors. Please keep up this work!

–Impacted by loved ones in PCG

The New Ruling Could Be a Big Tipping Point:

August 6, 2016

Regarding the previous August 5 post, you are correct. This could be a big tipping point. The congregation that I attended has 12 people with non-member spouses. That’s 10% of the people on the horns of a dilemma. They need our prayers. –C.

New No-Contact Ruling Being Implemented by Culpepper and Dattolo:

August 9, 2016

The ruling on non-baptized members did not come from an official announcement on tape to all members. This policy is being implemented under the radar by regional directors Cal Culpepper and Fred Dattolo. … –Brett Streutker (NOTE: The rest of this letter was inserted on 8-9-16 into the testimony: New No-Contact Ruling From Gerald Flurry)

Cut Off Policy is Contradictions and Confusion:

August 9, 2016

This cut-off ruling from PCG is nothing but contradictions and confusion. What about those primarily of the “Edmond Hierarchy” that want to reach out to the world with plays, concerts, and Irish dancing? Now they expect the general membership to cut themselves off from non baptized children, and possibly unconverted mates. This just shows the total lack of Christianity and conversion within this organization. These are the modern day Scribes and Pharisees. Following them will lead to a bad end! –Former PCG member

Flurry Has Local Ministers and Regional Directors Do His Dirty Work:

August 10, 2016

I heard about this policy back in April. It sounds like Flurry is having his local “ministers,” and regional directors do his dirty work. These men don’t act alone! They do nothing without the approval of Flurry.

He is just trying again to make it appear that he is this nice, humble, Okie. He has claimed for years that he will deal with any renegade ministers who abuse members. He is the biggest abuser of them all! –Former member of WCG, RCG & PCG

Outrageous and Hypocritical Article by Joel Hilliker:

August 22, 2016

In light of the recent cut-off and no-contact policies implemented by PCG I found the August 10, 2016 article by Joel Hilliker morally outrageous and utterly hypocritical. It seems the PCG hierarchy wants to appear as something good, wholesome, and godly to the “world.” But what the Philadelphia Church of God prints for public consumption and what they diabolically practice in reality against their own tithe paying members is absolutely damning.

The article on the PCG site was entitled, “The Protector of Women and Children” by Joel Hilliker, dated August 10, 2016.

Joel Hilliker writes that:

“Have you ever thought about that beautiful truth, plainly evident within nature itself as God designed it? God wants men to use that strength to benefit others. He gave it to us to build a godly mindset: Care for those who are weaker; protect women, the weaker vessel.”

What about Cal Culpepper‘s diabolical policy of forcing many PCG husbands to cast off their wives who have run afoul of the PCG Ministry? How is this inhumane and ungodly break up of legal marriages an example of that “beautiful truth, plainly evident within nature”? Ask Cassie Flory if it is a “godly mindset” to force a husband to abandon his wife at the request of a Regional Director with backing by a false apostle all the way out in Oklahoma? How can you define that as “protecting women, the weaker vessel”? How is that love?

I think it would not be outrageous to say that in all honesty a right minded and spirit filled believer in Christ will truly see where the real “satanic message” is coming from. There is no “dignity and honor” for a wife in being told to pack your bags and get out, just because a PCG minister said so.

How many young children will be affected by these forced dissolution of marriages in the PCG? What will be the long term physical and psychological effects on these kids who now have to not only face a divorce (which is traumatic enough), but also have to deal with having absolutely no contact with a suspended/disfellowshipped parent according to Gerald Flurry’s standing policy.

I am sure we all feel a righteous indignation at what is going on in the Philadelphia Church of God. We mourn and pray for the families of PCG victims. Our hearts are broken when we hear of the deaths of young children who are denied medical care and suffer horribly for it. [Read: “Little Girl Died from Lack of Medical Attention“]

We know that God is on His throne and nothing escapes His notice and attention. Gerald Flurry and those Edmond HQ man-boys who support him will have to answer to God for their actions:

One day the nightmare that is called Philadelphia Church of God will end. Christ will return and put down all false prophets and false religion. Our duty until then is to pray and support those who are being affected by the policies and outrages perpetrated by Gerald Flurry’s PCG. –Brett Streutker, Former PCG member

Update: As of 2017 Joel Hilliker was a PCG HQs pastor and Department manager of Editorial.

Updates: As of January 2021 Hilliker became the new principal of Imperial Academy. In September 2023 Joel Hilliker was raised in rank to evangelist. Read 9-12-23 letter.

False Prophecies Totally Dishonest:

October 30, 2016

I find it fascinating how out of all the dogmatic predictions HWA made the various splinter groups that hold to the idea that he was an apostle, prophet or “the Elijah to come” point to one or two predictions of this as proof and yet they remain blind to the over 200 and counting predictions of his that are demonstrably false and have never come true.

It’s just totally dishonest in my opinion and surely a violation of the ninth commandment to make such claims not unlike the Seventh-day Adventists who have claimed Ellen G. White was a “prophetess.” So much lies and deception abound in the Christian religion today sadly. –D.

Expensive Feast:

November 5, 2016

A friend whose spouse is in PCG said that the new feast site up in the Muskoka, Ontario region [Huntsville, Ontario Feast site] was very expensive. The meals at the resort were costly. A lot of people who are mostly seniors on fixed incomes went off the resort to eat. Also, when people got there. the resort was trying to charge them more than what the PCG had agreed upon in the contract and the minister had to step in and fix things. The spouse said the area was beautiful but very expensive for those with very little money. –Anonymous

PCG Slowing Down:

November 7, 2016

PCG is slowing down because their money is drying up between members leaving, aging, and few young members coming in. GF is beginning to look really old and worn out. –B. R.

ESN Has Been a Formidable Foe to the Devil:

December 27, 2016

I know ESN has helped many that have left the “churches of God” and helped those that were considering going into them. ESN has been a formidable foe to the devil and his agents, and I believe the information on your site will continue to testify of what has happened through the years and inform people of what the splinter groups and their leaders are. You’ve “fought the good fight” (2 Timothy 4:7). –[name withheld]


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