Best of the Letters From 2021


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Focus on the Love of God Instead of Our Weaknesses:

January 2, 2021

This is the second time I write to you. The first time was in March 2020 when I sent my first testimony: “I Almost Got Sucked Into the Swirl of PCG.”

Thank you for your comforting words. They bring me back to the simplicity of the Gospel.

It’s so easy to forget to keep it simple. When I ”push” myself to do things to serve God (at least I imagine to serve), I put an unnecessary load on my shoulders  and then it becomes ”religion” and it’s not very pleasant.

I forgot that Jesus wants us free, with a light burden and to give with joy, not by obligation.

It so true when you say that the sin question is over, because Jesus has already forgiven all our sins. What a relief!! To repent almost everyday (like I did sometimes) produces more fear than faith. Just reminding us of this important fact makes us focus on the love of God instead of our weaknesses.

The goal [of my testimony] is to share with others and, hopefully to help, because their testimonies helped me.

Keep up your good work. Your site is so instructive and comforting!

God bless you! –Mario [first name used with permission]

Comment: Read Mario’s 2nd testimony that he recently sent to ESN: I Was Wounded More Deeply Than I Thought. (His 2nd testimony links to his first one at the end.)

Update: What is true Biblical Repentance?  This video explains how repentance is changing your mind from not believing the gospel to believing the gospel of grace, not turn from your sins before being saved (which is a work). [offsite link]

GF Calls for a Churchwide Fast:

January 9, 2021

GF announced that there will be a churchwide fast on January 10 (Sunday). He read the story about Jehoshaphat and said “the battle is God’s and He will take care of it” and “God has shown He has powerfully responded when his people fast.” So he, like many charismatic “prophets” on the Internet, is still expecting God to act at the last minute with this election and a “miracle” will cause Trump to remain president. Can anything be more insane? –[name withheld]

PCG Expecting Some Kind of Miracle From God Before January 20th:

(2nd email from person above)

January 9, 2021

On SF’s Trumpet Daily shows (January 7 and 8) he has said the following. He called president-elect Joe Biden the “fake president”; he said there are now “two Americas and one church of God”; he read several prophetic verses in Daniel that apply to Israel and made them apply to PCG instead. He said things are going to get so bad that God “will have to intervene to protect and save His people” and “We are going to need God’s miraculous protection.” He quoted HWA as saying, “No matter what happens, God will keep His Work going forward.” He emphasized that members must remain steadfast and be bold and enthusiastic in their support for the Work.

In referring to his recent Trumpet Brief and other PCG programs, SF said, “…you know this church’s position on what will happen come January 20. ” He said “this incredible journey with President Trump is only just the beginning.” Not explaining what he meant, but this all sounded like they are expecting some kind of “miracle” from God before January 20.

I’m still waiting to see if GF admits he was wrong about Trump having a 2nd term. –[name withheld]

PCG Fast Is to Be A Double Whammy:

January 10, 2021

I heard about this fast that PCG has called for [see January 9 letter above “GF Calls for a Churchwide Fast”]. If their members go with this fast, they should be aware that they’re also wanting to be evicted from the U. S. so that they could go to the Place of Safety (according to GF’s “prophecy”).

This is also a double whammy in that Flurry is hoping that something significant will happen either on their most honored January 16 HWA death anniversary (which is known as “National Nothing Day” read letter stating this), but PCG is also expecting something to happen on January 20–a miracle to keep Trump in office. Gerald Flurry is not so much concerned about Trump staying in office but more about proving him, Flurry, as a prophet. Failure of this prophecy to come to pass will prove Flurry once again to be a false prophet and could open the door for the exodus of people from PCG.

They will never learn nor will they wake up from this stupid stupor of Armstrong/Flurry worship that they just go along with what they’re commanded. They all have really lost their objective and critical thinking. Are they not thinking that as they go through this fast? Flurry with his minion ministers are also already planning a spin doctor on their words in the chance that president-elect Biden is sworn in. May this organization finally implode soon. –S.

Reply: Read “Members Will Adjust their Thinking and Go On” (November 9, 2020 letter which mentions the book When Prophecies Fail) and “Flurry Predicted Trump Will Kick PCG Members Out of the United States” (January 18, 2020 letter and the comments following that letter.)

PCG Expecting Trouble:

January 13, 2021

Looks like PCG is getting nervous about their programs possibly being banned from YouTube. SF on the latest Trumpet Daily radio show (“The Real Coup”) said they are “expecting trouble.” He said it was because “they” can’t stand the truth. The TD is now going to have their own platform.

I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a broadcast or sermon that SF, GF or his ministers have given that doesn’t mention Herbert Armstrong. He said HWA died on Jan 16, 1986 and then reminded everyone that this date is coming up. He said, “Think about the prophecies he [HWA] told us about.” [Note from ESN: you mean the over 200 false ones?] He also talked about how God is a miracle worker and how He has answered PCG’s prayers in the past. But, he added, it is “so easy” to forget the miracles that have backed God’s Work these past 31 years. So easy to forget about the “earth-shaking miracle in the lawsuit/the court case over the Mystery of the Ages.” This “court case miracle” continues to be a fat lie that SF and GF like to keep alive. [Read Letter to ESN from Attorney at Law: PCG Did NOT Win a Victory in the WCG vs. PCG Court Case]

It’s also been mentioned more than once before but SF’s voice seemed very loud and very excited this time. –L. S.

UPDATE: Stephen Flurry was later kicked off YouTube.

Put a Fork in It!:

January 16, 2021

Gerald Flurry needs to put a fork in it!! The election is a done deal! Trump is not going to remain as president! –H. E.

January 16–A Significant Happening:

January 19, 2021

On the Trumpet Radio Show for January 18, SF talked about the following which appeared to be the “significant happening” on January 16, the 35th anniversary of Herbert Armstrong‘s death:

“Over the weekend you’re looking at the collapse of Germany’s government. January 16, on Saturday. This guy named Armin Laschet. He’s the new leader of Germany’s Christian Democratic Union. Voted in on January 16. Most likely the candidate running for Chancellor or the lead candidate running for Chancellor in the September elections. He’s a big fan of Charlemagne. His family has claimed he is a direct descendant of him. … This ties in with the Holy Roman Empire. And this is the history that is being resurrected. They want to rebuild and raise up the ruins of it (the Holy Roman Empire). That fact that this happened on the anniversary of Herbert Armstrong’s death could be somewhat significant. And here he is on January16, a huge fan of Charlemagne. He takes over leadership of Merkel’s party. Pretty amazing development.”


Flurry Turned Out to Be a Dreamer of Dreams:

January 21, 2021

Gerald Flurry has written emphatically, “By most appearances, Joe Biden will be America’s next president. But I absolutely do not believe that at all. I am confident Donald Trump will remain president.” Furthermore, “I am certain you are about to see some of the biggest frauds exposed perhaps ever! Why? because a Biden presidency is contrary to bible prophecy.”

How does Gerald Flurry now defend these claims?

Gerald Flurry claims to be a prophet, but it appears that his credibility as a prophet is definitely in question.

Gerald Flurry says that Trump will remain president. That means he is not talking about Trump running for president in 2024. It means that Trump will remain president. If Gerry and Steve haven’t noticed yet, Biden was sworn in as the 46th president on January 20, 2021. So what now? What lunacy will we hear next come out of this false prophet’s mouth?

How does this so-called prophet explain his statement, “A Biden presidency is contrary to Bible prophecy?” Joe Biden is now the president. I wonder what Gerry has to say about this?

Stephen Flurry quotes from the Bible [on his January 20 Trumpet Daily Radio] the stories of the 12 year old girl and Lazarus being raised from the dead as examples of God delaying miracles, or perhaps demonstrating that God can bring dead situations back to life. Yes, we do believe in God’s miracles; however no massive frauds have been exposed as Gerry has claimed would happen. Do the Flurrys really think that God is going to overturn this election outcome and reinstate Donald Trump as president? ABSURD!!

There’s really no way out of this situation for the Flurry false prophets are there. A hole has been dug so deep and I wonder how Gerry is going to get out of it?

What a damn shame it is that these false prophets give false hope to their naïve members via their false prophecies. Then they take the members’ tithes and offerings so they can live a high quality of life. They are pathetic. This may sound harsh but all I have to say in conclusion is Deuteronomy 13:5. It’s what God commands. –M. G.

SF Upset When His Dad’s Work Not Mentioned:

January 23, 2021

Stephen Flurry on his radio broadcast talked about a Newsmax campaign where his father promoted an article on how Donald Trump would remain president. Apparently, there was someone else talking about Trump remaining president also. You can see how SF is annoyed that someone else would dare steal his dad’s thunder. Not to worry, nothing eventuated anyway. SF is clearly upset that his father’s work is not mentioned. Then he says something about the Trumpet website’s track record. What a joke! Track record? Which one? The one of false prophecies? –Former PCG member

Alex Harrison Destroyed Families and Spiritual Lives:

January 23, 2021

Regarding the death of Alex Harrison [died November 29, 2020]. SF on his Trumpet radio show talked about Alex Harrison and how great a man he was. He says that sadly a lot of the people that were in the PCG under Harrison are no longer with us. That’s because Harrison booted them out like Diotrephes did back in the day as it says in 3 John 9-11. Good ol’ Alex has been with the Flurry’s from almost day one, all the way through. Yes, enjoying the high life at the expense of the brethren who got shafted by him. SF says, “Every time our paths crossed, if I was at HQ and Alex would visit from overseas, it seems like my office was one of the first stops along the way. He’d come in to say ‘hi.'” I can just imagine the two of these power hungry freaks giving each other good ol’ pats on the back. SF calls him “a dear friend of mine.” I call him a wolf in sheep’s clothing. SF says, “Alex had a profound impact on God’s people.” He sure did–destroying families and destroying spiritual lives. Alex Harrison was nothing but scum and anyone who thought highly of him makes them the same–scum. –Former PCG member

PCG Palms Their False Prophecies off on God:

January 23, 2021

How convenient it is for Stephen Flurry to now come out and say, “Well, it’s not a man’s prophecy, it’s God’s prophecy.” [Read our article: “How Gerald Flurry’s Failed Trump Prophecy Was Shifted to ‘God’s Prophecy’“] in defense of his father’s claim that 2 Kings 14:26-27 related to President Donald Trump. Don’t these imbeciles realize that if it wasn’t for Gerald Flurry spewing out this nonsense of Trump being “King Jeroboam,” nobody else would have? Thanks to Gerald Flurry writing and preaching and campaigning this crap on Newsmax, there were other imbeciles who believed it and still do.

Just listen to some of the comments coming through to the Daily Trumpet Radio which, of course, are only positive ones, and you will hear the naïve and gullible still believing and hoping that all the false prophecies of GF will still come to pass. But, oh no, they’re no longer GF’s prophecies but God’s. I thought the commandment was, “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.” Yet, these evil people now want to palm their false prophecies off on God. How typical. They simply can’t admit they are wrong can they? After all, even their very own pioneer HWA said that the hardest thing for anyone to do is to admit they are wrong. I guess they really are following in his footsteps –“1975 in Prophecy!” (remember that?).

God help those people who can’t think for themselves and continue to hold on to these lies. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” These words are usually credited to the acclaimed genius Albert Einstein. I think it’s time for members to wake up and perhaps start listening to a genius rather than a false prophet. –Former PCG member

Gerald Flurry Kicking the Trump/Jeroboam Can Down the Road:

January 23, 2021

Have you noticed the difference in GF’s writing style from the past–say 20 yrs ago–and today? I happened to come across his November 2001 Trumpet Editorial (“Where Are We Now in Prophecy?”) and then looked at the recent February 2021 issue of the Philadelphia Trumpet.  In the first one he’s using many fear and dread adjectives to describe what’s coming on America and Britain, the same as HWA was prone to do. However, in his recent February article, it’s almost like it’s written by someone else. I have to wonder if someone is ghost writing for him?

But here’s the thing. In this February 2021 issue he is still keeping Trump in the picture as the one who will “save America.” I am quoting: (emp. mine)

“The name of Israel is about to be blotted out. God Himself intervenes and saves Israel temporarily. How? By the hand of an end-time Jeroboam!” (2 Kings 14:27)

“Today, Donald Trump plays the role of an end-time Jeroboam. …. In Amos 7:8, God reveals why He saves America through Jeroboam.”

In the January 21, 2021 Trumpet Brief  SF said: (all emp. mine)

“Please read my father’s article ‘Barack Obama in Bible Prophecy.’  … It also shows that God is still going to save the nation through President Trump, an end-time type of King Jeroboam II, so that people have one last chance to repent. But things might get a lot worse before they get better.”

In the January 20, 2021 Trumpet “Donald Trump, Bible Prophecy and Faith” SF said: (emp mine)

“We have not seen the last of Donald Trump. How do we know this? Because God’s prophecies in Amos 7, 2 Kings 14, Daniel 8 and Revelation 12 have not been entirely fulfilled!

I had to read that over more than once to make sure I was seeing it right. This was written after the recent inauguration. No wonder members are still hanging on and not leaving. They want to see what else is going to happen since GF is kicking the Trump/Jeroboam can down the road. Has GF lost his senses? It’s one more way to keep from admitting he was wrong. –L. S.

HQs Trying Hard to Minimize the Damage of GF’s False Prophecy:

January 24, 2021

PCG is good at psychological and spiritual manipulation and right now they are doubling down and pressuring members to stay. A PCG contact told me that HQs is trying hard to minimize the damage of GF’s false prophecy about Trump. This includes saying that Donald Trump is the “real president” and Joe Biden is the “fake president” and God recognizes Donald Trump–as if to say the prophecy is still true!

My gut feeling is that the members are still trying to process all of this. They know in their heart of hearts that this is all B.S., at least the more discerning ones do. –Anonymous

UPDATE: Read our new article: Gerald Flurry Says He “Made a Mistake” in His Article on Trump (GF’s false prophecy is now a “mistake” and God speaks in a “coded” way)

Here We Go Again–Gerald Flurry Made a “Mistake”:

January 27, 2021

I just read the latest article: Gerald Flurry Says He “Made a Mistake” in His Article on Trump. It was brilliant.

Here we go again. Stephen Flurry (SF) coming to the defense of his father on the January 26 Trumpet Daily Radio (“Make America California”). This time there is an acknowledgment of a “mistake” having been made. I nearly fell over when I heard that! Yes, an acknowledgment of a mistake made by Gerald Flurry (GF) regarding the timing of another term of presidency for Donald Trump.

Quoting SF, “My father had a Trumpet Brief  yesterday” [read above article by ESN]. (SF now quotes GF) “Why I still believe Donald Trump is coming back.” (SF continues) “He went through again, these prophecies in Amos 7 / 2 Kings 14, things that you’re very familiar with. He talked about, ‘Look, okay, so I made a mistake with the timing back in that article from two months ago, but let’s let this play out. Let’s see, if you wanna focus in on the word remain (I think we all should. After all, we hold politicians to account–why not ‘so called’ prophets?), okay, but let’s see how this plays out over the long haul. And let’s see how Amos 7 is fulfilled over the long haul.’ (So now it’s the long haul–how convenient! Even a layperson could predict that Donald Trump could make a run for president in 2024. Nothing prophetic about that!) SF continues: “And furthermore, how does God view this? What is God’s view of what happened on November 3? What is God’s view?” (So far, GF has been wrong concerning Donald Trump. Shouldn’t he tread carefully to not be presumptuous in trying to speak for God, because God will do things His own way–He’s full of surprises. Why should GF trip all over his own prophecies and cause others to trip up also by listening to him? It’s the blind leading the blind, isn’t it?)

SF says, “I’ve touched on this yesterday with respect to fake leaders, fake kings, even from ancient Israel’s history (what about fake prophets like Gerald and Stephen Flurry?). Individuals that appointed themselves like Adonijah and Absalom as well, Ish-bosheth, there’s plenty of examples like this in the Bible (That’s rich. What about Gerald and Stephen Flurry?). My father said this in the Trumpet Brief, ‘You can see this passage and see how it’s one flowing event’–he’s talking about Amos 7. ‘There’s no hint of a gap or pause in Jeroboam’s reign. You can see why I wrote the article as I did.’”

SF then goes on to say that his father interpreted the 2 Kings verse regarding Jeroboam as an uninterrupted reign because the flow of Scripture timeline is uninterrupted–it’s all Jeroboam’s timeline. “This is clearly a prophecy of the very end for this nation and Jeroboam is in power. It has not yet been fulfilled. So based on this prophecy alone, we can be sure that God is going to give Donald Trump that office of presidency of the U.S., sooner or later.”

WELL, ZIP-A-DEE-DOO-DAH!! LIFE IS WONDERFUL, AIN’T IT?  Life is wonderful if you’re Gerald or Stephen Flurry.

Now all this blah, blah, blah coming out of the mouths of Gerald and Stephen Flurry may all be well and true. Who knows? Donald Trump may in fact return in 2024 (Like I said, anybody could predict a return by Donald Trump for presidency in 2024. Nothing prophetic about that. Even Newsmax is predicting this. You might as well call Greg Kelly and Grant Stinchfield prophets. Who knows, they might even be the two witnesses. This is the Flurrys’ way of covering themselves. Do you see how deceptive this is? Doesn’t Matthew 24:24 say, “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect”? This is potentially deception on the highest level.)

Granted, Gerald Flurry actually acknowledges that he made a mistake about the so-called prophecy that Trump would remain president. However, both he and his son Stephen have not acknowledged an even bigger mistake (I call it a false prophecy). How do Gerald and Stephen Flurry explain away, “a Joe Biden presidency is contrary to Bible prophecy”?!! –M. G.

Comment: In our article, Gerald Flurry Says He “Made a Mistake” in His Article on Trump we also bring out that GF wrote a November 9, 2020 article in the Trumpet entitled, “Donald Trump is Going to Win this Election.” [emp. mine]

Wik Heerma Tells Members to Remove Vanity From Their Lives:
January 31, 2021
(Moved to PCG Sermons & Bible Study Critiques. Search for title)

GF Denies He Gave a Prophecy/So Much Vanity Coming From GF’s Mouth:

February 4, 2021

GF recently denied that what he said was a prophecy, but only “words” that he said. (“This is not a failed prophecy, it’s not a prophecy at all. It’s what ‘I’ said”) This was in his January 23 sermon.

He also said, “Everybody has to be”tried and tested” and even brought out that, “Maybe some of our co-workers need to be shaken up by something like this (the false prophecy). Maybe that’s exactly what they need.”

He keeps trying to cover over his lies. He said he was “sorry for upsetting some people–unless that’s what God wants done.” It’s never a genuine apology. He even said, “The Apostles were 2,000 years off” and then chuckled about it.

He was filled with so much vanity in this January 23 sermon (“Where Are We in Bible Prophecy? Pt. 2”) and boasted, “There has been all kinds of new revelation given to me–over 50 books and booklets have new revelation that God has given to ME.” He said there were no such people besides himself where you could get new revelation.

He always talks about how God wants them to ROAR out of Zion and if they do that then God will take them to a place of safety. The only “roaring” I’ve ever heard is when he raises his voice and starts yelling. Who wants to hear that? But that is supposed to be part of the “power” he’s always talking about.

He doesn’t even talk about Christ saving us and coming into our lives but said, “God is going to come back and slaughter them all and then start a new civilization.” That’s the kind of Christ he worships. –sermon critiqued by L. S.

Comment: When GF told members it wasn’t a prophecy at all, but only words that he said, that is not true. Go to “Gerald Flurry and His False Trump Prophecies” and notice the first paragraph under the heading “Trump Going to Remain President” where he says, “God has not shown me where there is any error in that prophecy that I have made.”

GF: Lunatic Ideas and Erroneous Theology:
February 17, 2021
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GF Looking Through the Lens of Gnosticism:

February 17, 2021

GF (as HWA did) is looking through the lens of Gnosticism. (This is not to mention his “revelations” and hearing what he thinks is the voice of God.) Gnosticism is a very old heresy that teaches that the truth has to be decoded, uncovered, unlocked, unveiled, discovered. This was clearly shown on the chart in your article: Did Herbert Armstrong Have God’s Truth? (Includes New Age & Occultic similarities). –T. S.

PCG Members Told to Take a Stand and Die If Necessary:
February 19, 2021
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Constant Throat Clearing:

February 20, 2021

Why are so many of these ministers in PCG constantly having to clear their throat? Without fail, Gerald Flurry will start off sounding like he has something wrong with his throat, and it takes him awhile to talk normally as he makes his “throat noises”; Brian Davis does it, and now I’ve heard Wayne Turgeon doing it. –Anonymous.

Gerald Flurry Trying to Give Himself a New Look:

February 25, 2021

I noticed that GF has a different photo of himself on his site now, trying to give a “new look” to himself by placing a slight smile on his previously sourpuss face. He is trying very hard to look and behave like HWA, down to the same type glasses, same hairstyle, same hand and arm movements, same furrowed brow, and appearing to look very studious with an open Bible in front of him on a large mahogany desk with a massive amount of books in back of him. –[name withheld]

Comment: The only thing it seems that GF can do is copy his idol HWA.

No Qualms Studying Thought Reform:

February 25, 2021

After reading much on your site, I have ascertained that GF, his son, and all their spineless, obedient lackeys have no qualms studying thought reform to control their followers. The only truth they have is the ability to screw people’s minds up. No way are they preaching the pure Gospel of grace. [I  Corinthians 15:1-4] I don’t see how they could even believe in God. The evil is that they don’t give a damn about what they’re doing to people. The Lake of Fire awaits them. –Impacted by PCG

PCG Has 890 Youth in PCG:

February 26, 2021

PCG has 890 youths right now that are high school age and down and ripe for brainwashing. –[name withheld]

GF Says He Doesn’t Want to Sound Vain or Proud:

February 27, 2021

GF in his sermon “Where Are We in Bible Prophecy?” when referring to Amos 7, said, “I don’t want to sound vain or proud, but the truth is, nobody would even understand Amos 7, if God didn’t reveal it to me[voice get quiet] unless He did it some other way. heehee. That is a fact.” –Info forwarded from PCG source

Jim Cocomise Suspended:

February 28, 2021

A reliable source recently confirmed that Jim Cocomise from the Dayton/Cincinnati area has been suspended, but the reason why is not known. He had not been attending since January of this year. –Anonymous

Update 2022: Jim Cocomise later was no longer attending. Cheryl Cocomise (wife of Jim Cocomise) ) was eventually made by PCG to divorce Jim in 2022, but she still attends as she chose not to walk away from her 5 children and grand kids that were still attending. Jim Cocomise had a substantial amount of money so HQs may have figured that was the best way to keep getting regular tithes and offerings from her. They were married for close to 40 years.

Gerald Flurry Getting Crazier by the Day:
March 1, 2021
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Eric Burns to Replace Jim Cocomise:

March 2, 2021

Eric Burns will be leaving Edmond to replace Jim Cocomise in the Northeast Region. Brad MacDonald, regional director in the UK and Europe, replaced Eric Burns as the assistant dean of students at HQs in Edmond. –Anonymous

My Family Knew Jim Cocomise and John Cocomise:

March 6, 2021

I appreciate being updated about happenings in the PCG over the years through your site.

I read the letter on your site saying Jim Cocomise was suspended and has been replaced by Eric Burns. All this is very concerning news. My family was very close to both John Cocomise and his brother Jim. The no contact ruling caused a very sad, grievous division for about the past 18 years.

I know it is too early to have any hope of members’ eyes being opened but I long for the day. Some of the stories I’ve read on Jim and John’s dealings with PCG members are disturbing. [Note by ESN: Do a search on both their names] Just for the record this is not who they were prior to being part of the PCG “ministry.”

Another ironic thing is Jim Cocomise and Eric Burns lived many years [in the past] in the same town while in the PCG. Their families grew up together and were tightly knit. Now they use Eric to replace him. –Former PCG member [name withheld]

Lies in Sermon by SF Will Keep Members Under the Law:
March 6, 2021
(Moved to PCG Sermon & Bible Study Critiques. Search for title)

Contradictions and Twisting by Brad Macdonald Regarding Humility:
March 7, 2021
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PCG Has Produced Their Own “The Bible Story”:

March 8, 2021

WCG still owns the copyright to the first six volumes of The Bible Story but, according to PCG’s Church page under the News tab, there is an article by Philip Nice, dated April 17, 2020, “Member Contributes Bible Story Podcast,” which tells how PCG “has produced seven additional volumes, covering Bible history from King David through the apostles.” Michael Strachan records the stories (with sound effects) which are aired on KPCG. The article mentions Joel Hilliker’s enthusiastic reaction after hearing a sample of  Volume 1.

I then happened to find a page under their “Resources” tab that says “Bible Story” and clicking on that it shows pictures of The Bible Story, Volumes 7 through 13. The colored pictures on the outside are nothing like what were on WCG’s The Bible Story, When you click on each book it opens up in as a PDF. This could be what Nice is narrating from. I did not have time to see all that the books are saying, but volume 7 said: copyright 2013 by PCG; Text by Robert Morley and David Brandon. Volume 13 said copyright 2019. Who knows what they’re trying to accomplish with these books. –-A. R.

Purpose of PCG’s The Bible Story Books?

March 9, 2021

What is the purpose of PCG’s The Bible Story books? To keep the young children occupied until they get into the “hard” PCG stuff?  –Anonymous

Reply: PCG is unable to make a Bible Story book since they don’t understand the true gospel or salvation. In checking a few volumes, we found subtle twisting of the Scriptures while inserting PCG doctrine. Here are a few quotes from the Volume 11 which covered Jesus talking with Nicodemus: (ESN comments in blue and bold emphasis added)

“Then, once converted, he will be born into God’s Kingdom when Jesus Christ establishes it on Earth. [no Bible verses to back this up] Being ‘born of water’ refers to a person being begotten spiritually by repenting, being baptized [by PCG ministers] and allowing ministers [only PCG ministers] to pray for God to give that person His Holy Spirit.” [no Bible verses to back this up]

“Being born ‘of the Spirit’ refers to a person growing spiritually [translation: growing in character which means growing more obedient to PCG government] and being resurrected as a spirit being into the Kingdom of God.” [no mention of a bodily resurrection; denial of a bodily resurrection was the first heresy in the church; download our first review of Mystery of the Ages and see chapter 6, Pt. 1.]

What PCG teaches is blatantly false. See our section on Grace & Law and especially our two reviews of Mystery of the Ages which cover these topics. [available as PDF on our downloads page]

“Jesus told Nicodemus that his Father loved every human being…” [this is how they reword John 3:16 where Jesus talks about God so loved the world that whosoever believes on Him shall not perish but have eternal life] “Jesus also warned Nicodemus about the evil, satanic nature that human beings have.” (John 3:18-19) [Jesus said nothing about an “evil, satanic nature”; He said those who don’t believe on Him are condemned already because their deeds (not nature) were evil]

In the Introduction to each of these volumes it says, “Volume [such and such] describes the establishment of God’s one true Church [buzzword meaning PCG; The Bible doesn’t doesn’t use the words “one true church”] on the day of Pentecost in a.d. 31.”

Members Told Not to Take Satan’s Bait:
March  19, 2021
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Finding a Copy of the Trumpet Was Like a Slap in the Face:

March 23, 2021

Hello! I am a child survivor of PCG and my mom told me about this site. We went to services when it was being led by Aaron Eagle, Sr. My dad was the main one who went, my mom only went a handful of times. He started attending PCG after ditching WCG in the late 90s. … Last year I found a copy of Philadelphia Trumpet at my doctor’s office which started my interest in finding others (I was so shocked when I saw it–like a slap in the face). I’ve managed to reconnect with one person. I would like to receive the ESN Email list. –[name withheld]

Winston Davis and His Remarriage:

March 29, 2021

Do you know who made the unfortunate decision to marry Winston Davis? He got remarried on November 22, 2020. I am just floored someone would actually agree to marrying him! –B. C.

Reply: Winston Davis, a preaching elder in South Carolina, and the father of so-called “laughing” Brian Davis (who himself remarried nine months after the death of his 2nd wife), married Brenda Fox.

Update: Winston Davis died in July 2022.

Makes For a Crowded Life When You Have a Mate in PCG:

March 29, 2021

When my mate in PCG listens to the broadcast or sermons, it doesn’t take me long to want to exit the room when that garbage comes on. Speaking from experience, it makes for a crowded life when you have a mate in PCG. You always feel GF’s presence in your lives. Cult leaders make for an uncomfortable “third wheel.” –Impacted by loved one in PCG

Smartphone Policy Being Brought up Again:

March 30, 2021

Smartphones were forbidden to be used by those on campus last year (read November 19, 2020 letter: “PCG Ruling Says No Smartphones Allowed“). It was January 24, 2020 when Andrew Locher gave a sermon about “Technology Use” where he said using smart devices will “destroy our teenagers.” That was the time G. Flurry put in place policies that would eliminate Smartphones on campus to “set the example for the brethren,” even though some did not obey that policy at the time.

The February 21, 2020 phone policy update said full time ministers were “expected to switch from their Smartphones to a future phone.” However, if some needed a Smartphone for their business, that was okay. G. Flurry “approved” the use of i-pads if you needed one. Then the April 2020 Pastor General’s Report reiterated again that the cell phone policy for ministers was that ministers should not be using Smartphones unless they were required to use one for their business. There were no exceptions for this policy. Minister’s wives were likewise expected to make the transition away from Smartphones.

Not all members have been following this policy because this subject about Smartphones was brought up again at the recent PCG Ministerial Conference when Stephen Flurry gave a lecture. He talked about what he called “the signs of warning and danger” for the congregation if they used Smartphones. One of the warning signs he said was “too much technology.”

Wayne Turgeon on day two of the conference gave a lecture on “Materialism” [Note by ESN: Why then did Turgeon in a 2021 sermon refer to all the materialism, riches and luxuries at HQs as “perks and fringe benefits” for being the few first fruits on this earth?] and said, “Materialism [not Charles Darwin] is the father of evolution and what we call human nature is really Satan’s nature. [Note by ESN: Human nature is that which makes us distinctly human] … People change a little at a time in the direction of the masses as they are influenced a little at a time.” This sounded to me exactly how PCG members change a little at a time as they are influenced by the leader’s use of mind control.

I know several members in PCG who all have Smartphones. But if G. Flurry continues his crack down, the day could come when we’ll see them with a flip phone again. It’s ridiculous to what lengths PCG will go to in order to keep members from finding out the truth about PCG. I know GF is also worried about someone recording their sermons with these Smartphones.

Members have been told that if they want to overcome they must hear what God (i.e., PCG government) is saying about this.

Members, however, are still using Smartphones. –Info forwarded from PCG source

Comment: To understand more about the control methods PCG is using, see Lifton’s Eight Criteria of Thought Reform.

Offertory on Last Day of Unleavened Bread Coercing Members For More Money:

April 3, 2021

On the Last Day of Unleavened Bread, which was a double Sabbath, in the AM, the Offertory was announced by Fred Dattolo. Here are some of the things he said as he coerced members into giving more money to PCG.

“I’m going to ask you to part with some of your hard-earned money to sacrifice for God’s Work.” He told them to “realize how much we are helping people” and then he read an email that he said was “received just a few weeks before.” This “email” was so lavish in praise that one could easily tell it was made up. And he said they get “thousands like it.”

Dattolo talked about “loving the world” when he knows nothing about it since PCG has broken up countless families.

“We are giving offerings because we love people.” He said “God shares.” (Therefore, members should “share” their money.) He even said they should replace the word “God” in John 3:16 where it says “God so loved the world that he gave…” with their name. “We are imbued with God’s love and that’s why we give offerings.” He told how this takes sacrifice.

Few realize their offerings are going into the leader’s pockets. And any money used for broadcasting the Key of David or mailing out their Trumpet magazine is for the purpose of recruiting more co-workers and members so that they will send more money to the leader’s pockets, especially GF and SF’s pockets.

“We have truth that will save lives.” He said that in the September/October 2014 Royal Vision Gerald Flurry said this Work is going to save lives and that 50% of the Laodiceans are going to repent (in the Tribulation) and they couldn’t do it without PCG’s message and how God is “using them.”

It was all about what PCG had done and the cost of all of it to mail out.

H.D. offerings last year increased more than 14% than the year before he said and he hinted that he didn’t know if they could top that this year.

“We need to keep this up” he said. “If we sacrifice for God now in this life, we will be Christ’s bride forever.”

This is totally opposite of what the Bible says. The gift of God (eternal life) is a free gift. We cannot pay for a gift. But those in PCG must earn their salvation by various works of the Law. –Anonymous

PCG Receives $1 Million From Non-Member:

April 3, 2021

GF recorded a sermon on March 27 which was played the afternoon of the First Day of Unleavened Bread. I was able to listen to it and he announced that a non-member donated $1 million to the PCG. He said he didn’t know who the non-member was but he said he had some sort of corporation. –L. S.

PCG’s $1 Million Offering Sounds Suspicious:

April 5, 2021

I read about how PCG received $1 million from a non-member as an offering. Makes me wonder if the PCG is involved in money laundering. “Churches” (and cults like WCG) have been used for that before.

I remember how PCG was involved in the 2012 Seabreeze Collusion money laundering in South Africa with Max Rumler and Alex Foster exposed it. [Note: Go to Articles on Gerald Flurry and read Letter #1 and Letter #2 to Gerald Flurry from Alex Foster about proof of major theft going on in South Africa PCG.]

I’m surprised GF would mention this “offering” to the members, unless of course he figured that the news would eventually leak out anyway, and he didn’t want to appear surprised. By announcing it before the news leaked (a donation that size would leak out, sooner or later), he kept in control of the situation, plus, he was able to give his reason for the “offering” (or donation).

I just find it highly unlikely that someone, anyone, would just donate $1 million to the PCG for whatever reason. There’s something in it for them, and it sounds crooked. “Getting the message out” from Jerusalem or whatever reason that the PCG is giving to the members sounds like a cover. Like I said, sounds suspicious. –W. C.

Comment: Money laundering was mentioned in OIU #5, pt 3 and OIU #6 pt 3 (search for those words in the OIU Newsletters when they open up). [opens as PDF]

Not the Only One Who Has Been Slandered and Backstabbed:

April 9, 2021

Since I discovered your website a year ago, I have read most of the letters and many of your other articles. I have come to see I am not the only one who has been slandered and backstabbed. The PCG ministers do not want anyone discussing what they have said or for any information about them to leak out. You are doing a great service and I admire you for having the courage to speak out. As for that person who came at you and criticized you and your work, I am sure it must happen as there must be many who make a hobby of going about seeing who they can trouble and discredit. Thank you all. –Former member of PCG

PCG Will Do Whatever They Can to Protect Themselves:

April 9, 2021

In response to your last posted letter about the PCG–same boat here, lied about and slandered by the ministry. You are definitely not alone.

Over the last several years it was starting to become clear things weren’t right and the hypocrisy was so bad you could no longer turn a blind eye to it. If you ask questions, they’ll assess the situation, and if they feel they can not regain 100% control over you then you can be sure you are then on your way out, one way or another, they’ll see to it. It was a sickening experience especially after being indoctrinated for so long, but in the end I’m thankful as it lead to open eyes about the PCG/Armstrongism. They will do whatever they have to in order to protect themselves and the organization.

I just wanted to write this after seeing the previous letter, because as it’s happening it can feel like you are alone. I know reading these can help others who are no doubt going through the same thing. Thank you ESN. –Anonymous former PCG member

PCG Feast Sites for 2021:

April 10, 2021

(A few of these were secured in July)

The Feast Sites for 2021 are:

Edmond, OK (Headquarters)

Edstone, England (not open to transfers)

Rapid City, SD

Tannersville (Poconos), PA

Welches (Mt. Hood), OR

Greenville, SC (final year for this site)

Phoenix, AZ

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Plantations Estate, Tobago

Queensland (NE Australia)

Victoria (SE Australia)

Western Australia

South Australia

New South Wales

Clark, Philippines

Limburgse Peel, the Netherlands

Columbia. South America

Limuru, Kenya (Eastern Africa)

Bergville, South Africa


New Zealand


–[name withheld]

Baptized Singles in PCG Worldwide:

April 14, 2021

A friend who just left PCG, told me there are approximately 390 baptized singles worldwide in PCG. –[name withheld]

PCG Focusing on Death and Martyrdom:
April 19, 2021
(Moved to PCG Sermons & Bible Study Critiques. Search for title)

GF Hung Up On Power and Lording it Over Others:

April 20, 2021

I notice Gerald Flurry picks and chooses the Scriptures he wants, taking them out of context, and leaving the ones that don’t jive with his “power” trip and “ruling the universe” theme. I have rarely listened to him, but aren’t members desiring something else besides all this power? Or is that it? GF seems hung up on power and lording it over someone. –Anonymous

Reply: All false teachers are hung up on such ideas. HWA (whom GF copies) brought out this “ruling the universe” in his book, The Incredible Human Potential (written in 1978 and updated several times by PCG). This book is loaded with false doctrine but presented in a titillating way. We have thoroughly refuted these errors and heresies on our site, especially Chapter 1: “Christ’s Gospel Was Suppressed–Not Heard From the First Century Until Now) in our article: True Original Church/Faith Once Delivered (Proof Herbert Armstrong Lied About the “Lost” Church Century).

GF is known to eliminate Scriptures that show we are under grace and not Law, or else twist them (such as those in the book of Galatians). In the above sermon he took what he wanted from the book of Revelation but avoided verses like Revelation 22:17 which show all may come to God (“whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely”) or our being led unto living fountains of waters and having God wipe away all our tears; no more sorrow or crying (Revelation 7:17 and Revelation 21:4). Even Scriptures such as Christ saying come unto Him and He will give us rest (Matthew 11:28) are omitted or given a new meaning. Anything and everything GF considers too “wimpy” or “sanctimonious” is left out of his sermons, literature and broadcasts, and members have been conditioned to feel the same. GF will give account to God someday for all his evil such as the No Contact Ruling.

SF Talks About Hypocrisy:

April 23, 2021

Heard a hard-to-listen-to Bible Study by Stephen Flurry awhile back. He talked about “The Sin of Hypocrisy” which he said was “phoniness, lies and deception.” He said there is “fake religion” and the Devil has his “false apostles.” He talked about “prophesying in the name of the Lord.” I thought that was interesting. He talked about “fake Christians” in name only and how “they would look at us and say we are heretics.” Did quite a bit of running mainstream Christians down and said they have a “shallow belief in Christ.” –Bible study critiqued by L. S.

Gerald Flurry’s Jet Plane is Paid Off and More Money Received:

May 2, 2021

Andrew Locher gave a sermon on April 17 about “Reviving the Elijah Work.” It was just another boring sermon about how the book of Malachi (which has “code” in chapter 3) is written to the Laodicean ministry, and HWA and GF are in it, and GF who is Elisha has “revelation” and must prophesy again. (Note: The part about the jet comes later in this sermon.)

Only a few highlights and news from the sermon: (comments in purple by L. S.)

“We had more people attending services in 1999 than we do today. … We need bigger congregations. Are we praying hard enough?” (Translation: Are we sending enough money in?)

“After the world collapses they will say “there was a prophet among them.” (Lie: There are no prophets today, in spite of GF claiming to be “that Prophet.”)

“When God says He will send his messenger in Malachi 3, that is a coded message.”

“The three messengers in Malachi are: John the Baptist, Christ and HWA.” (Lie: There is no 3rd messenger in Malachi 3.)

“The work of Elisha that God said He gave the little book to, his job is to prophesy again, and give this warning to the Laodiceans.” (Lies: Elisha and Laodiceans are not even mentioned in Malachi. This is all part of GF’s so-called “revelations.”)

“We better recognize where God is working.” (God works in many places, not just in PCG.)

“The Key of David is no longer on two national stations. … God made that happen. But God has added close to 30 new television stations in the past few weeks.”

“The ministry is increasingly becoming graduates.” (of Armstrong College) (That way they are more submissive to “God’s government”; i.e., PCG HQs, and there is less chance of them leaving.)

“Our primary and our distinguishing blessing is God’s new revelation. That’s what distinguishes us.” (That’s what distinguishes a group as a cult.)

Finances: 2021 is stunning. As of today, our income is 30% increase over last year (which was the best ever). Holy day offerings this spring are at their highest levels they’ve ever been–8-10% increase over last year (last year being the biggest). GF announced we received a million dollar donation and that’s on top of all this record breaking other donations. Best year ever in first tithe, best year ever in holy day offerings, best year ever in third tithe–by a long shot.” (Could that be how all those new TV stations are being paid for?)

“We’ve had a terrific year in Canada. Income in Canada right now is 330% increase over last year. We received $1.1 million dollars so far this year in Estate income in Canada. So Mr. Heyer’s (Carlos Heyer) prayer for multiple millions–God is doing it. It’s happening in the United States; it’s happening in Canada; holy day offerings are up all over the globe as far as I can see. Mr. Heyer brings back a huge amount of money. The sacrifice of the brethren there. He brings back thousands and thousands of dollars from Central and South America.” (The poor members in those countries are giving money they don’t really have. And Locher encourages them to keep on giving!)

The Gulfstream G450 Jet is now paid off. We own it. God’s church is debt free. We don’t own anything to anybody–except to God. We own everything–Edstone, Edmond, all the equipment, the aircraft, the vehicles. We own God’s revelation, the most valuable gift of all.” (Where did this million dollars really come from? Read April 5 letter above, “PCG’s $1 Million Offering Sounds Suspicious.”)

“The 3 Elijahs are: John the Baptist, the original Elijah and Herbert W. Armstrong.” (Lie: HWA isn’t in the book of Malachi. There are no three Elijahs.)

Increase if we can as the offerings are so important for God’s Work.” (The words “if we can” will be ignored by the members and they will give all they can. The money is so important for GF’s ego.)

“The Laodicean approach is that it is all in vain. They are tired. But God commands us to have some joy, some excitement, to stir that Spirit.”

“Imagine what it would be like if you were totally submissive and totally dedicated to God.” (Yes, imagine the heavy burdens and the empty pocketbooks.)

–[name withheld] (comments by L. S.)

Comment by ESN: See 9-29-20 letter: “Members Told Not to Forget About the Dig Once the Jet Is Paid Off” which says members were told that once the Jet is paid off they would “hopefully use the money to fund the Dig.”

GF’s Fall Will be Great:

May 3, 2021

I firmly believe GF’s prosperity and outreach has been because Satan has given him the power. Satan has always had his ministers and his churches. Certain verses come to mind: “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.” (II Corinthians 11:13-15)

I cannot imagine what devious plans GF and SF are putting into place to prepare for the day when GF dies and how they are going to keep members from leaving. But this I am sure of, when GF’s fall comes–and it will come–it will be great because He does not place his trust in Christ alone for salvation but has chosen to lead many astray into lies and heresies and all for opulence and power. What shame!

As I thought about this, another verse came to mind: “I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree. Yet he passed away, and, lo, he was not: yea, I sought him, but he could not be found.” (Psalms 37: 35-36). –[name withheld]

GF is Still Talking about Trump Returning to Office:

May 5, 2021

I can’t believe that GF is still talking about Trump returning to office. It’s in the July 2021 Trumpet “What Will Happen After Trump Regains Power.” A few quotes from GF:

“I do not know how it will happen, but I am convinced Donald Trump is going to regain the presidency. Bible prophecy foretells it!” “This all must happen because of a miracle from God!” “If we are shown to be wrong, then we will change and believe God! But everything God is showing us now makes it look like, despite appearances to the contrary, we are right on target.”

His article is loaded with many more insane words. He is going “down the rabbit hole” and is leading his followers to do the same. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is sick of hearing about this. –G. A.

GF Tells Members They are Embezzling If They Take From Their 2nd Tithe:

May 7, 2021

GF’s fear tactics are getting stronger. If members dare to get into their 2nd tithe, it’s considered not only “stealing” (as HWA used to call it) but now is “embezzling“! He says it “does not work” to do that and if they refuse to set aside their 2nd tithe, or get into it, they will “surely suffer financial and spiritual penalties for disobeying God!” To strengthen this fear tactic, he says, “Quite a number have learned the hard way that ‘this borrowing’ does not work.” (“Frequent 2nd Tithe Questions”) [emp. mine]

First of all, tithes are not commanded in the New Testament and neither is keeping the O. T. festivals, but all HWA cult leaders (con-artists) must enforce tithing by twisting Scripture, or they themselves fear they won’t be rolling in the dough anymore. –[name withheld]

Members to Keep Contributing to the “Aircraft Fund”:

May 9, 2021

When I was in PCG, members were constantly asked to give not only until it hurt, but beyond, sacrificing all of their comforts so that the ministry could live in luxury. Even though GF’s private jet was recently paid off (April 16), I hear they still have their “Aircraft fund” that members are to contribute to. Unbelievable! Is there no end to how much they will milk the members for? I received this from an acquaintance of mine: [emp. mine]

“Thanks to your sacrifice in the aircraft fund and other fundraisers,” Mr. Locher said, “the purchase price as well as a new paint job, avionics and safety upgrades, and planned (and unplanned) maintenance has all been paid. … Already this year, we have made several trips, with additional flights already planned. Thank you so much for your sacrifice! We still average nearly $80,000 per month in operating expense.This figure fluctuates quite a bit depending on our flight activity, but we can still really use any contributions you can make toward the aircraft fund.” (Excerpted from PN, 5-7-21)

“There is no doubt that God has big projects in mind, so let’s keep pace with God and continue to give as we are able.” (Ibid, Andrew Locher)

When GF and SF (and the privileged ministers) finally leave for their “place of safety” or wherever they take off to, they’ll travel first-class and take all the money with them, leaving members nothing but bills. –[name withheld]

Members Are Sure to Experience Anxiety and Guilt:
May 14, 2021
(Moved to PCG Sermons & Bible Study Critiques. Search for title)

GF Says God Revealed to Him the Sign of Immanuel:
May 16, 2021
(Moved to PCG Sermons & Bible Study Critiques. Search for title)

Pumping Up the Volume of Fear:

May 18, 2021

From what I’m reading on ESN, GF is really pumping up the volume and fear about members giving money. Even if his private jet is paid off, that fancy jet still costs a bundle to maintain and provide GF’s ritzy appearance. I think the PCG is seeing cash sources (members) leaving, and is worried about putting a Band-Aid on it to stem the source of the outward cash flow. Even if he received $2 million recently and even if he’s somehow connected with money-laundering, his greed would cause him to want even more money. –N. R.

GF’s Frequent Clearing of His Throat:

May 18, 2021

I heard that sermon GF gave right before Pentecost (“The Sign of Immanuel”) and he is always having to clear his throat as was mentioned before. Thought you’d like to know that I read that frequent clearing of the throat could be an indicator that the speaker knows that he is lying and that his subconsciousness is making the “cough.” Read: Throat Clearing May Indicate Deception. He also will have a laugh that can’t even be described as a real laugh; it’s almost like a mocking. –Impacted by loved one in PCG

PCG’s Strict Rules for Those Attending SEP:

May 22, 2021

Someone passed the following material on to me. [emp. mine]

Jason Cocomise mailed a letter with 4 PDF documents for those who will be attending Philadelphia Church of God Summer Educational Program aka SEP (formerly called Philadelphia Youth Camp or PYC) to sign. To attend camp it will cost $350 per camper. The documents contain many questions parents must answer and a multitude of rules they agree to follow. Here is some of it:

They must fill in their travel plans to camp and from camp with the airline, flight number, arrival or departure date (to and from Oklahoma City). If they aren’t traveling by airplane to camp, or are coming in early, they must explain their travel arrangements (i.e., who they will be traveling with, who is driving, estimated time of departure, etc.). They must explain the same thing for departure from camp.

There also is a Medical Consent for Rendering of Medical Services that must be signed and notarized.

Then there is a Minor Waiver/Release which says that the risk of injury to your child from the activities is significant including permanent disability and death. When you sign you are saying that you will freely assume all such risks. Signing this paper is to “release and hold harmless the Philadelphia Church of God Summer Educational Program, (goes on to include directors, employees, volunteers, etc.) with respect to any and all injury, disability, death,” etc.

The signed waiver/release “will be kept on file by the SEP for at least 7 years or possibly longer if the participant has been involved in a serious injury.”

The participant and the parent/guardian must also sign the S.E.P. Release and Acknowledgment of S.E.P. Standards which is a covenant not to sue and to release and hold harmless PCG from and against claims or suits, resulting from personal injuries and bodily injuries, etc. The “S.E.P. Standards” at end of this document covers the “high standards of personal conduct. These standards include rules against intoxication or possession of intoxicants, sexual misconduct, use or possession of illegal drugs, stealing, smoking, disorderly conduct, intentional destruction of property,refusal to cooperate with Church or S.E.P. counselors, chaperons or helpers or any conduct or attitudes not in keeping with God’s law and beliefs of the Church. Applicants and chaperons will also be expected to maintain high standards of dress and grooming.”

The rules are endless and much of it is in all caps to make sure you understand. –Oklahoma [name withheld]

Offering on Pentecost

May 23, 2021

Brad Macdonald [regional director in the UK and Europe] on Pentecost said the offering was $68, 263.25. He said 367 people were in attendance and that made it $186.01 per person. –[name withheld]

Another Guilt Trip on Members:
May 29, 2021
(Moved to PCG Sermons & Bible Study Critiques. Search for title)

GF Still a False Prophet:

May 30, 2021

Have you noticed how there’s no more mention about Trump and the stolen election? Good ol’ Jerry (GF) and Stevie (SF) want this one swept right under the rug–so far under that nobody would dare bring it up again. What a catastrophic failure this prophecy turned out to be. This was a huge one–King Jeroboam II is Donald Trump and he would remain President, a signature prophecy that only a fake prophet like Jerry could come up with. Well, there’s no sign of Trump and President Biden seems to be doing whatever he wants to.

I just thought I’d remind everyone who checks out this site (including those sneaky members who aren’t allowed to do so, but do anyway) what a false prophet Jerry is and what a babbling side-kick Stevie is. After all, it’s our duty to recognize a false prophet when we see one and to beware of them. So please beware! –M. G.

Comment: That prophecy failed (even though GF denied it was a prophecy), but he wrote an article for the July 2021 Trumpet: “What Will Happen After Trump Regains Power” where he says Trump “will return to office to stop some of the destruction being caused by the current administration.” He also says, “It seems certain to me that this will happen before the next presidential election in 2024—unless there would be some kind of war and voting combined. But 2 Kings 14:28 does not even hint of an election.”

PCG Tries to Scare People:

May 31, 2021

I wanted to add something else about SF’s sermon on “Satan’s Attack on the Lay Membership.” [see May 29 letter) PCG has an insert in their July 2021 Trumpet (“Is Coronavirus the Mark of the Beast?”) where it says, “The mark of the beast is connected directly to one specific commandment. … It is the Fourth Commandment:” (Saturday Sabbath) They are quoting from HWA’s booklet “Who or What Is The Prophetic Beast?” This is another booklet that will put utter fear into the mind of anyone who reads it and who doesn’t understand that Christians are not under the Mosaic Law today, which includes the Sabbath Law. No wonder there are members who are still staying in PCG and who didn’t leave because of GF’s false prophecy. Not only is SF telling them they can’t “go it alone” but he is saying if they don’t stay in “the one true church” and cleave to the fourth commandment they will receive the Mark of the Beast. I never see GF saying anything about cleaving to Christ and how we have not been given a spirit of fear. –L. S.

Comment: Read: What is the Mark of the Beast and how do we keep from being afraisd?

Someone Passed a Copy of the Celtic Throne Performance on to Me:

May 31, 2021

A PCG source I know recorded the Celtic Throne performance that was going on live at Armstrong Auditorium last nite and passed a copy on to me so I could watch it. They had a “throne” sitting on the stage. At the beginning of the performance, they said all devices needed to be off and recordings were prohibited (probably because they didn’t want anyone watching it without paying money). I was told the Live Stream cost $15 for non-members and being in the Auditorium costs $30-$55 depending on seating.

While all the performers were amazing, Irish dance is definitely dangerous. I see lots of potential for injury during the dancing. They move in some crazy ways that aren’t natural for the body. I’m sure there is a lot of pressure put on all of them to do their absolute best since they are performing “for God.” I just hope they weren’t pressured to perform. I felt sad when I watched the parts of it where the young ones are shown. They have such a good life ahead of them if only they can someday get the heck out of there. –Oklahoma

Wayne Turgeon Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine:
June 4, 2021
(Moved to PCG Sermons & Bible Study Critiques. Search for title)

All Men in PCG to Wear White Shirts to Services:

June 4, 2021

GF has made an announcement that all men are to wear white shirts for Sabbath services. Evidently colored shirts are out. –[name withheld]

Note: Read July 30 letter below which reinforces this “white shirts only” policy.

PCG Still Encouraging Contributions for the Aircraft Fund:

June 4, 2021

While Wayne Turgeon and his wife Laura have been gallivanting around visiting as many European brethren as they can–in spite of Turgeon “getting a taste of his own medicine” on the way–GF has not slowed down in accepting (and even encouraging) contributions from the members for the aircraft fund. This is how the recent PCG Friday Philadelphian announcement is being worded to make it look like members are the ones still interested: (emp. mine)

“Members have asked where they can send special contributions now that the Church has paid off the purchase price of its aircraft.”

Notice how the announcement goes on to say:

“Chief financial officer Andrew Locher said that the aircraft fund is still open for ongoing maintenance and travel costs, as well as the building fund and the Jerusalem (archaeology) fund. Those interested are to submit their donations through [the PCG church website].”

Now guess who is going to pay for all this? You guessed it. The members! There is no end to all the cash PCG needs. –FL

Gerald Flurry Still Full of Malarkey:
June 17, 2021
(Moved to PCG Sermons & Bible Study Critiques. Search for title)

GF Gives Me the Willies:

June 19, 2021

I don’t like to look at GF’s picture as it gives me the “willies.” To me he looks like a shyster. These con artists (aka cult leaders) start out looking handsome and dashing when young and end up looking almost scary as they age. Perhaps he should have a younger picture of himself posted, like other sites do that are pro-Herbert Armstrong. Seriously, I think all those years of lying and conniving and scamming people affects the way someone looks.  –[name withheld]

Comment: Many sociopaths look “handsome and dashing.” Read: Profile of a Sociopath

Ministers Living the Abundant Life:

June 22, 2021

After reading “Members to Keep Contributing to the ‘Aircraft Fund’ [May 9 letter above] one cannot help but note the abundant life these people live.

With leading ministers flying around the world, living in mansions on million dollar estates, they are living the life of abundance!

Members are expected to give their first, second and third tithes, holy day offerings, contribute to the building fund, aircraft fund, Jerusalem fund, and volunteer for those fundraisers. With all that cash coming in, including “record breaking donations,” you’d think these leaders would be satisfied.

The truth is that it’s never enough for them. The members must continue to sacrifice for the “Work of God” which has become Jude Flurry dancing about his grandfather’s throne.

The members are seriously disadvantaged. They are discouraged from getting a “worldly” education with limited opportunities to build high earning careers; wives prohibited from working (except those employed at headquarters, of course) and then there are the tithes, offerings, funds and fundraisers, giving at least one third of their already below par income.

This all comes at a cost to the average member: barely making ends meet; difficulty in buying their own homes, unable to save for their futures, unlikely to invest in their children’s education and an overall lower standard of living.

It’s sad to see members live in poverty, struggling to survive while sacrificing to prop up the lives of the ministers, especially those at Edmond and Edstone.

Members of the PCG need to ask themselves these questions and be honest in their response: Since you came into the PCG, has the membership grown or declined? Has the reach of the message grown or declined? Is the message really making an impact in the world? Is God really backing PCG’s efforts? Are GF’s prophecies coming to pass (e.g., Tkach Jr. to conspire with Donald Trump, Donald Trump remaining in office, the open door in Jerusalem, etc.)?

It seems the only visible growth that can be found is in their wealth and the standard of living of their ministers.

It’s a real shame that these crooked men who claim to be doing the “Work of God” spend those hard earned tithes and offerings on themselves, on their mansions, on their jet and on their Irish dancing.

Shame on the ministers of the Philadelphia Church of God!! They have so much to answer for! –M. K.

Brian Davis Has Been Visiting Members:

June 23, 2021

Brian Davis and Eric Burns have been making the rounds visiting members. Davis is a pompous ass in my opinion. I noticed that he wore expensive shoes, and I do mean expensive, and had rented a top-of-the-line expensive rental to make his rounds. Since he’s salaried, this is all at the members’ expense. The ministers’ wives come with them and they act like whipped dogs, afraid of their husbands’ shadows. –[name withheld]

Comment: As of 2020, Brian Davis was Northeast United States regional director and Eric Burns was preaching elder and Herbert W. Armstrong College assistant dean of students.

Read: “Brian Davis is an Abusive Tyrant ” (2012 letter to ESN)

GF Using His Private Jet to Fly to Celtic Throne Performances:

June 26, 2021

GF is getting lots of use out of his private jet. Not to visit foreign countries as HWA did, but he’s using it at present to fly to the Celtic Throne performances. He flew to TN to watch the performance there and he’ll probably fly to the one coming up in Little Rock, AR and Tulsa, OK. He’s also working hard on a booklet about “prophecies relating to Presidents Obama, Trump and Biden and the final days of America,” which he hopes to distribute at this year’s Feast of Tabernacles.” –FL

Disgusted with Andrew Locher’s Deceit:

June 26, 2021

I was disgusted with Andrew Locher after listening to some of his recent sermon “What is God’s Purpose for the Sabbath?” He said he doesn’t go to “Laodicean” websites very often but “thought he would go to GCI’s website” [Grace Communion International, formerly known as WCG] and search for the word “Sabbath.” He said nothing showed up, just a notice saying sorry, nothing matched your criteria and to go back and search again. I thought this was odd so I went to GCI’s website and did a search myself and 550 results came up!

I don’t know what kind of game Locher is playing, but he’s evidently lying, deceiving, or plain deceived himself! Or is he so stupid he doesn’t know how to do a search? What kind of liars are in PCG? Of course, the members are going to believe every word he said as they are taught not to go to GCI’s site (or any “dissident” site such as the ESN). I hope some of the “thinkers” in PCG will go and do their own search. (By the way, ESN exposes GCI in the section Worldwide Church of God Expose` (GCI).)

Next, he brought up the booklet “Which Day is the Christian Sabbath?” by Herbert Armstrong and was quoting aimlessly what HWA said in it. This booklet was reviewed by William Hohmann in ESN in the past and was posted in PDF with the title: “A Critique of Which Day is the Christian Sabbath?” [link is now corrected] I hope others will read that critique. –sermon critiqued by L. S.

Pray Against The Trumpet Website:

June 27, 2021

Without discernment, prayer and investigative research, people will be pulled into this mind manipulating cult. I encourage others to pray against the Trumpet website. May God speed the day when their evil will be destroyed. –A. R.

Flurry Elite Flying Around Nation With Grandchildren to Perform Their Irish Jigs:

June 29, 2021

I read the June 26 letter: “GF Using His Private Jet to Fly to “Celtic Throne” performances.” Apparently, what else happened was the Flurry grandchildren were flown exclusively in King Jerry’s luxury jet to Birmingham, Alabama and Nashville, Tennessee for several public performances of “The Celtic Throne.” I can’t help but remember all of the times I had to write out tithe checks to the PCG while barely able to pay my bills. I just wonder how many PCG people are barely able to scrape by sending desperately needed cash into PCG HQ so the Flurry elite can fly luxury private jets around the nation to perform their Irish jigs to the public. I remember helping to buy groceries for elderly PCG ladies who were refused third tithe assistance by Gerald Flurry and Cal Culpepper because we know all of that money was siphoned off into Flurry own private account. –Former member of PCG [name withheld]

Also read: “Where Most of PCG’s Third Tithe Fund Goes To

Brian Davis and Wayne Turgeon Are Two of the Worst at HQ:

June 30, 2021

I was told on good authority that Brian Davis and Wayne Turgeon [GF’s son-in-law] are two of the worst at HQ who read up on Exit and Support postings. I was informed that they “laugh and joke” when reading the letters of the abuse and heartache that people have written into ESN. The incident at the Swiss Airport with Turgeon  is a typical example of their two-faced hypocrisy. [see June 4 letter above: “Wayne Turgeon Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine”] They preach one thing to the dumb sheep about “obeying government” but when faced with putting into practice what they preach they expose themselves to be totally unsaved hypocrites. And to make it even more apparent to all, Turgeon even boasts in that sermon how he tried to intimidate and harass those airport workers who were only trying to do their job–even making one worker to shake through his verbal harassment. Real Christ-like there, Wayne. None of those PCG ministers or HQ are saved or indwelt with an ounce of the Holy Spirit. It is all Satanic, legalistic, work salvation heresy that will doom them all to perdition one day. –B. S. (Former PCG member)

Comment: Read excellent testimony: Abusive Experiences with Wayne Turgeon and Ron Hanson and letter:Brian Davis is an Abusive Tyrant.”

Can You Honestly Prove Any of What Gerald Flurry Says?

July 1, 2021

GF on this Key of David program proclaimed, “God is going to speak to this world” and “This is new revelation.” He kept talking about how you “have to prove things or you are deceived.” Following is the email with transcript: [references to magazine titles by ESN]

Did anyone notice on a recent Key of David, Gerald Flurry admitting that God has given more than 50 visions?

“So I can think of, like 50 visions in the last 30 years that God has revealed, and I’ve proven them, and they’re right there in your Bible and you can prove it.” [8:46] … “Each one of these is directed to God’s elect and the entire world.” [9:01] (Key of David, “At The End, It Shall Speak”)

This reminds me of Jeremiah 23:16: “Thus says the Lord of hosts: ‘Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you, filling you with vain hopes. They speak visions of their own minds, not from the mouth of the Lord.'” (ESV)

It is easy to see right through that Key of David episode and how he is trying to scam you:

  • First, he starts with the typical doom and gloom.
  • Next, he talks about faith and that you’re not God’s people if you don’t believe what he says.
  • Then he even reads Hebrews 10:38 to guilt you into staying in his “church.” (“Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.“)
  • Then, he tells his listeners not to trust any man. [But to trust the man God is using]
  • Lastly, he concludes asking his listeners to believe God. But what he means is that you should believe him.

He says that God expects us to prove all things. But you can’t prove much of what Gerald Flurry says! How exactly would you go about proving the New Throne of David? How do you prove whose voice he heard? Are you even allowed to question that voice?

1 John 4:1 tells us to test every spirit for there are many false prophets! Are members allowed to test that spirit? What if Gerald Flurry is a false prophet?!

Gerald Flurry is trying to manipulate you. He is playing with your mind and your emotions. Use the same objectivity you would with anyone else and ask yourself what is he really doing? Be honest with yourself.

He claims to be a prophet. [Go to Special News Report on Philadelphia Church of God and search for the word “prophet” to see how this is true.]

He claims the PCG is “God’s one true Church” and the biggest proof of this is prophecy, according to Gerald Flurry. I challenge every PCG member to name one prophecy that has come true–one prophecy that has legitimately become reality.

“When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You need not be afraid of him.” (Deuteronomy 18:22. ESV)

Let’s have a look at some of the prophecies he expects us to believe:

  • In 2001, he told us that we were in the last hour and then three years later, the last half hour.
  • In 2005, he told us he was going to the cities one last time, even though he went again a decade later!
  • In 2007, he told us that Obama wouldn’t get into office.
  • In 2013, he told us that Bricket Wood was prophesied. He also told us that Obama was the last president and then he told us that Obama wouldn’t leave office.
  • In 2017, he told us that he bought the plane to go to the cities one last time (again).
  • In 2019, he told us that he had an open door in Jerusalem to buy one of two buildings (which both fell through).
  • And just last year, he told us that Trump would remain president.

He has told us time and time again that Christ is about to return, that we will flee within three years or less, that this is the last president, that it is all about to end. He has been telling us this for more than 30 years now!

If you are honest, you have to admit that none of his prophecies have come true!

Ever notice that he tends to “prophesy” retrospectively? He is now telling us that Biden was prophesied because there is a pause in Jeroboam’s rule. If he is a true prophet, why didn’t he know this before the election? Why did he spend half a million dollars telling everyone that Trump would remain president if he knew that Trump wouldn’t!

If he is a prophet, then he is a lousy prophet at best! And if he is a false prophet, you should not fear him! And you should not believe his lies nor his scams.

Gerald Flurry is a false prophet, a con artist and a liar. He is not going to take you to a place of safety and you’re not getting a double crown for following him.

Cursed is the man that puts his trust in another man. (Jeremiah 17:5)

P. S. PCG members may think that the court case is an example of fulfilled prophecy. GF talked about the Mystery of the Ages lawsuit towards the end of this KOD (14:00), which he has always called a “victory.” [May 2003 Philadelphia Trumpet, “Miracle Victory! And What It Means”]. He said on this KOD, “God forced them (WCG) to give us more than we asked for.” He declared that Mystery of the Ages “is a synopsis of the entire Bible” and “is the second most important book on this earth.” To read more about this lawsuit go to: Sold Copyrights to Philadelphia Church of God. This part will also link to the letter: “PCG Did NOT Win a Victory in the WCG vs. PCG Court Case” (email to ESN from Attorney at Law). Gerald Flurry does indeed think that prophecy is proof of God. (Royal Vision, December 7, 2018, “Prophecy Is the Proof of God”); May-June 2020 Philadelphia Trumpet, “Prophecy Is Proof of God.”

–M. K. (former member of PCG)

Fred Dattolo Pushes Theme of “Obey God’s Government”:
July 4, 2021
(Moved to PCG Sermons & Bible Study Critiques. Search for title)

Criticism is a Badge of Honor for the Ministry in PCG:

July 4 2021

Reading the June 30 letter entitled, “Brian Davis and Wayne Turgeon Are Two of the Worst at HQ,” one thing stands out. For the ministry of the PCG to get criticism is like a badge of honor. ESN letters give them something titillating to preach about to a captured congregation which has no idea what is going on outside of their own camp. These ministers recite the same list of Bible verses that refer to persecution and say, “See, here is proof that we are doing God’s Work.”

No one can be so difficult to reach as those who perceive correction as the way to justify their belief.

Gerald Flurry has preached since the beginning of the PCG that, “The altar [PCG] has been set back on its base [HWA].” This makes him and the PCG immune to correction and is why the very message is about allegiance to a man, or to a rock. Nothing could be more dangerous. –A. B.

Kirk Macdonald Dies:

July 5, 2021

Kirk Macdonald, preaching elder in eastern Canada, passed away July 2. His brother Garth Macdonald also died while in the PCG several years ago. [Read: “Garth Macdonald Dies Due to Lack of Medical Care“] –Australia

Kirk Macdonald Died of Diabetes:

July 10, 2021

Just received the news that Kirk Macdonald, age 41, died of a “health trial” with diabetes which intensified towards the last few days. He died on July 2. As far as I know, he was not taking any medicine for his diabetes. His brother Garth died due to lack of medical care. He left behind three children, ages 15, 12 and 9 and a wife Nichole. –Anonymous

Kirk Macdonald Dies Without Medical Care:

July 10, 2021

Brad Macdonald gave a Bible Study the end of June, “Precious is the Death of a Saint.” Since I am sickened about this, I am going to quote from his words: [bolding is mine]

“My brother Kirk’s health has taken a turn for the worse this week. He’s 40 and a minister in Canada. Has 3 children. He’s had some underlying issues. Had diabetes for 3 or 4 years. He’s put his trust in God for healing and been doing what he can do through diet and exercise to manage the diabetes. Last weekend he wasn’t feeling very well; he started to lose strength and energy, and then Monday and Tues [June 28 & 29] his health deteriorated further and then by Wed [June 30] he really wasn’t sleeping and had a lot of pain in his joints and was finding it really difficult to breathe. Last night he fell asleep at 11:00PM which we thought was good, but he hasn’t woken up yet, so he’s been asleep for a long time. So we don’t know exactly how this is going to end or the way it is going to end. But he’s not doing great.”

What kind of evil men are these in PCG that teach to rely on God for healing when there is medicine to alleviate their suffering and even prolong their life? There’s evidently many more who are dying or have already died in PCG due to lack of medical attention as Macdonald went on to say:

“There are a lot of God’s people who suffer through health trials and die in the faith.”

PCG ministers won’t tell members that they shouldn’t go to doctors (this is the same as Herbert Armstrong would say) but Macdonald continued with these words:

“We need to know where we stand and we need to make sure the number one concern is NOT the earthen vessel. The number one concern is the spiritual treasure inside and we have to protect that.”

Then he told how his brother Kirk valued the spiritual treasure over the earthen vessel.

–[name withheld]

Will Take a Massive Shaking Up:

July 11, 2021

I think it will take a massive shaking up in PCG to really wake members up. Perhaps with GF’s death, even though the old buzzard could live for many more years. We saw how long HWA lived (and he was seeing doctors). There wasn’t a big enough shaking with GF’s failed “Trump prophecy” because he had all his bases covered and he knew if he could come up with the perfect lie the obedient members would keep hanging on. Liars (and sociopaths) are conniving enough to know how to drag deceit out for years and years.

Regrettably, I’ve seen people leave and immediately start checking out some other “one true church of God” on the Internet. They are in actuality saying “Christ is not enough for me; my whole identity is still tied to the Armstrong cult.”

The fear in PCG is overwhelming. It overshadows any critical thinking for the majority. The cult leaders of these groups that have perpetuated all this are pure evil. –A. R.

All the Deaths of Younger Adults in PCG:

July 13, 2021

Even though we have been out of PCG for nearly 20 years, we have seen and heard about all the deaths of younger adults in the PCG. It has been this way since the early 90’s. The PCG seems to have an extraordinary amount of adults ages 20-45 dying. They appear to have a lot more younger people than organizations like UCG. They have families with 3 generations of PCG membership. They are loyal to GRF and the organization.

Before I got married, I briefly dated two different ladies who both eventually died of cancer. The first one was about 30 when she died. I was still in PCG at that time. The second lady died at about 40. This was several years after we left PCG. These were not isolated incidents. Sometimes it’s cancer, other times it’s diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, bacterial infections, etc. And of course suicides!

This is clear evidence that the PCG is under a curse, and the membership is not being blessed with good health and miraculous healing! And they aren’t the only offshoot facing this dilemma. We have known (now deceased) members in other organizations who went all over the world for cures for cancer and came up short. Honestly, as a general rule we feel most COG members are in worse health than the heathen world that they preach against.

Most of the ministers in the offshoots will not give sermons on healing. And if they do it would probably just be a lot of misinformation from HWA. If they preach sermons on healing they run the risk of offending members and that means they will lose money. Their silence is deafening! –Former member of LCG/RCG/PCG [name withheld]

Comment: Read: Herbert Armstrong Received a Bag of Medicine and Had a Parade of Doctors (Letter to ESN from an area sales manager who worked for a pharmaceutical company at the time)

GF’s Boasting in His “God Family” Sermon:
July 17, 2021
(Moved to PCG Sermons & Bible Study Critiques. Search for title)

Working at Edstone Like There Is No End in Sight:

July 21, 2021

In spite of GF and the big honchos at HQs saying the Tribulation and their fleeing to the Place of Safety is “coming soon,” they are working at Edstone like there is no end in sight. Not only are they continuing to work like beavers on their farm there–mostly using the students as free labor–but they have been busily engaged in recent months with projects such as: buying sheep and cows; spreading parking lot gravel; trenching a new sheep water trough; digging a hard-standing for a sheep shed and for a cattle shelter; bringing in top soil; planting Yew trees; replacing light fixtures; sanding and cleaning floors; installing irrigation pipe and fencing; refinishing Edstone Hall’s main staircase, along with re-staining the ceiling beams, and the latest, installing a new camera in the room where services are held. A camera for what?? To watch the members?? To make sure some unwanted visitor doesn’t slip in?? They are also now looking into potential future excavations in Jerusalem. That’s right. More excavations. It all sounds wonderful to the members who are admonished to keep praying about all these undertakings.

Either GF thinks he has a hundred years left, or as some have pontificated, perhaps he and SF and all those “godly” ministers are planning on making Edstone their own “place of safety” when and if things get really rough in the U.S., and leave the members behind to fend for themselves.  –Florida (excerpts taken from The Friday Philadelphian)

PCG and Laodiceans / No-Contact Ruling Has Not Changed:

July 28, 2021

The PCG has not in any way shape or form relaxed it’s stance on contacting and communicating with ex members aka Laodiceans. It is strongly reinforced that they are a poison and like a cancer and members are not to have contact unless it is an end of life type situation. On occasion, when it suits their whim of the day, they may decide to decree that a person’s baptism wasn’t valid so you “may” have some limited contact. Or perhaps, an unbaptized child who left, you are in certain cases “allowed” limited contact. But there is no change, there never will be a change. They would lose control of their people and their membership is dwindling. They can not afford to lose control of a single person and risk them being exposed to someone who may make them question or doubt their beliefs.

They are not reasonable, they are still destroying families and separating them, and they simply don’t care. So I definitely don’t want people thinking they have changed or relaxed their policy when they have not. –Ex PCG member [name withheld]

Brad Macdonald Attempts to Brainwash Youth at SEP:

July 29, 2021

Brad Macdonald gave a sermon to the youth at SEP on the final Sabbath entitled “On Fire For Your Royal Calling” where he attempted to brainwash the youth into this so-called “Royal Calling.” In it he told them “God is recreating Himself” and “Getting the Key of David vision deeply in our minds is the great source of hope for us.” He also said “There are thousands of churches out there and Satan would like to make you think that the PCG is just another church.” [Translation: “There are thousands of cults out there and PCG is one of them.”] Part of his brainwashing was to say, “In January 2017 He [God] put the Throne of David into this church. There is huge responsibility that comes with that.” –critiqued by Anonymous

GF Reminds Men to Only Wear White Shirts to Services:

July 30, 2021

One of the traits of a cult is controlling everything in the person’s life. This is the reason people who leave have a lot of trouble making their own decisions, because they have been treated as children. In the July 23 Friday Philadelphian men were reminded of the ruling about white shirts as it says: “Reminder: Pastor General Gerald Flurry has said that men should wear white shirts to Sabbath and holy day services. A full suit is also preferred.” Preferred means you better do it.

I found an article written by Gareth Fraser (November 16, 2018), “God’s Character in Your Clothing” and in it he says: “The way we present ourselves on the outside reveals much about our character on the inside.” He talks about the “Philadelphian Standard” and reiterates how Herbert Armstrong wrote an article, “The Way We Dress Could Keep Us Out of God’s Kingdom.”

This is why GF is telling the men (and women) how to dress. In a cult everything is regulated and spelled out. This is the opposite of freedom. –[name withheld]

Stephen Flurry Brainwashes the Youth at SEP:
August 3, 2021
(Moved to PCG Sermons & Bible Study Critiques. Search for title)

Monotonous Sermon by GF Included Senseless Statements:
August 16, 2021
(Moved to PCG Sermons & Bible Study Critiques. Search for title)

Boasting and SF’s Gleefulness on the Trumpet Daily Show:

August 18, 2021

On the August 16, 2021 Trumpet Daily, “Bible Prophecy and the Fall of Kabul,” Sam Livingston (who filled in for SF) kept blowing the horn about “America has won its last war” and “This is the end of the America super power” and “Herbert Armstrong prophesied about that for decades.” Really?

In the article Memories About Petra you can read about HWA saying “America has won its last war.” Livingston evidently doesn’t know that the predictions HWA gave about America were supposed to take place before 1975. See: The United States and Britain in Prophecy (What Did Herbert Armstrong Teach About it?).

Furthermore, there was no mention on this show about the followers of Jesus Christ in Afghanistan (persecution for them is only slightly less oppressive than in North Korea), or prayers needed for them at this time, because that’s the furthest thing from GF and SF’s mind. All they care about is peddling fear and false doctrine, pulling in the money, and boasting about HWA. Do they know that leaving Islam is considered a sign of insanity? That’s almost identical to what GF says about those who disagree with his “one true church.”

Then on the August 17 Trumpet Daily, “Afghanistan Defeat and the Last Hour,” SF’s voice was very loud as he talked about “America’s retreat” and “attack coming on America from without and within.” SF actually sounded gleeful that all this is happening. I think we already know how sick GF and SF are and how incapable of empathy they are. But they are not going to worry their little narrow-minded brains about any of this because they expect to be safely situated in the “Place of Safety” when and if everything eventually collapses. –L. S.

Head Honchos in PCG Do Not Care About the Lost Sheep:

August 24, 2021

When Gerald Flurry and Stephen Flurry–and the PCG ministry in general–but especially those two head honchos come to mind, I am reminded of a certain Scripture in the Holy Bible. For example, the parable of the Lord Jesus Christ found in the Gospel of Luke (Luke 15:4-7).

I wonder if anyone who views this site could ever picture GF or SF going out of their way to follow up on a former PCG member who has been booted out–probably for something petty–just to see if that person is surviving spiritually? Not on your life! These so called ministers do not care what happens to you once you are out. They could not care less. The only thing they are concerned about is that the money keeps rolling in so they can maintain their extravagant lifestyle. Not exactly following Christ’s example, are they? –M. G.

Twisted Trumpet Daily Covered “Curses From God”:

August 27, 2021

Another twisted Trumpet Daily program was given on August 26 and covered “curses from God.” It was filled with false doctrine as usual. I won’t go into everything he said as doctrine is covered on the ESN site. His voice always sounds horrible when he raises it and almost yells.

He brought out that what the Trumpet magazine said two decades ago was “not because we were rooting against the United States but because we were basing our forecast on Bible prophecy.” How twisted. They (and HWA) always emphasized the downfall of the U.S. and how Germany would attack. (Read: Did Herbert Armstrong Set Dates?) And it was never a “forecast” but a prophecy.

Another twisted remark, along with being a lie, was when he said, “Mr. Armstrong was a family man. That’s what he promoted. … Look at the church family under his leadership.” Sure he was a “family man.” Look at the life he led, the life of his son, and how he tore families apart.

GF has been spending a lot of time in the book of Amos so SF read from Amos 4 and said, “Are you humble enough to act on this teaching, this instruction? Will you hear the prophetic warning and consider your ways?” Then he says, “God says He has to bring these curses in order to humble you; to get you to turn.” First of all, that passage is God talking to Israel, not the N. T. Church.

He emphasized that “we want to be thinking about these events–these sobering events that we are talking about every day. We want to view them through God’s eyes.” His voice raised when he said, “What does this mean?” And then he said, “God is personally going to unleash destruction upon us because of our sins.”

Now how do words like that help anyone who is a Christian and has found their rest in Christ?

When praying he said we shouldn’t just ask God things for ourselves (he called it me, me, me); we should ask what God expects from us.

He says we have to obey His commandments (i.e, the Mosaic Law) in order to be blessed and have peace. Yet we find in Ephesians 1:3 we who are in Christ are already blessed: “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:”

SF’s big problem is he spends his time in the O.T. Again he stressed curses and said, “We are seeing curses coming at us from every direction.”

Then he tells his listeners to ask for a the United States and Britain in Prophecy (which is covered on the ESN site).

The program was a mixture of truth and lies, like always. –critiqued by Anonymous

GF and SF Could Care Less About the Bloodbath in Afghanistan:

August 28, 2021

I am tired of all this crazy talk with SF and GF saying the United States is “cursed.” It is they who are cursed (spiritually) for all their lies and destruction of families. There’s a bloodbath going on in Afghanistan with Americans, civilians, Christians, and others being killed, and the only thing SF and GF can think about is “order our U.S. and Britain in Prophecy” booklet because “God is going to unleash destruction upon us.” They don’t have a wife who has to hear the words that her husband will never be coming home again. Or children that will never see their father again, or parents who will never see their child again. They don’t have to sit, kneeling in a line, waiting for their heads to be blown off (this recently happened). No, they have a cushy life and nothing to worry about except thinking how they can coerce more money out of people. My heart is grieved with what is going on over there in Afghanistan and I have been praying every day about it. I heard that the Christians who escaped to the mountains are depending on God to protect them. It all evil and satanic and GF and SF could care less except how they can profit from it. –H. E.

Where Do GF and SF Think They Will be Going If America is Destroyed?

August 29, 2021

All that is going on lately is upsetting for sure. But what I can’t figure out is where the h*** GF and SF and all the top gorillas think they will be going if America is going to be “destroyed by the United States of Europe” like they keep saying. They have got to know they are not going to some “place of safety” like they tell their members. I can’t believe GF and SF believe their own bull. –Impacted by loved one in PCG

Reply:If something bad were to happen, GF and SF will be trying to save their own hides first. Perhaps they will fly to Edstone since it is self-sustaining with an abundance of food–vegetable gardens, sheep, cows, chickens, etc, and they could live there for quite awhile isolated in this “protected compound.” If PCG members become angry with GF when they aren’t taken to the expected “place of safety” it’s hard telling what GF will say or do. (HWA fled to Arizona during the Receivership in 1979.) But GF will extort as much money as he can, and for as long as he can, from his followers. (One thing to note is that with all the produce PCG has at Edstone, none of it is ever shared with the less fortunate.) Also read: “Flurry Does Not Have Enough Faith to Go to a Place of Safety” (April 6, 2020 letter)

Only God’s Justice Will Put a Stop to GF’s Cult:

August 31, 2021

I wrote the August 22 letter in response to SF being “gleeful” about the situation in Afghanistan. Another thing I haven’t heard SF talk about is “Pineapple Express” which was a group of highly trained U.S. military veterans who volunteered to secretly rescue hundreds of allied operative from Afghanistan under cover of darkness. However, you will hear about GF drawing thousands to his articles in the Philadelphia Trumpet and to his Key of David. Why? Because not only has he studied the methods of deceit and propaganda, but he has millions of dollars to accomplish it. Only God’s justice on them in the end can put a stop to their cult.

The latest I heard about the Afghan Christians is that there were 1,000 rescued, which is commendable, but there are still Americans stranded and with no way  to get home. Those Afghan Christians who fled to the mountains and hills continue to rely on God to protect them. Mission Network News site says: “Afghanistan is the second-fastest-growing Church in the world after Iran” and there are Christian ministries broadcasting live into Afghanistan. Is GF broadcasting in there? No! But he would if he thought it would gain him more subscribers and more money–and not cost him his head! As it is now, we can expect SF to continue to report in his “nonchalant” way, except when he is inciting fear. I wouldn’t doubt if SF and GF are laughing at all this, knowing how selfish and evil they are. –A. R.

Wik Heerma and His All or Nothing Statements About Peace:
September 1, 2021
(Moved to PCG Sermons & Bible Study Critiques. Search for title)

GF and SF Won’t Say to Pray for Those Outside PCG:

September 2, 2021

I know why GF and SF don’t say anything about praying for Christians or Americans in Afghan or anyone anywhere in the world and don’t care about them (except for what they can get out out of them). I was reading the May 1, 2008 letter which tells the ways this former member suffered. I quote: [emp. mine]

“Another area in which I suffered spiritually was that it interfered with my ability to pray for others. PCOG teaches that only certain people are ‘called’ and will receive salvation when Christ returns to earth. The rest of the people will hear Him preach the gospel and decide whether or not to accept it, and Jesus will rule over them with an iron hand and make them all obey these ‘laws.’ Therefore, it’s really useless to pray for anyone on this side except for the PCOG leaders.”

Those who have left PCG already know this; others who have never been in PCG may not have. Even though PCG doesn’t pray for those outside PCG, I read on PCG’s church site that the “unconverted” should still pay tithes because Herbert Armstrong taught “God prospers tithe payers.” I’ve found no way to deal with a person who believes this way. It is the total opposite of how a true Christian should be. –Impacted by loved one in PCG

Andrew Hessong / PCG is Slowly Unraveling:

September 4, 2021

Andrew Hessong was our minister. He was a yes man, a sycophant. I can’t imagine what he did to get fired, unless they had to lay him off. PCG has lost a lot of ministers this year and have replaced none of them. Seems like PCG is slowly unraveling, between their ministry and the withering membership. –Ex PCG

Update: Read: Andrew Hessong Moved to Ohio Where His Idol Brian Davis Is (1-14-22 letter)

Misinformation Campaign Going On:

September 4, 2021

I listened to one of PCG’s “programs” that I came across. I thought at first it was a news program, but when the speaker started saying the Mark of the Beast was Sunday and I discovered they were teaching Anglo-Israelism, I never turned off anything so quick in my life. I will be sure and warn others.

I never believed that the shot they are trying to mandate is the Mark of the Beast but is a “precursor” to it, a dry run. (Big Pharma is going to get very rich off of this, too). A misinformation campaign is going on right now, not only in the media, but even within Christian circles, and it’s accomplishing the goal of dividing people. It’s like a cult following and people acting like zombies without thinking logically and critically. I’m glad I found your website. Thanks for what you’re doing. –C. S.

Deaths in PCG Outnumber Baptisms:

September 5, 2021

The monthly deaths for PCG far out number monthly baptisms. In fact most baptisms are internal, i.e., college kids or other kids raised in the PCG. There are very few new people. –Left PCG

SF Talks About “Our Noah Like Work” and Going to the Place of Safety:
September 5, 2021
(Moved to PCG Sermons & Bible Study Critiques. Search for title)

GF Speaking About The King of the South Again:

September 6, 2021

GF is ramping up more prophetic excitement so he doesn’t lose any more members and to draw in new ones. He’s speaking about The King of the South again. His booklet on that was first written in 1996 and revised several times, the last being 2016. He advertised it on his latest Key of David program, along with offering two other booklets: Micah and Isaiah. What most of his listeners don’t realize is he has changed many things over the years that HWA originally taught or said. For instance, HWA said there was no longer a King of the South anymore. The November 3, 2004 letter from an ex member of WCG/PCG: “HWA Said There Was No Longer a King of the South” goes into much detail about this. –Florida

Is Brad Macdonald Becoming More Mentally Unstable?

September 15, 2021

I believe Brad Macdonald is becoming more mentally unstable due to immersing himself in PCG’s garbage. He no longer can think for himself because it has become a part of him. To say that he has read MOA 10 times and he’s getting ready to read it again is insane. [Read our sermon transcript: Mystery of the Ages Idolized in PCG] I never read anything so ludicrous in all my life [his sermon]. I wouldn’t doubt that it’s true Brad stammers a lot. The guy grew up in PCG so who knows what was done to him when he was young. His father, John Macdonald, may have beaten him, forced him to obey the rules and threatened him. He is deeply mind controlled, that’s for sure. Brad is one of PCG’s lackeys, just like his father is. –[name withheld]

A Slide Into Authoritarianism Around the World:

September 18, 2021

While GF is busy creating paranoia of a “coming nuclear holocaust,” and “God is “cursing America,” but members will be “fleeing to a place of safety,” our rights and freedoms are being stripped away almost daily. When people thought things were going to “return to normal,” instead, all around the world, we can see a slide into authoritarianism, an authoritarian society. This should be alarming. We are coming closer to the Great Reset, the New World Order, one world government, Agenda 30, the Great Tribulation, whatever you want to call it. We who are Christians need to be looking more and more toward the Pre-Tribulation Rapture (not any so-called “place of safety”) Our refuge and hope should be in Christ right now.  –T. S.

Comment: Refer to December 4, 2020 letter: “Herbert Armstrong and the New World Order” especially the comment.

UPDATE: Read: Transhumanism and the Nearness of the Tribulation by Jonathan Brentner. [offsite article] Covers the WEF’s plans to set up a communistic world order and the Great Reset. (Includes how “‘Build Back Better’ Is a Euphemism for Marxism”)

Epitome of Evil:

September 19, 2021

I have lost so many friends as well as family to the different splinters. It’s seems almost impossible for those who go in them to come out. My parents have recently left the PCG. They were severely mistreated, used and abused. GF, SF and all the upper echelon are in my opinion the epitome of evil. –Impacted by PCG

The Heretical Doctrines in PCG Cannot Save Anyone:

September 23, 2021

PCG teaches heretical doctrines that cannot save anyone. For instance:

They do not believe that Christ was the eternal son of God. They call Him the “Word” that became God’s son when he came to Earth. They do not say that He was fully God and fully man while on this Earth. They may call Him “the divine Son of the living God” in their “Summary of the Main Doctrines of the Philadelphia Church of God,” but they omit that He was God in human flesh.

They say that Christ rose from the dead after His body “reposed” in the grave; i.e., rested, slept, and that this made immortality possible for men.

PCG’s doctrinal statement (posted online) is filled with heresies and false doctrines on practically every line. It is ironic that they would say “We believe all teachings contrary to the Holy Bible are false” when that is exactly what they are teaching! These heretical doctrines, which are very similar to Jehovah’s Witnesses, cannot save anyone.

While Herbert Armstrong was a false prophet, taught many false doctrines, and was a liar, he did, in a September 1958 Plain Truth article, “Is Jesus God?” (Volume XXIII, Number 9) say that Jesus was God and that Jesus was also human. (p. 7) Reading this very old black and white Plain Truth article one can see how much Herbert Armstrong veered away from some of his original teachings.

I hope my letter will be one more to warn others about the Philadelphia Church of God and inform them of exactly what this cult is teaching.

Thank you for your informative website. –J. M.

Comment: One book we recommend reading is: The Eternal Sonship of Christ (PDF).

Would Rather Hang Myself From a Noose:

September 29, 2021

Just reading about the length of Gerald Flurry’s sermons at the FOT, I’d rather put a noose on the ceiling of  “the house” and hang myself from it than listen to that garbage from GF for an hour and a half!! –Impacted by loved one in PCG

GF Won’t Shut Up:

September 29, 2021

About the person who would rather hang themselves with a noose than listen to GF’s sermons. Completely understood. When my mate starts listening to GF, I can hear his voice belting through my house even when I’m two rooms away. He just won’t shut up but keeps on babbling. I just wish the PCG’rs would let the real God truly into their hearts and souls.  –Impacted by loved one in PCG

GF Declining Cognitively?

October 5, 2021

GF was struggling a lot for his words during his LGD [Last Great Day] sermon. I wonder if he is declining cognitively? –Anonymous

Signs of the New World Order Are Rising:

October 6, 2021

I’m concerned that the Orwellian tactics being instigated in Australia right now are going to be coming to America. People are protesting in the streets there in spite of being beaten and having rubber bullets shot at them. This tyrannical grip is increasing on a global scale while the mass media continues manipulating the masses on a daily basis with false and withheld information. Whenever I’ve attempted to explain to others what is happening, it is like talking to a brick wall. We don’t need the sociopathic Flurries to “decipher” the news for us. Signs of the New World Order are rising all around us, and these forces are totally anti-God. –T. S.

What Ministers Said Members Must Do After the Feast:

October 8, 2021

Since members have returned from the Feast, the ministers are giving the same ol, same ol, sermons/sermonettes they give every year after the Feast; i.e., “review your notes”; “apply what you’ve learned”; “strengthen your resolve”; “hold fast to it”; “think like God”; “look forward to the Spring holy days”; ad nauseum. After reading the notes and comments which were only a taste of what they listened to for 20 hours at the Feast, it’s got to be exhausting to be told what else to do. I feel for the children who had to sit through all those “lectures”–opening night, offering appeals, and GF going on and on and on–unless they were in lockdown at home, and who knows, maybe even then these children were forced to sit and “pay attention.” Instead of members being able to make their own choice to read the Bible through, they must follow what Brad Macdonald has instructed, and that is to read Mystery of the Ages over and over. Since it is the Holy Spirit who opens our minds to understand the Bible, I do not believe for one minute that these so-called “ministers” even have the Holy Spirit, not only because of all the heresies they teach and the twisting of the Word, but because of their abuse and disdain for the members and their alienated families. I won’t even go into how they coerce members to not only give them “large offerings” but to also “leave their estates to them.” I can’t think of anything more morally reprehensible. –L. D.

Comment: Also read: When We Attended the Feast (What did they do to our minds?)

Didn’t Think PCG Was Harmful Until I Lost My Wife & Son:

October 8, 2021

If anyone’s mate starts watching the Key of David or reading the Trumpet magazine, take them online and make them read all the info on this modern day cult. Satan is the head of this “Church” and he wants to destroy them and ruin peoples lives. I lost my wife and son after they went to this Feast because I didn’t think it was harmful, until it was too late. –Impacted by PCG

SF and His Trumpet Daily Was Full of Loud Excitement:

October 19, 2021

A friend of mine suggested I listen to two Trumpet Daily programs and give my opinion of Stephen Flurry. The first was #1614 (October 7) and the second was #1620 (October 15). Both were about the vaccines. I listened to the audio from

At the beginning you hear the announcer’s deep and foreboding voice, followed by HWA booming out about “today’s news, blah, blah, blah,” then GF coming in with his words of “you must prophecy again!” It’s so asinine and wears on your nerves.

#1614 (October 7): SF began by acting extremely excited and loud in this one. I don’t think I ever recall him acting this awful. I suggest he listen to a recording of himself giving these “news analysis” shows, since it’s apparent he knows nothing about how to be a proper news commentator, only a fired up Spokesman Club speaker. [Refer to June 11, 2020 letter: “Stephen Flurry’s Voice Bombards Your Senses.”] He imitated Biden whispering “get vaccinated.” I got the impression that much in the news is funny to him. I couldn’t stomach most of this one so I deliberately skimmed through it. At the end, he started talking about the 100-year period (LGD) and his voice dropped considerably lower. Then when he insisted how one must read and re-read certain PCG booklets, mind control consisting of repetition came to mind.

#1620 (October 15): The beginning of this was supposed to be comical when the show covered how “Pfizer’s senior director of Worldwide Research, Vanessa Gelman, ran for cover” to her house and slammed the door when “confronted and questioned by Project Veritas about using fetal cell tissue in the vaccine.” SF laughed about all of it. [Note: Read Jon Rappoport’s horrifying but excellent article from No More Fake News: Was cv19 vaccine fetal tissue obtained by the murder of an infant? and his follow up article the next day which asks if God wants the killing of a live infant for the purposes of medical research? Would SF think that, too, was funny?] As mentioned before, SF could be added to a list of the least empathic ministers in PCG. [Refer to: 6th paragraph in 6-20-21 letter: “Bible Study by Stephen Flurry on “Be Not Afraid” where he laughs about people taking their last gasp on a ventilator.]

SF’s shows are truth mixed with lies, gleaned from alternative news sources, with the bait and hook thrown in at the end. He really needs to tone it down on these shows–which I’m sure he won’t. The other problem is his boasting that the Trumpet magazine was the first to know about these topics and the only one with a “deeper understanding of the Bible,” which is a lie. According to him, the only way out of all these problems is the PCG booklets that his listeners need to read. This time it was “The Plain Truth About Healing” by HWA. I wonder how many people who listen to him realize that there is a known cult behind all of it that is only interested in taking their money?

It was hard to focus on much of what he was saying due to his loud, excited, energetic voice. –critique by AJW

SF is Covering For an Evil Cult:

October 20, 2021

SF is more than crazy-acting, he’s covering for a cult filled with demons. When I was a member, we were constantly told that Satan was “out there” in the world, on dissident websites, etc., but unbeknownst to us, all the time he was right there inside the “church.” Behind PCG’s beautiful curtain for the King of David, Trumpet Daily, Philadelphia Trumpet, etc., lies hidden an evil cult that has and will harm and destroy families. We need to continue to expose them! –[name withheld]

Membership Total Worldwide:

October 22, 2021

Here is a quote from the PCG’s Feast “professional” Jason Cocomise: (The quote is from LinkedIn in case anyone wants to verify it.)

“Our recent September fall regional conferences were a great success with increased attendance over fall 2020 (and fall 2020 was an increase over fall 2019) – between our 6 US locations in 2021 we had 2,500+ attendees, 1,000+ peak rooms and 10,000+ room nights! Thanks to all of our great host venues and partnering CVB’s! We are looking forward to fall 2022! #meetingsmeanbusiness”

If you add approximately 300 for Canada, 350 for the Philippines, 200 for Australasia, and maybe 400 for the rest of the world, you have a total of 4,300 people. (And those are generous estimates). Not baptised people! This number includes babies, and even non member spouses who attend the FOT.

My point in sharing this information is to raise awareness about how cults spend a lot of money on things like their HQ buildings and concert series and planes etc. Their image. To give the illusion that they are big and impactful. I can guarantee the the vast majority of the membership has no idea that there are not even 5,000 total people world wide!

Also, for those members who are reading this. Do you really think you are going to ever reach 10,000 members? And by members, according to Gerald Flurry, this means they have to be baptised. So take that 4,300 and pretty much cut it in half. And this all has to happen in a few years, if you believe that Donald Trump is going to rise up and kick you out of this country. [Read: January 18, 2020 letter and comments: “Flurry Predicted Trump Will Kick PCG Members out of the United States“] Oh, not to mention in this short time Europe has to unite and the EU has to shrink down to 10 and the “strong man” has to rise, etc.

Logic and critical thinking is non existent in the world of Armstrongism. –[name withheld]

Comment: Also read:”How the PCG Counts Members” (4-18-20 letter)

Should We Continue to Listen to SF’s Fear-Drenched Sermons?
October 23, 2021
(Moved to PCG Sermons & Bible Study Critiques. Search for title)

Any Record of GF Confessing the Lord Jesus as His Lord and Savior?

October 25, 2021

Has GF ever confessed the Lord Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior? I find no record of it on his site. And even though I searched, I found no record on how to obtain salvation either. I love this letter: “What the Real Truth Is”  –A. R.

Comment: We can’t find any record of it either. That’s a really good letter.

GF Has Never Said “My Savior”:

October 26, 2021

About the letter “Any Record of GF Confessing the Lord Jesus as His Lord and Savior?” [October 25] I have never, ever heard him even refer to Jesus as “my Savior,” “my personal Savior, or even emphasize Jesus as a “loving Savior.” He considers those words too “syrupy,” and “too pietistic.” If a member questioned him on that, they would be thrown out. –Anonymous

Does Irish Dancing Have Druid Roots?

October 30, 2021

Gerald Flurry, as HWA, emphasizes the pagan roots of holidays, Halloween being one right now. For instance, there is an October 27 article on their PCG church site entitled, “Halloween, In the Hebrew Bible?” by Christopher Eames, where he writes about the origins of Halloween and how it began with the Celtic Druids.

However, he fails to mention that his Irish dancing has pagan roots and came from the Druids.

Please look at this article “Everything you Need to Know about Irish Dancing.” I quote from the article:

“The roots of Irish dancing come from the Celts and the druids who roamed the island before the onset of Christianity and outside influences came along. Many of the druids’ religious rituals involved dancing, usually in a circular fashion around sacred trees.”

Another article I would like you to look at is: “The Beauty of Traditional Irish Dance” which says, and I quote:

“The roots of Irish dancing come from the Celts and the druids who roamed the island before the onset of Christianity and outside influences came along. Many of the druids’ religious rituals involved dancing, usually in a circular fashion around sacred trees. … Naturally, the dancing was accompanied by music or singing and usually took place at religious celebrations or other special occasions. … The very first Irish dances can be traced back to the days of the Pagans, when ceremonial dances were performed out of doors to honor nature. For example, dances that celebrated Sun worship were believed to be an integral part of Druid rituals.”

My point being many things have pagan origins. Gerald Flurry, however, has decided to pull fables out of his head and has deemed that Irish dance was the dance of King David, originating with him. PCG goes as far as to say that their musical “Celtic Throne” is doing the Work of God. They can offer no proof but just say it is so.

You don’t have to take my word for it. There are many more articles you can find if you do your own research. To do a search (and I recommend using as your search engine) put in the keywords: Irish dancing, druids, pagan

If you want to research further and learn more shocking things about the druids, you can do another search with the keywords: druids, sacrifices

–E. P.

Which Should We Read Over and Over–MOA or the Bible?

October 30, 2021

In Brad Macdonald’s sermon “Build Your Life Around Mystery of the Ages” [refer to critique of this sermon: Mystery of the Ages Idolized in Philadelphia Church of God] he said we should read Mystery of the Ages (MOA) “over and over” and asked for a show of hands of how many people had read it x number of times while he kept raising the number. He said he had read it ten times and was ready to read it again.

Years ago, I read The Autobiography of George Muller [see our Booklist] but was recently astounded when I read that Muller said, “I have read the Bible through one hundred times, and always with increasing delight. Each time it seems like a new book to me.” The quote was on p. 4 of my Halley’s Bible Handbook. So I started searching the quote online and found lots of sites that said basically the same thing. One was The Berean Call / Quotable / George Muller.

I think you ought to add a note on that Macdonald sermon about this.

Another thing I found out was that in his lifetime George Muller had 50,000 recorded answers to specific prayers. He could prove it with the notebook he kept. In it he recorded prayer requests with the date he made each one followed by the date each was answered. (George Mueller of Bristol: His Life of Prayer and Faith by A. T. Pierson; George Mueller: Answers to Prayer by George Muller Publishing. You can read a short sketch from his Autobiography (with pictures) which tells about this at Lights 4 God.

This should put to shame Brad Macdonald and his boasting about how many times he has read MOA, but I doubt if he will even flinch since he will have some excuse to say that Muller was “not a true Christian.” –[name withheld]

Comment: We have added a footnote #3 to the sermon critique which says: “It should be a downright shame that a book (MOA) authored by a mere human being which has been shown to contain many untruths and heresies, and is on the list of books to renounce, is being read more than the Bible, the very Word of God, by someone who claims to be a “minister of God.” George Muller (1805-1898) said, “I have read the Bible through one hundred times, and always with increasing delight. Each time it seems like a new book to me.” (The Berean Call /Quotable /George Muller) Many who have absorbed themselves foremost in Herbert Armstrong‘s literature have unfortunately never heard of him. George Muller was a Christian missionary evangelist and coordinator of orphanages in Bristol, England, who cared for over 120,000 orphan children. In his journals, Muller recorded miracle-after-miracle of God’s provision and answered prayer (50,000 were recorded). To read more about Muller, see our Booklist.

More and More Are Leaving PCG:

November 2, 2021

I keep hearing about more and more people leaving PCG all the time. They are scared to look at “dissident” sites but those who have been abused and/or those who start to question things do slowly begin to look around. ESN is a huge help to those who do eventually take that step. I know members are reading things on ESN and other sites. I am thankful for your site and all your work. –Former PCG member

Young People at HWAC Will Find a Way to Access Dissident Websites:

November 2, 2021

Young people at Herbert W. Armstrong College are threatened not to go to “dissident” sites. But knowing teenagers, they will find a way to access the Internet. Maybe they are accessing it while off campus and have cell phones that they buy from the Dollar Stores. If they want to see what’s on the dissident websites bad enough, they will find a way. –J. S.

Should We Avoid Laodiceans?

November 6, 2021

I’m glad to see you finally posted a critique of Carlos Heyer’s sermonette. What he said was so twisted. The part at end where Fred Dattolo says Craig Winters and Colleen are now disfellowshipped and marked and members are to withdraw from them didn’t surprise me. But for Dattolo to read that bull s*** 1981 article by HWA was sickening. –[name withheld]

UPDATE: Carlos Heyer was dismissed as a minister on November 1, 2023 from the Colombian congregation. Read: “Carlos Heyer No longer a Minister In South America” (November 7, 2023 PCG letter) and “Carlos Heyer Being Transferred to Latin America(January 7, 2022, PCG Sermons & Bible Study Critiques for 2022).

GF Declares Worldwide Fast for November 21:

November 8, 2021

This is from a short [co-worker] letter from GF: “We are facing several major decisions that have to be made. One of those decisions is what all we need to do in Jerusalem. There are other decisions to be made that we will discuss with you later. We want to make sure that God is behind what we decide to do. Therefore, I am declaring a worldwide fast for God’s people on the 21st of November. Please pray fervently for us to do God’s will and finish His work.” –N. S.

Craziest Statements Ever Said:

November 8, 2021

In reading Should We Avoid Laodiceans? and Carlos Heyer saying “maybe it’s time we review Malachi’s Message” and Brad Macdonald, who has read Mystery of the Ages numerous times, saying, “Don’t ever think you’ve read it enough,” I came across the PCG “crazy statement #10” of Craig Winters and I quote: “One of the most ridiculous statements I ever heard was out of the mouth of Craig Winters. It came from a disagreement of what the Bible actually said and what he said it said. The end statement was: ‘What you need to do is get your head out of the Bible and stick to reading Mr. Flurry’s books.'” Then a minister in WCG saying in WCG “crazy statement #36” and I quote: “I heard one minister say, ‘We won’t need the Bible in the World Tomorrow because Mr. Armstrong has covered everything in his written materials.’” How insane can that be! Have all these ministers gone mad?! I don’t know whether to laugh or be completely outraged but that is exactly the way they think! –A. R.

GF and His Refusal to Admit Jesus Was God in the Flesh:

November 10, 2021

GF believes the same as HWA and that is (and I quote from the “Transformed by Christ” review):

HWA did not believe that Jesus was fully God and fully man in His incarnation … He believed Jesus was “the second member of the God family,” and he taught that Jesus in His human body “could have sinned,” which completely contradicts his saying “Jesus was God.”

I was searching to see if GF ever said Jesus was God in the flesh. The short answer is no.

I found a 2018 article by him, “The Word Made Flesh,” in which he says: “In the first verse of his Gospel, John takes us back to a time when there was just God and the Word” and “when He was inhabiting eternity with God as the Word.” That verse doesn’t say that. It says in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

GF went on to say “these two Gods were Father and Son.” The verse doesn’t say there were two Gods. The Father was God and the Word was God but there is only one God. Read: Deuteronomy 6:4 & Mark 12:29 which says this.

GF says in this article, “God the Word.” No, God wasn’t the Word, the Word was God. The Greek word logos is used for “Word” in John 1:1. Jesus was the spoken Word of God.

GF refuses to admit the truth about Jesus being God in the flesh and about His true Gospel of salvation. If he did, his followers would follow Jesus instead of him and he would lose control, which means he would lose money.

My conclusion is that reading GF’s articles is a waste of time and will lead to entering in at the wide gate and the broad way which leads to destruction. (Matthew 7:13) Pray for spiritual discernment and that God would open your mind to understand. –AJW

So Much Crazy Stuff That Has to Be Processed Out of Your Head!

November 11, 2021

Now that I am out from under the PCG’s mind control, I can look back at former beliefs that I just swallowed and begin to look at them logically and use critical thinking.

One such thought I was reminded of when reading Gerald Flurry’s October 28, 2021 article entitled, “An Empire to Replace All Empires!” He mentioned the “Catholic Church/the great false church” and said, “God’s true Church has always been a small flock persecuted by Satan and his false church. … This warfare by the Holy Roman Empire against the God Family Empire has been raging since the beginning of that empire in AD 554. Satan created that tool mainly to attack the true Church!”

Anyone who has been in the WCG or PCG for even a short while will know this is something that is harped on quite frequently. It may seem like such an obvious thought to an outsider but it dawned on me that never once can the PCG or the WCG say it has been persecuted by the Catholic Church.

So an entire “church era” (the Philadelphian era) came and went without ever being persecuted by the “Great False Church” that has supposedly been persecuting “God’s one true Church” since AD 554. Nothing they say ever really adds up! So much crazy stuff that has to be processed out of your head when you finally get out of this cult!

As a side note, the whole church era idea is also a farce. I believe that began with Ellen G White, but not sure. –Former PCG member

Note by ESN: See: Mystery of the Ages (a critical review) by Kelly Marshall, Chapter 6 which covers “Seven Eras of the Church” (search for the words when this opens up) This will mention Ellen G. White. (PDF)

Something Missing in PCG’s Articles and Sermons:

November 13, 2021

The PCG sermons, articles, and so forth, are not expressing or getting across the love of God. There is definitely something missing and I think it is empathy, compassion, and true love. That shouldn’t be any wonder. If these men, who follow evil, abusing and conning others like they do, don’t have the Holy Spirit, what they say or write is only going to be a clanging gong with no merit. It’s just dry; just empty. It’s all to keep others blinded. Jesus said, “Let no man deceive you.” Let’s not read or listen to such. I pray against all of it and that many will wake up and leave. –H.

Another Insane, Ego-Driven Co-Worker Letter From GF:

November 13, 2021

GF sent out a co-worker letter on November 1, 2021. The whole letter is about “God is opening the door even further for our work in Jerusalem!” and mentions the November 21 worldwide fast.

I have critiqued only a little of it, but I will give a link to download the full letter at the end.

He says in the first paragraph:

“God tells His people to focus on Jerusalem, especially as Jesus Christ’s return gets closer.”

Can you find anywhere in the Bible that says the N. T. Church is to “focus on Jerusalem”? Or does it say Christians are to look forward to the New Jerusalem? Jerusalem is connected with Israel. The church is not Israel. Read our article: British-Israelism–True or False? For those who want to read much more about Jerusalem, see: Jerusalem – city of God (from Let’s Us Reason)

Then in the 2nd paragraph he quotes Revelation 3:7-8 and says:

“If He opens a door, He promises that nobody is going to shut it!”

Do the words in that passage say “if‘ God opens a door? Do they say God “promises” nobody is going to shut it? Read it for yourself

He goes on in the 3rd paragraph to talk about Dr. Eliat Mazar and PCG’s “very close relationship” with her and continues on with:

“We have always felt that excavation of the palace of David is incomplete.” … “I believe that we are going to be moving more and more into Jerusalem to get involved in a dig very soon.”

He talked about putting Israel’s hope in “their own archaeology” and said:

“I believe we can and must use ARCHAEOLOGY as a means of reaching the cities of Judah. Because we understand and believe the Bible, we can add incredible meaning to the archaeology of Jerusalem and Israel!”

This “reaching” does not mean reaching them with the Gospel since GF made it clear that “we do not intend to proselytize or preach.” Yet he talks about “biblical archaeology.” Notice how he said, “because we understand the Bible.” Does GF understand the Bible? Or does he twist it?

He has plans to create an institute and it will be called the “Armstrong-Mizar Institute of Biblical Archaeology.”

In spite of what GF says, Revelation 3:7-8 doesn’t have anything to do with building this costly institute.

If you want to read the entire 8-page insane, ego-driven letter, we have uploaded it here: November 1, 2021 Co-worker Letter.

This is only more of GF’s costly wild plans to steer members’ focus on. –letter critiqued by AJW

Members Fasting Today / GF’s Need for New Stimulation:

November 21, 2021

Members of PCG are fasting today because GF proclaimed a worldwide fast. This has to do with his “plans for Jerusalem.” [See September 8 letter above] He said in a letter, “We want to make sure that God is behind what we decide to do.” Translation: “I will be guilting you into sending every dime you have to finance this.” He also said, “Please pray fervently for us to do God’s will and finish His work.” Translation: “Even though I have said a hundred times before that we are going to finish the Work, this time we are going to do it, but we need your monetary help.” There isn’t anything on PCG’s site about this “Armstrong-Mizar Institute of Biblical Archaeology” he is planning to create. All of this is only his need for more and more “new stimulation”–one of the traits of a sociopath–that he needs every so often. Look at how many possessions and ideas he’s coveted over the years–House for God (filled with extravagant luxuries), HWA’s Prayer Rock, Gulfstream G-450 jet, New Throne of David, etc. What will it be next? None of it has brought “the Work” any closer to being finished than at the beginning. –A. R.

PCG’s WATS Program:

November 28, 2021

GF has been talking lately about PCG’s in-home “WATS” program (similar to what WCG used to have) that will be an “extension of HQs Work” where operators who have time to devote an hour or more on Sundays (or a bi-weekly basis) take calls that come in for literature.

PCG has a need right now for more operators for this “critical program” since GF believes that it will “double or triple the KOD’s effectiveness.” The reasoning behind this is since PCG will be using “their own people” to reach the masses those who call in will be so impressed by the “good phone skills” of the operators; i.e., outgoing friendliness and willingness to help, that they will end up becoming potential members, which will equal extra cash for GF, which he is low on right now considering his “work in Jerusalem,” along with more members leaving.

How would “their own people” (and they have to not only live in the U. S.or Canada, but be baptized and “approved” by their regional director) be any friendlier in their willingness to help than someone “in the world” could be trained to be? This is only another way GF uses ingenious ways and cheap labor to get his work done as he pulls in more money. The operators will no doubt be working extremely hard to serve the callers just like all cult members do in their desire to please their leader and be obedient to the “government of  God” which, in their mind, equals God.

Volunteering for this is bound to take away from the only time (Sundays) that most members have to spend a little extra time with their families, especially their children, or to simply relax. On the other hand, do cult members ever relax? Their time is tied up as it is with so  many activities, Bible studies, Sabbath services, literature to study, etc., and now they are to think about giving even more of their time to “the Work.” –AJW

GF’s “Open Doors” Are Turning Into Closed Doors:

November 28, 2021

Concerning the November 21 letter “Members Fasting Today / GF’s Need for New Stimulation,” it looks like God may have responded to their fast.

GF said in his co-worker letter [see November 8 and November 13 letters above] that he wanted to make sure God is behind what they had decided to do.

First of all, he said that he already decided to start his Armstrong Mazar Institute in Jerusalem, rather than seek God’s will on this fast day. He wanted to make sure God was behind his decision and, in other words, he wanted to petition God to get in line and back his decision.

It seems God has responded with a big fat NO! Within a few days of their fast, an “omicron variant” of the coronavirus was identified, and now Israel has shut their borders! How will they do this work in Judah that they keep going on about?

As Flurry stated in his December 5, 2019 co-worker letter, referring to Isaiah 22:20-22, that he is Eliakim and that God gives him “extra authority to open and shut doors”; that he is a father to the inhabitants of Judah, and that God has a work for him to do in Israel.

Never mind the fact that he thought the first building was the “open door”; then that fell through so he switched to another building and when that, too, fell through, he said there was no building and that the relationship with David Be’eri was the open door.

Once coronavirus hit the scenes, he was shut out of Israel and his work came to a stop there. Once again, he’s trying to dupe his followers into thinking that God is opening up Israel for him.

It is clear to even “blind Freddy” that God is not with the PCG, that God is not supporting their work, that God is not answering their prayers and that Gerald Flurry is a mere weak man with no authority to do anything in Israel. History has proven this and history tells us that he will never to do a work in Israel and his followers are deluded to believe so.

It is time for people to wake up to the fact that there is no open door and that Flurry and his goons are con artists and scammers. They have no interest in doing anything for God. They are simply in it for themselves. There is no reward for those who follow him. –M. K.

Sermon by Andrew Locher Failed to Teach What the Bible Really Says:

November 29, 2021

Andrew Locher, a PCG minister, has failed to teach his congregation what the Bible really says, especially about salvation. In his November 20 sermon, “Heroic Deeds,” he admitted the Holy Spirit comes as a gift, but then asked how this gift “factors into salvation”?

He read Romans 8:11 (and I’m quoting that passage from the NKJV as it makes it clearer): “But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.

And then he said that this verse “does not mean that once we receive this gift of the Holy Spirit that we have salvation; it’s not just about believing the name of Jesus Christ, repenting and then being baptized.” [all emp. throughout mine]

It doesn’t? It seems like that verse is pretty clear what it says. In fact, read the entire chapter so you get it in context. John 1:12 makes it clear also: “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:”

Locher then said, “There’s more to it than that.

Locher wanted members to get their minds off the gift of God really being eternal life, while he danced around, and reinterpreted, verses such as “Romans 6:23: “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

He simply had to make it more complicated as he wanted to add works to the equation.

Locher also said” baptism only starts the process of salvation.”

Can you find anywhere in the Bible that says salvation is a “process”? Or does it say salvation is instantaneous? To believe it is a process is to say that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for all our sins was not really “finished” even though He said “It is finished.” (John 19:30)

I quote: “Salvation and forgiveness of sins is not about following steps [or about a process]. It is about receiving Christ as Savior and recognizing that He has done all of the work for us. God requires one step of us—receiving Jesus Christ as our Savior from sin and fully trusting in Him alone as the way of salvation.” (Excerpt from Got Questions, “What Are the Steps to Salvation?”

–partial sermon critiqued by Anonymous

Comment: A very good article for those who want to learn more about this subject is: Belief implies trust in Jesus and by this faith you are saved by Don Koenig.

Critique on Andrew Locher’s Sermon Incredibly Helpful:

November 29, 2021

I just read the critique on Andrew Locher’s sermon and I wanted to let you know how helpful those are. Like many who ended up in Armstrongism I had little to no religious knowledge prior to joining. So this is incredibly helpful to see just how badly they twist the Scriptures. We were always told that other religions just cherry pick Scriptures and apply only what suits their purpose. But we are realising that this is exactly what they themselves are doing! I now read the entire chapter to make sure I get the full context. I’m just so shocked to see how badly duped we were. –Former member of PCG

Such a Sense of Darkness:

December 1, 2021

No matter if open doors have seemingly turned into closed doors for GF, he will still spin the results of the fast (November 21) by saying “the Devil hindered him.” People need to continue to pray against GF and the evil going on in his PCG. There is such a sense of darkness by being on his campus or even visiting his website . –Exiter of PCG

Comment: Read this good letter: “Something Is Twisted With PCG.

PCG’s “Thankful” List:

December 4, 2021

PCG has posted a very long list on their pcg church site by Mikaylah Lorenz: “100 Things for Which PCG Members Can Be Thankful.” For those who have experienced first hand what it’s like to be deceived and then to suffer trauma and loss as a result of the PCG cult, a list such as this would be like a slap in the face. The most important thing left out was being thankful that our sins have all been forgiven and it is “finished.” (that is, if they have trusted Jesus as their Savior) In fact, forgiveness was not even listed! Each point mainly circled around the material things in PCG. I will only mention a few on this “thankful list”:

Celtic Throne, Gerald Flurry, Herbert Armstrong, Malachi’s Message, Key of David Vision, the Place of Safety (where they will hide in caves for 3 l/2 years), the New Throne of David, and everything else you can think of that is connected with PCG and/or their website.

The most absurd point was “stable families.” (Families that GF has torn apart with his no contact ruling

God’s Government. (The government that tears families apart and places heavy burdens on members? Dare to ask any questions and you are kicked out.)

Sermons. (The mind-numbing messages received each week and which focuses on rules and laws? Dare to ask questions about them and you are out.)

Co-worker letters. (The ones that coerce you into giving more money each month?)

Healing. (What about how people have died by not going to doctors?)

Another absurd one was “understanding the truth.” Certainly not the truth about how Jesus has set us free from the Law of Moses; the law of sin and death? Surely not the truth about the man they look to known as Herbert Armstrong?

Miracles on January 16. (You mean the day that is known as “National Nothing Day“? No miracles happened on that day except the death of a false prophet named Herbert Armstrong.)

Another one listed was “new revelation.” (The only “new revelation” is that which is imagined from false prophets like Gerald Flurry.)

There is none so blind as he who will not see, and PCG members are blind to the words of life which could set them free from the bondage they are under and which is certainly nothing to be “thankful” for.

“It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.” (John 6:63)

“Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:” (John 11:25)

–L. S.

We Were Miraculously Protected Through the Kentucky Tornadoes:

December 15, 2021

Hoping you are doing OK and in good health. I am sorry, I should have written something in before now but I have been working overtime … I have sent you something concerning the Tornadoes that just came through Kentucky. It came from the heart and I felt led to write it. There is so much raw emotion down here in KY because of what happened and I just felt compelled to say something. I myself have never had such a destructive natural disaster strike so close to home.

I am sure Flurry will try and milk this in two ways. He can use the tragic deaths of almost 80 people to push his time worn old con game–i.e., that God is punishing the USA because they don’t keep the Sabbath and follow/support him. Also. he can fabricate or aggrandize stories of miraculous deliverance for loyal PCG members. There may be even an entire Philadelphia Trumpet issue devoted to spinning this entire tragedy to Flurry’s benefit. In any case God Bless. –Brett Streutker, former PCG member

Comment: PCG has said over and over that “Laodiceans” and those who leave PCG are “cursed.” Brett’s excellent article/testimony: We Were Miraculously Protected During Kentucky Tornadoes proves them wrong and shows how their family was miraculously protected.

Singles Match-Making Event Becoming a Meat Market:

December 19, 2021

Found out that blasted “Singles Winter Weekend” will be coming up December 29-Jan 2. PCG tries extra hard to get their singles “matched up” with someone in PCG because GF doesn’t allow them to date anyone outside of PCG, per Fred Dattolo’s “warning” in his fear drenched sermon last spring. Many singles will come from miles around, even other states, for this expensive ($90 to $125 per person) extravaganza of the year, which gives them something to do in place of that so-called “pagan” Christmas and is becoming nothing more than a “meat market.” I wonder how freely the liquor will flow this year? Many of the ladies have felt obligated to go, thanks to GF and other ministers’ intense pressure and glowing details. –[name withheld]

SF’s Sermon Was a Lie From Satan:

December 19, 2021

SF gave another one of his sermons which shows he does not know the truth of the Bible, nor the wonderful grace of God. It was called “Are You Filled With the Spirit?” (December 11) He quoted from HWA (and agreed with him) that “we can be depleted of the Holy Spirit” and have to “go back to God to get more of it.” This is a lie from Satan. A very helpful article [from Got Questions] is: “Can You Lose the Holy Spirit?” and quotes from many verses which SF did not do to back  up what he said.  One thing I will quote is, “Can a believer truly break the seal placed on him by God? The Holy Spirit is the mark of a true believer; therefore, to lose Him would be to lose any hope of salvation in the future.” If SF is not telling the truth in his sermons, especially on the Holy Spirit, one has to wonder if he even has the Holy Spirit. –Anonymous

There’s Nothing Prophetic About GF’s Words:

December 22, 2021

Does anyone remember Gerald Flurry using the phrase “Don’t believe me, believe God?” I remember it well because he’d use it a fair bit. In other words, what Flurry is really saying is, “Believe me.”

Gerald Flurry would like to convince us that he doesn’t want us to believe him but rather believe God. However, Flurry is the one doing all the talking and spin. One thing he is right about, though, and that is we should believe God and not any man. Didn’t Flurry “prophesy” that Donald Trump would remain president? And that a Biden presidency was contrary to Bible prophecy? Well, we’re still waiting. Don’t hold your breath, guys. Even if Trump is president in 2024, that’s no fulfillment of prophecy because Flurry predicts a Trump return before 2024. When Newsmax and other news outlets are predicting a possible 2024 Trump victory, there is nothing prophetic about Flurry’s words. Flurry doesn’t talk much about this subject anymore, and why would he? It’s an embarrassment.

For those hypocrites in the PCOG who command their members not to visit the ESN site and yet check it out for themselves in the name of “protecting the flock” from what’s out there, and to your real leader Stephen, you’re all a bunch of losers. –M. G.

Comment: HWA was known to say, “Don’t believe me, believe God.” As we’ve shown on this site, GF likes to copy HWA.


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