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Extra Interest: What Do You Do if You’re Injured by the Covid Shot? (Reports of serious injuries from Covid19 / Immune Dysfunction Expert, Dr. James Neuenschwander, describes what might be happening with reactions from this experimental vaccine.) [offsite link to video]

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Focus on the Love of God Instead of Our Weaknesses:

January 2, 2021

This is the second time I write to you. The first time was in March 2020 when I sent my first testimony: “I Almost Got Sucked Into the Swirl of PCG.”

Thank you for your comforting words. They bring me back to the simplicity of the gospel.

It’s so easy to forget to keep it simple. When I ”push” myself to do things to serve God (at least I imagine to serve), I put an unnecessary load on my shoulders  and then it becomes ”religion” and it’s not very pleasant.

I forgot that Jesus wants us free, with a light burden and to give with joy, not by obligation.

It so true when you say that the sin question is over, because Jesus has already forgiven all our sins. What a relief!! To repent almost everyday (like I did sometimes) produces more fear than faith. Just reminding us of this important fact makes us focus on the love of God instead of our weaknesses.

The goal [of my testimony] is to share with others and, hopefully to help, because their testimonies helped me.

Keep up your good work.

Your site is so instructive and comforting!

God bless you!

Mario [first name used with permission]

Comment: Read Mario’s 2nd testimony that he recently sent to ESN: I Was Wounded More Deeply Than I Thought.

GF Moves His Focus to China:

January 5, 2021

Flurry has moved from focusing on the presidential election to China. In the February Philadelphia Trumpet he has several “Special Reports” on how the Western nations need to “Wake up” to the threat from China. The magazine cover has a terrifying picture of what I presume is the Chinese dragon.

Contrary to the abject garbage fear “That Prophet” is putting in people’s minds, China is destined to fail. Terry James (who has written on Nearing Midnight) wrote an article a couple days ago: “China Prophetically Destined to Fail.” And since there’s been talk on your site about The Great Reset, I noticed another article James wrote on, “Reset Vs. Restrainer.” I try to constantly contradict what GF is saying and I would encourage others to do the same. These are only two articles which are much better for Christians to read instead of GF’s “prophecies.”  I still maintain (as I did on December 31) that SF and GF are getting their “news” from other sources. –A. R.

GF Calls for a Churchwide Fast:

January 9, 2021

GF announced that there will be a churchwide fast on January 10 (Sunday). He read the story about Jehoshaphat and said “the battle is God’s and He will take care of it” and “God has shown He has powerfully responded when his people fast.” So he, like many charismatic “prophets” on the Internet, is still expecting God to act at the last minute with this election and a “miracle” will cause Trump to remain president. Can anything be more insane? –[name withheld]

PCG Expecting Some Kind of Miracle From God Before January 20th:

(2nd email from person above)

January 9, 2021

On SF Trumpet Daily shows (January 7 and 8) he has said the following. He called President-elect Joe Biden the “fake president”; he said there are now “two Americas and one church of God”; he read several prophetic verses in Daniel that apply to Israel and made them apply to PCG instead. He said things are going to get so bad that God “will have to intervene to protect and save His people” and “We are going to need God’s miraculous protection.” He quoted HWA as saying, “No matter what happens, God will keep His Work going forward.” He emphasized that members must remain steadfast and be bold and enthusiastic in their support for the Work.

In referring to his recent Trumpet Brief and other PCG programs, SF said, “…you know this church’s position on what will happen come January 20. ” He said “this incredible journey with President Trump is only just the beginning.” Not explaining what he meant, but this all sounded like they are expecting some kind of “miracle” from God before January 20.

I’m still waiting to see if GF admits he was wrong about Trump having a 2nd term. –[name withheld]

Comment: I doubt if he will ever admit he was wrong. Time will tell how he changes or glosses over his original prediction. We mentioned this before that a much better choice than SF or GF’s depressing and fear programs is Derek Gilbert’s “Five in Ten Daily Update” that A. R. told us about (gives 5 news topics in about 10 minutes from a biblical worldview). These short news analysis programs are informative and interesting. (There are ads for books in the middle that you can skip if you want.) [Derek Gilbert is connected with SkyWatch TV and SciFriday.] We commented on this program for the December 31, 2020 letter from A. R and we have now added a link to them on What’s New and our Links.

PCG Fast Is to Be A Double Whammy:

January 10, 2020

I heard about this fast that PCG has called for [see January 9 letter above “GF Calls for a Churchwide Fast”]. If their members go with this fast, they should be aware that they’re also wanting to be evicted from the U. S. so that they could go to the Place of Safety (according to GF’s “prophecy”).

This is also a double whammy in that Flurry is hoping that something significant will happen either on their most honored January 16 HWA death anniversary (which is known as “National Nothing Day” read letter stating this), but PCG is also expecting something to happen on January 20–a miracle to keep Trump in office. Gerald Flurry is not so much concerned about Trump staying in office but more about proving him, Flurry, as a prophet. Failure of this prophecy to come to pass will prove Flurry once again to be a false prophet and could open the door for the exodus of people from PCG.

They will never learn nor will they wake up from this stupid stupor of Armstrong/Flurry worship that they just go along with what they’re commanded. They all have really lost their objective and critical thinking. Are they not thinking that as they go through this fast? Flurry with his minion ministers are also already planning a spin doctor on their words in the chance that President-elect Biden is sworn in. May this organization finally implode soon. –Scott T.

Reply: Time will tell what is going to happen. Read: “Members Will Adjust their Thinking and Go On(November 9, 2020 letter which mentions the book When Prophecies Fail) andFlurry Predicted Trump Will Kick PCG Members out of the United States(January 18, 2020 letter and the comments following that letter.)

Theme of Churchwide Fast Was “Fasting and Praying For God’s Protection”:

(Note: This letter has been shortened due to its length.)

January 13, 2021

These are some of the things recently said in a PCG sermonette given by Carlos Heyer:

“Last December 5 GF declared a churchwide fast for January 10. He outlined 3 areas to focus on during this fast.” Heyer called Gerald Flurry “our Prophet or King.”

He said Brad Macdonald wrote an announcement for Europe and the UK telling who has fasted in the past; i. e., the ancient Israelites, the Jews in Ezra’s day, those in the NT, and the church under HWA. “In every instance, these fasts produced incredible fruit and the Work surged forward.”

He said the theme for this fast is “Fasting and Praying for God’s Protection.” Some scriptural references he gave were Ezra 8, Daniel 9, Isaiah 58 (mentions “true fasting vs. false fasting”), Psalms 37, and Matthew 6:16-18.

HWA “left us a legacy on how to fast, alternating one hour of study, one hour meditation, and one hour prayer, then begin the cycle again.”

GF had said: “The coronavirus is holding the Work back in many ways and we need more laborers; and we need to make sure we are overcoming Satan the Devil.

He read more from Brad Macdonald’s announcement in which he went through 3 areas/points to focus on:

(1) Fast and pray for God’s intervention in the covid 19 situation as it is holding back the Work (even tho the income has not been adversely affected).

(2) Fast and pray for more members and laborers. Overall membership has not increased.

(3) GF has said these are exciting and intense days, but they are also dangerous. The only way we can thrive and perform at the level God needs us to is if we are close to God. Examine ourselves for anything that is separating us from God. Examine your relationship with the world. Are you too close to the world? Too materialistic?

“Let’s beseech Him to further empower this great Work and to help us prepare individually and collectively for the return of Jesus Christ.”

–[name withheld]

PCG Expecting Trouble:

January 13, 2021

Looks like PCG is getting nervous about their programs possibly being banned from YouTube. SF on the latest Trumpet Daily radio show (“The Real Coup”) said they are “expecting trouble.” He said it was because “they” can’t stand the truth. The TD is now going to have their own platform.

I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a broadcast or sermon that SF, GF or his ministers have given that don’t mention Herbert Armstrong. He said HWA died on Jan 16, 1986 and then reminded everyone that this date is coming up. He said, “Think about the prophecies he [HWA] told us about.” [Note from ESN: you mean the over 200 false ones?] He also talked about how God is a miracle worker and how He has answered PCG’s prayers in the past. But, he added, it is “so easy” to forget the miracles that have backed God’s Work these past 31 years. So easy to forget about the “earth-shaking miracle in the lawsuit/the court case over the Mystery of the Ages.” This “court case miracle” continues to be a fat lie that SF and GF like to keep alive. [Read Letter to ESN: PCG Did NOT Win a Victory in the WCG vs. PCG Court Case by Attorney at Law.]

It’s also been mentioned more than once before but SF’s voice seemed very loud and very excited this time. –L. S.

Laodiceans Contacting PCG:

January 15, 2021

I was told that a number of members in UCG, LCG, Global (UK) and a few other splinters are showing an interest in PCG. These, as you know, would be considered “Laodiceans.” Some of them have contacted the ministers for a visit and are tithing to PCG, while still remaining in their “Laodicean” churches. –Anonymous

Put a Fork in It!:

January 16, 2021

Gerald Flurry needs to put a fork in it!! The election is a done deal! Trump is not going to remain as president! –H. E.

The Two Most Obvious False Prophecies of GF:

January 16, 2021

Why would anyone be interested in attending the PCG when two of the most obvious so-called “Prophecies” by G. Flurry have fallen flat and failed?

President Trump is NOT going to throw the PCG out of America AND he is NOT going to continue as president.

Wake up and smell what the PCG is shoveling. –R. B.


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